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  2. Looking great and I love the explanations about slug towers. You've inspired me to start trying to bend mine too though I don't have a clue what I'm doing
  3. Bud box white for me if I was to buy another tent
  4. @AKPOGCheers dude, the Bubba is at 6.5 weeks now so maybe around 8 weeks, that would be great as I need some fresh flavours in my vapes. Its going to very usefull having a 3rd tent and seeing as I already have a carbon filter its not going to break the bank, Secret Jardin do a 90 x 60 x60 which would be ideal for the space I have. Yeah having a fully manual camera does help to make the photos better but to be honest I think my plants look a lot better in real life than on a photograph, I find plants that are huge in person like my Goriilla look a lot smaller in photos, your Dinachem 1 does look like my Remo Chemo in structure, @Jibba jabbaThanks for reading through my whole yesterday dude, everything seems to be coming together nicely now after the iffy start, especially with those OGC, out of everything in there I am most looking forwards to have some more Purps#1 back in the stash, I have just finished the last bit I had so no custard for me until these are ready. I have pretty busy this weekend so have been a bit slow to get my updates finished, I have just sorted my Gorilla photos this morning so we will start with that. This Gorilla plant is an absolute stonker of plant, she is huge with multiple long colas and she is getting very heavy all ready, I reckon she could end up yielding 4 to 5oz which is amazing as she is only in a 6 litre pot. After a fussy start she has been fairly easy to look after, she is greedy though and has been getting 4ml of Fishmix, I think I overdone it a tiny a bit as you can see there are some minor nute burn on a few of the leaf tips. The pistils are starting to brown and she is ripening up, I really hope her flowers swell up during the last few weeks to give a nice big yield. I am dropping the Fishmix down to 2ml now as we are nearing the end. Bloom 2ml Fishmix 2ml Algamic 1ml Gorilla @ day 44
  5. Hi @Redrum3 your plants are looking lovely. I feel at a similar crossroads to yourself as j started off planning to do everything outside but I then learned that a small led to start things off was a good plan. I think when it smells too much I will hide my biggest with the tomatoes. I read about someone putting bin bags over photos for mimicking the 12 /12 cycle but as a beginner who has never tried this I don't know how that would pan out. I'm loving watching you learn at the same time as me and am finding your pretty greenery inspiring as a newbie x
  6. For anyone giving Karma as an ‘individual’ a big ole back slap for the seeds the company sells its worth remembering that he is effectively a reseller and has others do all the breeding. Trichome Jungle and others have done a lot of the work for Karma. Karma is a brand. Not a breeder.
  7. I have the Storm Spirit, which is the slightly pricier older brother of the Sapphire, wouldn't surprise me if they are the same apart from the LCD display and better temp control on the Spirit. Perhaps @vapefiend can enlighten us. Also look at the Xmax Starry V2 (which can be had cheaper) as the spirit is just a rebrand of that afaics. The Spirit is a good little vape anyway imo, nice flavour and hit and decent clouds.
  8. I am in a rental property and there is a hole in one of the ceilings already, I am sure I could squeeze another wire through the hole or make teh hole slightly bigger and they would never notice. But could I paint the blue wire white so it blends in with the wall and when they do they 3 monthly check they wouldn't notice it. I can just unplug the socket downstairs when the estate agent does his check, it only takes five minutes and then start it straight back up when he leaves. It's only five minutes and any smells will be kept to the attic and they don't look up there because it is not part of the agreement.
  9. I wonder if she was going to sing but thought better of it?
  10. Frosty Buds of goodness. Psicodelicia is pure joy to look at and smoke.
  11. Not nessecarily, id choose lighting first then my intake/outake as you can get away with a few weeks in veg before you really needing much airflow. In a tent that small id look at using a 400w HPS, 315cmh or a full spec LED kit that fits in the small square your tent offers. I wouldn't consider growing more than 2/3 plants in there and get the flip on when the roots are established as your not going to have much room or space to work with when the stretch kicks in.
  12. So those with larger amounts or even growing it shouldn't get the same treatment?, how odd
  13. MOB x freezeland could be good. MOB is mould prone but the purple phenos are an exceptional smoke! Did some fire99 x freezeland last year. Only ones that were anygood were the fire99 Dom phenos. Freezeland added nothing to the mix.
  14. Did you manage to get this sorted or get any spares?
  15. These stories always set me up for the day, they remind me I'm not the thickest cunt in the world & make my breakfast smoke that much more pleasant.
  16. I wonder if the police intelligence came from a customer who owed her money and didn't want to pay it back?
  17. Thanks for the condolences and advice. It is the risk we take, and the thrill that comes with this hobby! So I think the plan, as suggested is we’re gonna take a bunch of cuts today and plant elsewhere, and leave the remainder where they are - at least for now. Luckily i topped and lst all the plants so if were were lucky we’ll have lots of cuts, and hopefully have more plants then we started with, tho unfortunately not the monsters we wanted. At least that gives us a back up plot far away come harvest... Were also going to leave them a note on site - smile your on trail cam! Put the plants back and don’t return or else we will be waiting next time...and will send these photos and footage to the plod! The additional threat of following em home is a powerful one. I assume the paranoia will be overwhelming, especially as this is clearly a couple of locals who probably has the likely has the nicked plants in his garden, and walks the dog everyday in the same spot. Anyway, lesson learnt...I’ll update you all how things proceed, would be nice to physically catch the fuckers... Good luck to everyone (except those cunts) ha! I’ll pray to the sun God Ra for a bountiful season for all
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  20. ^^^ I would suggest a 1m square tent though as its always nicer to have a little extra room and it will also be better in controlling a steady temperature so dimensions are 1m x 1m x 2m But as Tenchie said i would go for a 5" outake and use the 4" for the intake Farmer G
  21. Someone want to explain that to British Sugar?
  22. I made a 12L mix yesterday with Calmag 5ml(N-6),Amino acids 5ml(N-3),Fish mix 6ml(N-5),Sea weed 4gr(N-1,K-17),SiO 2ml(26%),Leonardite humus 4ml(trace elements). 5,85 pH,23,5 C, 1 CE. Looks like is strong to N and K,i will back up Fish mix and during the week,i will start more P/bloom nutes.A foliar with Big bud will be the first treat.I forget many times that other ferts have N in too. Temps are steady at 22-27 C/24h on the canopy and 21-25 C in the pots(steady around 24 most time). The 40cm fan is at 2/5 of the low speed and extraction at full speed. Humidity is 55%-70% ,24/h(55-60% mostly). Not so bad after all.The net could be better but,.....next time.So far,looks like i'll have enough weed for the Summer,which was my goal. I have a leaf in an envelope and i m ready to go for a vote . Atb
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    From the album grow 4-2019

  24. IMG-20190525-214825.jpg

    From the album grow 4-2019

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