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  2. In my very limited expierence, go for a 6 inch fan, I am currently running a Hydor 100 on medium speed, 194m3/h and its quite loud. Afaik a 6 inch fan running on a low speed will be quiter than a 4 inch fan on high speed and move as much air. Also going by the math, you will need roughly 340m3/h assuming you are running 1 light
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  5. I had similar issues this year..must have lost well over £100 worth of seeds trying to germ them. Eventually went with the paper towel method, for 24 hours, then into root riot cubes, 2 days later they were under a 400w mh that sorted them out no probs. Prior to this, id used a conservatory with no joy in growth after 10 days still 2 inches high, so i bought a 45w t5 and heat mat, again 2 inches high after a week or more. Couldn't understand wtf was going wrong. 4 weeks and a day or two under a 400w MH and flip to flower day. Paper towel method and metal halide ftw.
  6. Got my tent sorted 1mx2mx2m high 2x600w 80mm parabolic reflectors 10inch carbon filter an 10inch fan but not much head Room after filter is hanging could I push through the filter instead an put it out the tent in another room ?? I'm looking for a system to run aswell.? I'm liking the idea of the rtw system with brain bucket. Hefty price tho? Can you do it cheaper an better diy? I'm thinking I want to scrog with air pots on a drip system or halo rings or alike.?? And run to waste. A large tray on incline with a gland and outlepipe running to a waste bucket would I loose much head room rising the tray ? Is it easier just to buy a ready to go system. Sorry for all the questions but any info is much appreciated
  7. @Leafneck gotta be happy with that. They look awesome. Plenty of frost.
  8. thekingofobsolete

    anyone fancy an omelette lol

  9. The legend of 420..Documentary, explores the growing trend of MJ decriminalization in the U.S. 8/10
  10. You don't hear much pm been grown now do you
  11. @Jack010 Thanks mate. The excitement to try get them over the finish line is building! Nice to know decent flower to leaf... me has lots of leaf
  12. Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    From the album Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    Kosher Dawg (DNA)
  13. And mine matey, the joys of old age
  14. Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    From the album Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    Kosher Dawg (DNA) in flowering period
  15. Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    From the album Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    Kosher Dawg (DNA)
  16. Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    From the album Kosher Dawg (DNA)

