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  2. You'll be fine then but pay the same attention again when you flip to 12/12. I have a smaller but very similar setup, no fan cooling the shades in my case so I thought you might be fine. I'm very intrigued by your setup, would love to be in the middle of nowhere right now :-) Don't tell us anything though, just your pictures make me curious!!
  3. Fishmix liquid. NPK rating during growing you want 16-8-8 During flowering 4-12-12 As a rough idea. Saying the above should throw the cat amongst the pidgeons with the pro growers out there
  4. Jeez, it didn't occur to me that topping would decrease chance of mould.. Doh! Plain and simple though I guess, shorter plants and smaller bud sites are easier to inspect and will retain less moisture throughout the day.. Interesting that you got the answer twice instantly, yet I don't think I've ever seen anyone suggest this to be the primary reason they top outdoors in a GG diary. On the contrary, I've seen a couple discussions about whether topping/fimming and generally exposing vulnerable plant tissues to the elements may increase chance of mould... Looks like I'll have to grow some bushes next year!
  5. Nice one @Amo off to a great start and nice selection; picked the same two myself. All the very best bud
  6. Topping, LSTing, training outdoors for me is the difference between ounces and pounds, as i don't grow many plants I find it really helps my yeild, and all the above reasons mentioned
  7. Less chance of mould Owd
  8. Reduce height. Smaller bud sites to reduce chance of mould. That’s two off top of my head.
  9. Hi everyone, so I always wondered but never asked why. So see a bunch of GG topping their girls. Now I understand the reasons for doing so. My confusion is why is this done outdoors? The concept in a controlled environment means we get more sunlight exposure to the lower leaves which means multiple budding sites. But that's generally when your lights are directly over the top. Naturally GG doesn't have the same limitations sunlight in penetrative all around, so those second set of leaves are still getting sun without have the main stem cut. So my question is why top at all outdoors? Or is it normally simply to control height?
  10. All looking sweet in here murph. Lovely and fresh plants. Hope the pests stay away for you. I am battling them in my outdoor garden too. Having a shot at breeding rove beetles. Could be an option for outdoor growers too. Have a good one mate.
  11. Personally, I wouldn't leave feed mixed overnight. Fill from a mixed shower for temp and aeration, mix and feed. Until I moved north of the wall, ph was something that I never even considered. Now I have to amend my soil with lime and a higher rate of calcified seaweed than I'm used to. It was a shitshow until I realised what was going on. Point being that in most all cases, its not something that you should even consider, but if you find yourself in an area where you are at either end of the ph scale, then amend the soil, not the water.
  12. Welcome @Dando Some shops will tell you anything if they know, you don't know shit. Then they sell you everything in the shop they can, half of it to correct problems caused by all the other mis-information they give. Get your advice here from growers, then buy just what you need. best of luck
  13. Thanks mate
  14. Dedoverde haze auto by HSO think its about 54 days old.
  15. Messed around with paint and made a close up of one of the Dedoverde haze autos.
  16. @geo1 looking good mate I started my auto purple freeze 19th april still no sign of flower either.
  17. @Davey Jones Is this true? Arduino eh eh ? hiya davey i dunno if you've been following this malarkey. With th AC Infinity temperature control units. Anyway we are not sure but, Is Arduino something that you have worked with? i don't know for 100 percent sure it is Arduino inside join the conversation please Davey Jones right his name has been said 3 times.
  18. DSCN2549.JPG

    From the album hso

  19. Checking ph can be necessary for diagnosing some issues but it’s not necessary as a general rule. Shops were trying to sell you shit you didn’t need.
  20. @Cursed@blackpoolbouncer thankyou,I am going to go with what yous are telling me,I’ve been confused about this from the start,some say yes and some say no,the guy that owns the shop I got everything from gave me a ph testing kit and told me to check it and people from another shop also told me I should be correcting it,it’s no wonder I’m confused with everyone saying different,I am going to take you guys advice,thanks to both of yous,one of my plants is droopy,if I figured out how to upload a picture could yous maybe tell me what you think?from googling it looks like over watering but I’ve been careful for over a week now and still droopy,this is one of the reasons I was convinced the guys were right and I should be doing ph,It’s great if I don’t have to ph as this is the worst bit about the whole thing :-)
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  22. @blackpoolbouncer Hi. I've seen recommendations for Clover before and found there's a nursery near me which is supposed to be a stockist for their products. Which of their products would you recommend as a replacement for All Mix? They do quite a range. I've been happy enough with All Mix used with their nutrients but getting the soil delivered is a bit of a pain. It would be good to be able to pop in to a local garden centre for a suitable replacement. Cheers. Here's their product range. Not a lot of detailed info though. http://www.cloverpeat.co.uk/retail-compost
  23. Personally I ran my first crop as autos and used allmix. Had nothing but problems and the allmix was definitely a big factor in that, its too hot for autos really and judging when you do need to add feed is a pure guessing game. Better off with clover. PM soil or light mix I think.
  24. Nice bit of lst there. Good job
  25. @Dando cursed speaks sense. The only people that perpetuate the myth you ph soil feed are new growers like yourself who get the two growing styles slightly mixed up. As said. You do more harm than good.
  26. Had to top right up, was on the dregs
  27. I would be dodged out by water change every 2 weeks. Salt build up in the tubes and blockages also, use extra Atazyme to combat it. I always changed mine weekly, except for the long visit to Egypt. Cost is merely an investment that is returned in abundance
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