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Vaping seems to be cleaning my lungs from years of tobacco!

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#1 Toasted


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Posted 18 May 2011 - 05:07 AM

Three days ago I didn't have a clue what a vaporizer was, all I knew was, they are expensive. As I looked at vaporizers I found a video about how to make a cheap vaporizer from a light bulb. I grabbed a 3 pack of clear screw fit 40W bulbs for 1.79 and cracked the insides out etc.

The first thing I realized is how a tiny bit of bud goes so much further when vaporizing it.

I started doing it wrong, burning the bud. After a few tries I managed to do it well, by having a candle under it about 1.5 inches below the glass.

One thing with these vape tokes - they make me cough my balls off! After researching a bit I noticed some people cough a lot and some don't. I coughed up so much tar over these last 2 days of vaping it is ridiculous! I go into a violent coughing fit, but after doing that about 4 or 5 times over the 2 days all of a sudden I can take deeper breaths.

Is there even ANY studies on this as a form of clearing out an ex-smoker or hell even a smokers lungs?

Surely the true aim is to inhale vape and not cough up any mucus/tar from it, because vapor has no tar in it, it is in theory just steam.

So, if you're not meant to cough anything up (you're not because you're not meant to have tar and crap in your lungs) this means whilst vaping makes you cough up horrible tar jelly stuff, you should vape and vape and vape and vape and vape until one day, there is no crap being coughed up.

Because THC (the vapor is 95%) is an expectorant - the lungs get literally cleaned/cleansed/cleared by vaping cannabis.

Anyone else noticed this effect? I swear today on my bike I had "more breath" and its because of coughing up way more than usual. Thing is, I cough up crap all the time, but never like I do after vaping.

Folks, somehow I think this has to be like some sort of miracle, I mean look at Rick Simpson's Run From the Cure - THC is shown to fight cancer and so on, I want that s**t on my lungs!

Folks, just inhale vapor, it makes your bud last longer, gives you only a clean high, more like a trip, giggling at stupid stuff, you feel medicated and thats because you are.

You can never inhale enough vapor folks. Think of it as a cure all. If you are lucky enough to own a purchased vaporizer like Volcano or Da Budda, have a big fat thick one on me lol.

#2 kgb


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Posted 18 May 2011 - 10:34 AM

i found exactly the same ,after 20 years if smoking i finally gave up 3 months ago and just purely vape now.At first i was coughing my guts up but it did seem to be "cleaning" me out!,Now i dont cough at all whilst vaping!I too use the "lightbulb" method (its a shop bought version and not hand made)and ive also got an eagle bill one too, at first i was burning the bud like yourself but soon got the hang of it!!Just saving up now for either a herbalaire or maybe even the volcano!,i used one in Dam last week and it fkin blew me away!Believe me peeps its the way to go in this new health conscious society we live in today!!....KGB rambling as usual!!!!

#3 ratdog


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Posted 18 May 2011 - 11:17 AM

I noticed it one day when a friend who can`t walk very far without sitting down, any way, he left his dog lead in the place we were sitting and didn`t realise until we got to the gate, i ran back and got it and ran back to the gate (250m across a bumpy field) i`d given up the bongs and baccy joints and was vaping about a couple of weeks prior to this and noticed a massive difference after running like that, i was hardly out of breath and it was that moment i realised it was all about the vape!

#4 Toasted


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Posted 21 May 2011 - 02:22 AM

So its not just me, it does clear out a smoker/ex-smokers lungs!

Amazing that doctors are not prescribing this for all tobacco smokers! You have to be fit enough to cough so much.

Its almost like flu when you get that rumbling/wheezing in your chest, but the vape induces this.

Whilst I respect the medical community, we don't need doctors to tell us what is happening to our own bodies.

I have been vaping again since posting so about 5 days vaping now. Blueberry seems to make me cough a lot of crap up.

I would avoid the sativas if starting out vaping because its so much of a high as it is. :D

I still wonder if there are any scientific studies to show how this vapor makes smokers cough up tar?

Wiki said:

"A large puff of potent, vaporized cannabis will often cause severe coughing. This is
likely due to the THC itself, which is known to have a strong expectorant effect."

Expectorant meaning it somehow cleans your lungs, this is something I thought impossible!

The part I want to know is how much faster do your lungs clear out vaping?

If THC vapor is such an expectorant then why don't they treat people in bad shape with that, like knock them out for 4 hours and stick 3 tubes in their lungs...

1. Air pump in.
2. Air suck out.
3. THC vapor in.

I can tell you now, 4 hours of constant THC vapor and pumping gunk out I bet they could wake up able to breathe properly again.

Are they doing this in hospitals? Nope.

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#5 TheManTheyCallG


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Posted 22 May 2011 - 09:25 AM

Im nearly 48 hours with no tobaco. My bud is either vaped or smoked pure now. I usually wake up coughing some days. Not today tho! And i smoked a good bit of weed yday, lungs are deffo feeling better than ever, even after a measly 48 hours.

