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  2. Full Patch, Lat 50.5º.jpg

    From the album 2019 Female Seeds Outdoor Grow Diary

    Full Patch, Lat 50.5º. Female Seeds 2019 Outdoor Grow Diaries. Onions, Legumés, Cannabis, Potatoes.
  3. when u see him again tell him 2 buzz us was ment 2 last night but nowt ana his solar charger is bit iffy so hoping just that..anyhow ne dramas & happy grafting
  4. Well if the lad has been rushed to hospital, is in a serious condition or in a "Zombie" like state then I would hazard a guess that it wasn't cannabis inside that sweet. May have cause a serious whitey if the lad had no tolerance to edibles but I wouldn't imagine much else. Plus cannabis sweets in the UK? Given its still illegal to do such a thing most producers would surely stick with shatter or just toke they're weed. Cant see many growers be it home or commercial taking the time to make THC sweets to sell. My money says it was the previously LEGAL shit that has done that.
  5. Week 5 x3 Female Seeds, week 5. Critical Sour 1, week 5. Critical Sour 2, week 5. Purple Maroc, week 5. Auto Speed Bud, week 5. Flowering started. Auto Speed Bud, week 2. Feed: 5ml/L PM Soil Grow (soft water), 0.5ml/L MagCal, 0.5ml/L Bio-silicon, 1ml/L Catalyst, 2.5ml Root Stimulant, dash of Epsom Salts. Two thirds strength for the Auto Speed Buds. Summary: Forbidden Planet (Altair IV), soil temps 9-15ºC, air temps 6-20ºC. Been very sunny, no rain, still cold nights. Added the second Auto Speed Bud to the patch, just over two weeks old. Also added the second wave of several more Autos and 6 RGS outdoor Fems and the last wave of Legumé vegetables. The patch is full, oh yes! Got a resident Grass snake on the patch (dark olive green, thick as my finger, over 1’ long, not a slow worm me thinks?). It lives in the low rock wall and and takes shade under the potatoes. Had a young Roe deer buck in my back garden the other evening, bambiesque. First time this close, had to shoo him off with hand claps… Build it and they’ll come! M eta
  6. Seems to be the norm from what I've read, then takes off when she has her feet down. Good luck
  7. Seems I forgot to declare the diary as complete as off 1st May 2019. Only thing I have left to do is enter a photo for photo of the month so finger out me thinks. Thanks to everyone at SweetSeeds for running the competition and a very big thank you to all the members that have followed along and best of luck to everyone with the competition results. Toke...
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    From the album My Grow