    Kosher Dawg (DNA)
  17. Thanks @tokenroll, it's been a bit of a rough ride with pretty much every imaginable variable swinging wildly all over the place but my girl has struggled on beautifully and I've learnt a lot from her, this is definitely a strain I'd recommend for beginners
  18. Nice smoke. Quite mellow, not that strong, fruity taste mostly. All my mates loved it. Easy to grow indoors. Always dense buds high flower to leaf
  19. They look like my old man Balls mate
  20. hahaha wow. I could do with that as a years supply
  21. @Jack010 Thanks mate. What's it like? Decent bud/smoke? For a strain supposed to have sold a million seeds there ain't too many reports out there.....
  22. Grown it loads indoors over the years, 7-8 weeks flowering, was thinking of putting some out before but didn’t. Fingers crossed they finish well for you
  23. @Amnesia hats off to you..very nice. Looks to be a very big yielder too?
  24. @Jack010 Yes mate - in the main. I think the strongest ones are the DP SK11
  25. Being a eager first time grower it's been a very bad start..but I have to laugh! Over the past few weeks I've had a absolute nightmare! 20th July - Started out germinating auto seeds. Soaked for 24hrs and left to germ in rootriot cubes in a plastic prop with a cheap heat mat on the window cill. All the seeds have been stored in their original tube containers then in a box in a box. Lemon Zkittlez Dutch Passion x 1 SAD Sweet Seeds Auto x 1 Super Hash Auto x 1 Green Crack x 1 Sweet Gelato Sweet Seeds x 1 Checked on them on 23rd and nothing. 24th July hottest day of the year. Whilst checking I could see the seeds were cooked. No temp control on the heat mat so the temps hit well over 30*C. Gutted. So I thought right I'd stick with it but add some plastic bubble padding between the prop and heat mat. 29th July - Soaked 3 seeds for 24hrs and put them in the prop. Lemon Zkittlez Dutch Passion x 1 Strawberry Cheesecake x 1 Sweet Gelato Sweet Seeds x 1 Check 24hrs later and saw two had popped - Sweet Gelato and Strawberry Cheesecake -30th July. I was over the moon. Closing my eyes and just thinking about what they'd look like. My new babies...woohoo!! Right lets pop some more..I've got this down!!! Lets do them in damp BB light mix in a small seedling sack. Soaked for 24 hrs could see she had cracked and popped it in the mix about 1cm depth crack facing down. Glueberry OG x 1 Added her to the prop and left for 48hrs spraying the soil every so often. 3rd Aug - Nothing. My other two babies were coming along although slowly. Checked the seeds again and the one in the mix hadn't popped nor had the lemon Zkittlez in the cube. 5th Aug I was impatient and opened the sack to see if anything had happened. The seed looked exactly the same as it did going in but a bit mushy. Dead. By this point I was like I've spent a fortune and if I can't germinate some seedlings what chance have I got with 4 plants? I was thinking maybe this is why I don't have any pets!! OT: A while ago I had two gold fish I won for my neice from the fairground. She only wanted to look at them and not have them as pets. So i bought all the decent kit and took care of them for 2yrs. The other summer it was hot...and I forgot to feed them for 3 days. They were starving and one had taken bites out of the others tail. I fed them flakes which is all I had as I usually feed them pellets. I put a way too much in there thinking they will yam the light flakes. It blocked the filter...and created a film on the top of the water....came back to dead fish. Anyways I digress.... I was checking on both of my babies....opened the prop and it slipped the lid knocked the seedling. Snap. She's just laying there...motionless. I've killed her....quickly tried to save her by giving her a crutch. She looked good. Leaves were fine 24hrs later. Then she left me in the following night and I came back to a shrivelled cheesecake. Gutted. My first living victim. RIP 8 days old. 6th Aug Sweet Gelato is still going...slowly. Bought a heated prop and T5 light to see if it would make a difference 8th Aug. Sweet Gelato is still going...slowly. I was only feeding water and mineral water at that. 2nd sets of leaves on her and fed water only. My mistake as they were getting no nutes at all. 11 days old and was less than 2 inches in height and had two main leaves and two tiny leaves under them that were yellowing. Gave her some very diluted Biosys. No roots coming through yet. One Lemon Zkittle seed left plus the Northern light freebies I received with my orders. Soaked 3 in mineral water and a very diluted mix of Biosys in dark pots for 24hrs. They had all cracked and popped them in riot cubes. Deep breath. I put them the same depth of the other 2 seeds of I'd successfully germinated. 7th Aug - Came back and all 3 had popped...kind of. The relief and excitement! Wow! 48hrs later they were slowly reaching out of cubes...all bloody 4 with the seedling cases attached. FML. 09.8.2019. Checked her for advice and most said be patient as it will fall off soon. It was down to not planting the seedling deep enough for the seed case to be pulled off. 11th Aug - Kept them moist - Yay we have mould. Kept them moist now trying not to dampen them off if not done already. 13th Aug -Mould now gone and they are still reaching for the light. Soaked the last NL auto and popped in the riot cube deeper than normal to hopefully ensure it gets it seed off.I got some tweezers and popped them off. Yay! No!!!!!!!!! All 4 seeds still have their membranes attached. You could see where the tiny cotyledon leaves are trying to pop through. 14th Aug -all 4 are just reaching for the light with no growth due to the membrane still being stuck. 15th Aug - 1 week old and the membrane is still on with the tip going brown. I turn my humidifier on and put the prop lid under it and leave it for 30mins. Attempt to remove the membranes and prise open slightly without damaging. 16th Aug all 4 still reaching for the light but none of the leaves have turned green bar the Lemon Zkittles 1mm size leaves. 17th Aug I have my 2nd living victim. Lemon Zkittles...the last one. RIP. 18th Aug - This morning I have my 3rd victim - NL auto and the last NL auto has not popped at all - 5 days. The first one is looking okay but might just bin it and start a fresh! I may just go with the photo periods as they can take a bit of a bashing! The Sweet Gelato I have now is clearly stunted for nearly three weeks old...although since I've given her BioSys the last week she's jumped on a bit...I want to transfer her to the Oxypot XL DWC I have but want another to go with her that isn't stunted. I'll start a diary soon! Just thought I'd share my nightmare germination issues - it's soo simple to some to get this basic process right but just a slight drop or jump in temps or humidity seems to screw me over lol. Anyways just waiting for some fresh seeds or may go with the G13 Maltezerz photoperiods I have. With it being my first experience any mistake is a lesson learnt!
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  27. Almost mate, more like Gloucestershire/Forest of Dean
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