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  2. Dutch Passion's 'Night Queen Auto', finishes quick and is a very strong smoke. I cropped my most recent one at day 76.
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  4. Apologies, whenever I've had a few I just have to post these The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
  5. This is in my top ten
  6. First song I ever remember from when I was a kid, was borin in 73 so when this came out I must have been about 5. I was at primary school and I kept singing "Hit me with your rythm stick." over and over again until my teacher lost the plot with me and shouted "I'll fucking hit you if you don't shut up." First time I ever heard the F word
  7. Aye you were right.
  8. Some of those Pictures I took In flower.. Not too bad..
  9. 13th Oct day 35 veg How do peeps? The 13th was day 35 from the seedlings popping up and the original date I had planned for flipping into flower. I thought I might have to veg for longer to let my other plants catch up but they're big enough to flower now so I got on with changing the timers. Besides, I didn't want these three getting too big for the space Here's what's been happening since the last update. Day 31 Temps: 21-26 (sitting at 26 when I checked) Roots: 19-22 (21) RH: 45-58 (48) Did a bit more LST adjustment and I removed a few main stem fan leaves to allow more light in to the side branches. Day 32 Temps: 21-27 (27) Roots: 19-22 (20) RH: 42-58 (43) Day 33 Temps: 21-27 (26) Roots: 19-21 (20) RH: 41-57 (46) I fed them 1L each, containing 0.5ml/L Bio Silicon. Run off was soaked back up in less than 5 minutes. I noticed some pistils on IG#3 so thought I'd take a couple of pics. Struggled to get the focus right on the actual pistils but I'll post them anyway. Day 34 Temps: 21-27 (26) Roots: 20-21 (21) RH: 47-59 (49) Day 35 Temps: 21-27 (25) Roots: 20-21 (21) RH: 49-59 (51) I changed the timers on my lamp and circulation fan to 12/12, running the lights on from 6pm to 6am and the fan to match. I was gonna fire the other lamp up then, but the girls were nearly ready for a feed so I left it with the intention of watering them the next night after their first 12 hour kip. I thought with the extra heat from 2 lamps they might get a bit over dry before next lights on. Plant heights on last day of veg for reference. I measured from the floor to the highest top of each plant and subtracted 7" for the height of the compost level from the floor. Easier to keep check this way rather than shoving a tape down through the plant each time I check. IG#1: 8" IG#2: 9" IG#3: 8.5" Some pics to mark the onset of their transition into flowering. Time for things to get interesting I've aquired a new toy, a speedlight flash and it's powerful compared to the camera's inbuilt flash. Pics will probably be different every update until I get used to it. They usually are anyway Group shot at 35 days veg. Iced Grapefruit#1 Iced Grapefruit#2 Iced Grapefruit#3 I'm getting strong sweet smells from rubbing the stems of all 3 plants, smells like grapefruit to me #2 is a bit more sharp and tangy than the other two up to press. All good for now, let's hope I can grow some nice thick smelly flowers here. Thanks for looking and be lucky
  10. I always post this when I've had a few. Cos it's just ace Tina Weymouth's bass is still one of the best things ever
  11. Ahhhhh! Can't wait to try these!!
  12. @SmokebelchI think everyone did.. That's what I went for too.. what's the ocean grown like then? I'm probably going to do three rows of three. One of OJ, one of OGC. then an Auto. All in 12L Fabric pots.
  13. @tokenroll That's a good idea tagging everyone. I'll use that for my own diary as well. If you don't mind of course. ... While I'm here. Cool diary. after having a wee fancy at your profile. I don't much fancy my chances at 1st.. GL!
  14. Stone Roses - Good Times
  15. ... I think it's because I had to take her in so prematurely.. or maybe drying. Either way.. Safe to safe Won't be able to be self-sufficent for quite some time yet.. Luckily @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt have kind enough to enter me into the dinafem x intense nutrients compition. so I'll be busy with that for next while. Eyes peeled for a diary.. just waiting on seeds.. As for Guerilla Growing. I don't think I will try it again here In Scotland. Maybe with Autoflowers. spent so many hours climbing (and falling) up and down inclines, across fields, etc. for what amounts to about 7g of pretty much shite weed.. To be fair, It wasn't a planned grow or anything, just a way to dispose of an extra. (Should have done that with all my plants cause rest I kept indoors all Died, 2 left. But will probably cull at they aren't coming to anything really) I'm actually pretty bummed out with it the more I talk about it. Had kind of accepted it But now that's im thinking about It's been almost total waste of time this Year. It was still amazing to see it grow. Was like a little boy in a candy shop for most of it. Just wish I had been able to take something a little more substanial. However bottom half I brung indoors is still going.. no signs of slowing down yet. famous 2 weeks I think. During the Year. after realising I could never do my guerilla dreams here. I had some mad plans to Try and get my driving License (Crazy I know?) So I could travel down south for a couple months, Vist a really close friend. and Get a Real proper Guerilla mission on the Go. I had briefly spoken to @panik about it in a passing sort-of way.. (This is totally nuts and mental, crazy, etc. I agree.) It was a long and horrible and well overly bureaucratic process, I've never felt like such a spastic in all my life, Don't have any of papers (like, Tax stuff, ID stuff, etc.) and I never finished school so didn't really get anything like that done. Don't understand fuck all about it, etc. So literally couldn't even make the First steps. Wasn't able to make the apointments to get everything fixed.. Local place to me for this is all shut down, registry office thingie. Literally don't think I'm even a real person with Proper papers, etc Akbar is probably a more legitimate citizen than me, No offence intended to Akbar. In the end, I wasn't even able to get an up to date version of my Birth certificate which I needed. so couldn't continue ahead with my license or anything. Can't get a bank account for the same Reason.. Pff, Fuck sake sorry for that Big rant and moan at the end. Life and that.
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