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    From the album My Grow

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    From the album My Grow

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    From the album My Grow

  12. Turns out it's probably lighting - apparently the 15w 5k led bulb I have in my prop cab isn't ideal Driver for my 65v hlg veg board should be arriving today so hopefully I'll have my new cab up and running by tonight, but after all the abuse I've put my seedlings through - temp swings, pH fluctuations, underfeeding etc - I'm undecided as to whether I should try to carry on with the seedlings I have or just start afresh with a new bean, but that's a story for another thread
  13. so do they point the crossbows at the plants and say, ok grow fast you fuckers?
  14. Great compo Sweet Seeds, Tommy, Jaypp and Apollo. It's been great fun @delagdo Both your grows and diaries have been great dude. Wise move choosing the first completed one though Best of luck to all
  15. A really nice harvest by the looks of it. Nice smoke reports and photos to boot. Can't wait to get tasting some of this when mines on the go. Veg plants banging on and looks like another full grow space of smelly plants. Toke...
  16. hi Tottenham warehouse fire 'started at cannabis factory' A warehouse fire that has been burning for more than 24 hours may started at a cannabis factory. Since shortly after midnight on Thursday (May 23), around 100 firefighters have been tackling a blaze at a warehouse in Tottenham. Dark plumes of smoke could be seen rising from the warehouse for miles around, and the public were warned by London Fire Brigade to close their windows and to avoid breathing the fumes. Police now say they believe the fire may have started at a cannabis factory. A spokesperson for Metropolitan Police has said that "one line of police enquiry" is that the blaze began at a cannabis growing factory, which then spread to other parts of the warehouse, causing damage. However, as the building is very badly damaged police will only be able to confirm their suspicions once they are able enter the building in Haringey. Work to extinguish the fire was tested when the roof of the some units in Garman Road collapsed overnight. The warehouse was still burning on Friday morning (May 24), although firefighters have now brought the blaze under control. At the height of the inferno, 15 fire engines were at the scene. The A1055 (Watermead Way), between Leeside Road and Burdock Road, has been shut since 4am on Thursday. Overnight, a large part of the roof of a range of units was destroyed at the rear of where the blaze took hold. Station manager Lee Sandy, who is at the scene, said: "Due to structural damage it has been difficult for crews to gain access to the building. "Crews were on scene throughout the night tackling the blaze and now have the fire under control and have stopped it spreading any further. "Crews will remain on scene throughout the day today (Friday) and will continue to tackle small deep seated pockets of fire. "There is a lot of smoke and we are reminding people to keep windows shut in the local area." https://www.mylondon.news/news/east-london-news/tottenham-warehouse-fire-started-cannabis-16324431 Bongme
  17. hi ZOMBIE SWEET WARNING Schoolboy rushed to hospital after eating sweet laced with zombie drug Spice The shocking incident in Berkshire is said to be 'not an isolated case' The Sun A SCHOOLBOY was rushed to hospital after eating a sweet which is thought to have contained zombie drug Spice. The sweet, which is also feared to have contained cannabis, is thought to have been bought for £5 in Berkshire. Cops are now investigating the terrifying incident. Parents with children at the school — which has not been named — in Berkshire have been given warnings about them. A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: "We are aware of this incident and awaiting drug analysis results to identify the substances involved. "The results of this report will determine what offences have been committed. "Thames Valley Police is conducting a full investigation into this incident." The sweets are brown or green in colour and are 1.5cm x1.0cm in size. Spice can cause palpitations, paranoia, intense anxiety, nausea, vomiting, confusion, poor coordination, and seizures. The sweets have not been tested yet and and no official information has been published about the drugs they contain. Rick Jones, West Berkshire Council's executive member for Public Health and Community Wellbeing said: "We are aware that this is not an isolated case. "And that there have been reports of substances being sold across the country in an edible formulation as a ‘sweet’. "However, the number of cases that have been reported nationally is very low. Spice was one of several designer drugs which has become widely used around the world in recent years. Before the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, Spice was completely legal in the UK, and was easily available to buy in large quantities online or in "head shops" on Britain's high streets. Spice was, and is still, very inexpensive compared with other illicit drugs and has profound physical effects, even at low doses. This meant that Spice quickly became popular among those looking to spend less for a bigger psychoactive effect, despite its dramatically negative side effects. They include feeling sick, intense hallucinations, and a racing pulse. It developed a reputation as the "zombie" drug when videos started being shared online showing Spice users staggering around in a catatonic state, completely detached from reality. Even after it was outlawed in Britain, Spice has remained a serious scourge on certain groups, including homeless communities and prison populations. Drug workers have even said the crisis that Spice poses is worse than heroin. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9145154/schoolboy-hospital-zombie-sweet-spice/ Bongme
  18. ah right well if your burying them, makes life more difficult, ever thought about making a wall with an inner shelf tray, thats covered from rain, filling that with salt, slugs only way in is up the wall down into the tray and death like 6inch pvc cylinder, cut 8in long buried 3inch deep, inner shelf should be easy enough to make, how often would you be checking on these babies ?
  19. 285 watts Samsung Single Row x 6 Strips Custom Made. Lights are 18 inches from the canopy. Grow Space 4.8ft long X 100cm height X 2.5ft Depth.
  20. Cracking diary mate. Congrats on a good harvest. You have some nice strains to get through now to Your smoke report had me laughing so much. Keep doing them when you can. Have a good bank holiday weekend BB
  21. Yeah, it's the L1 I've got too. I've got a 6" Rhino 600mm filter at the moment but when the fan goes past about 50% speed I start getting a loud whooshing sound from the filter so was thinking of just switching to a massive filter in the hope of quieting it down but not I'm not clued up on all this static pressure stuff so not sure if the fan could still pull air through a bigger filter. I like the look of the carboair filter too but have heard they're a bit louder than others. How are you finding it?
  22. As the title, ive a spare agent orange, blue cheese and pre year 2000 serious seeds ak47s to spare. (might keep these ak47s indoors, as they are the last of them) Has anyone done any of these other strains outdoors? how did they go?
  23. Thank you for explain how to get my pictures up. So to explain further the first pic is gorilla glue #4 of which I have 3 plants all together. I have read other posts where leaf damage is similar, it may have been down to cold. I moved them out on 16th may. so it could be down to cold temps at night. the second plant pic is my stardawg of which I have 2 plants. the other stardawg seems fine. I might have been under feeding them as I was worried about feeding them to much nutrients. I have upped the soil grow now to normal dosage one a week depending how wet the soil is. The third picture is my GG4 again showing leaf damage similar to first pic. it seems to me the if a plant has high THC it is harder to grow. the only problems I had last year was heat when I had to dry them and aphids. last year I had auto amnesia and green crack and 2 vast 2 furious.
  24. for us modest personal growers is easy getting soil in and getting rid
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  26. I get the arse removing soil from the 10+ plants per crop at the end, fuck dealing with that much waste. On that scale, NFT is the way forward Just a root mat and sticks to get rid of at the end and they all burn when dry.
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