So yes, 2 thumbs up to vaping.

#6 Cursed


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Posted 22 May 2011 - 09:43 AM

100% backed. Noticed a huge difference.

#7 Greengrocer


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Posted 22 May 2011 - 09:51 AM

You are better off smoking using a vape than non-smokers for lung degeneration. prolong your lungs by chonging up! :smokin:

slightly better off!

#8 Toasted


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Posted 11 January 2012 - 12:20 AM

Happy New Year folks even though its the 11th who cares.

I found that I cough so much with this candle and light bulb vape combo that I cannot carry on doing them.

So, to carry on vaping I am going to attempt to swap the candle for... wait for it... a SOLDERING IRON!

I won't advertise but a well known electrical store sells a 40W soldering iron "kit" for £9.99. It costs £2.99 x 3 for 3 candles and they last what, half a year.

candle = flame = burnt weed!
soldering iron = no flame = no combustion

Tip of a candle flame = 800c to 1400c

Weed apparently is still getting burned in vaporizers even at just 230c!

So you can see here why a candle is a bit silly, its just far too hot. No wonder the only vapes I never cough from are the first few, the nicest thing ever!

I read that soldering irons (40W) can get to 900c... I need one with a thermostat really, like a volcano vape? Yes!

It would be so cool to get the soldering iron at the right temp, whatever that is... tars and carcinogens start at only 200c! Benzene will occur around then.

Cannabis will vaporize at 185c. So thats the answer. Or add about 5c to make sure its not under.

185c - Has to be this high to vape the bud.
200c - Cannot get this high or else the bud will be smoking.

So if you can even measure the temp, I would set a soldering iron to about 190c and hold it right on the glass right under your bud in the light bulb.

EDIT: Just found a 25W soldering iron for £11.40 that would be a lot better if a 40W one gets to 900c. Thats like the candle almost a 40W one.

Found a better one, the tip is flat, not a point, its only 15W but thats easily enough to vape it... "Silverline 643115 25 Watt Soldering Iron" £5.76 with free shipping, almost as cheap as a candle. :king:

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#9 Toasted


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 12:58 AM

Got a MFLB about a week ago and have to say I can breathe slightly easier after cutting out all those nasty baccy spliffs!

I skin up the odd spliff if I feel like wasting my weed... but now, spliffs taste like shit!

- Tastes like shit
- Uses more weed (double)

The best thing is... colours seem brighter to me, meaning more oxygen is getting around my body or less toxic shit in in my blood now, or something. The world looks more vibrant.

Still not quit tobacco yet but I am smoking less filtered ones because frankly after vaping its hard to smoke, the baccy is so rough, it tastes worse and smells worse... its more obvious how damaging tobacco is after vaping weed, so I just naturally seem to be smoking less cigs and I cut the spliffs out almost 100%. Those were the worst, baccy spliffs, because of having no filter at all.

I think its important to separate the addiction to nicotine with the pleasure of getting high. I think mixing weed with baccy you have a lower chance of quitting smoking baccy. Getting a vape you can then just vape (and smoke the vaped remains in a pipe or cook them into food) and smoke your cigs as cigs... totally removing one thing (weed) from the other (tobacco).

If I were king, tobacco would be made extinct as a plant... and hey, I smoke about 20 a day most days.

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#10 rebelbhoy


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 01:11 AM

Dang i need a decent vape for sure after reading this.

Anyone recommend any decent cheaper ones ?

#11 UnderMirkwood



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Posted 21 February 2012 - 10:07 AM

Dang i need a decent vape for sure after reading this.

Anyone recommend any decent cheaper ones ?

Although not really cheap but much cheaper than a Volcano is the Herbalaire 2.1, since buying mine last year my lungs have cleared up immensley. I no longer cough up any phlegm, excercise is much easier and my diet changed as I now really love the flavours of foods, even sprouts, I don't use tobacco btw. I haven't run out of weed either as I don't crave smoking it any longer. It's amazing how long I am actually stoned for after using the vape.

#12 twigs



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Posted 21 February 2012 - 10:14 AM

that is cool :bong:

but all of that can be achieved through just smoking it pure

you dont have to spend hundreds of pounds on a vap to clear your lungs

just smoke it pure and knock the baccy on the head.


#13 happyvappy


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 04:22 PM

You're bang on about seperating the nicotine hit from the green ,since stopping the nicotine I have been more relaxed for sure,no cravings to deal with.
Lungs feel and work great now too :bong:

rebelboy- Vaporstar,20,nothing to break and it works :yahoo:

#14 rebelbhoy


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Posted 21 February 2012 - 06:04 PM

Deffo need to get my finger out and give up the baccy.

Only smoke blunts when i got enough weed to do so.

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