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  2. Hello lovely peeps! I have been growing a couple of Stardawg Autos in a conservatory. One of them dwarfed, but the other one has been going pretty well. I'm now on week 9, and wondered if I could get some expert opinions (I'm a total noob) Grown in Miracle-Gro potting mix - no additional nutes. What do you think? I've been a bit concerned about yellowing leaves...can't decide if it's natural flowering or a lack of nutes. Opinions appreciated. Cheers!
  3. I leave mine on from the moment I begin using it again, security is paramount for most growers (and if it isn’t it should be!) I do not want any smells mysteriously intriguing others...
  4. Mrs even said to me, you did just hand feed the 2 that was dry didn't you?! I've really got to stop having a few ciders before I go in my room. Just I'm going in there to tie a few up Ahh hello sneaks you was right from the moment you saw my clones tbh, the canopy was looking so good before this happened tho but I can see the scrog net has more benifits than I originally thought.
  5. Its where you've flooded them and pushed all the air out of the medium.imo.
  6. I'm not even ganna say it buddy. You no my thoughts But my input would be a net with large holes much larger than your Average scrog net. get it on top and feed your heads trough so they have something to rest on but it's not to much stress pulling them trough. Dam I kinda said it didn't I
  7. @FatBoy77Thanks again good sir. A stress free nights sleep for me. It’s a good job you don’t charge for advice. I’d owe you a right fortune!
  8. Yes mate, they're definetly drinking as they should again. No smells I've noticed out the ordinary. It was only 2 plants flopping to start with which I'd assumed was the blocked drippers and the pot drying out but the plant near the intake is opposite side of the room and decided to start collapsing a few days after although it's drippers never got blocked
  9. Are they taking theyre water properly again?Any strange smells at the root zone.If anything id try not to overcare for them with additives and additional this and that.Try and get the watering regime on point again. I doubt its the silica missing causing it.
  10. Nae bother
  11. Cheers lads, I did veg on the 250w hps setting and kicked the 600w setting soon as I flipped, maybe the reason, may be a few factors. All I know is I'm going to be busy for a few hours when i get round to doing it.
  12. Yes mate around the 5.5 area. In jars as we speak. I know she could've given more if I trimed/pruned better. Also my ph pen was out a whole point above what it should've been. Im well happy with her performance. Very riged branches that grow straight up. I think its best to lst when things are still supple as I learned with this pheno. I couldnt bend the older growth without it snapping. Good and strong ready to hold up some big buds. Deffinatly the fruity pheno which im glad of because Im not to keen on lemony weed.
  13. The latest I've had was down to the characteristics of the strain ,or if not that strain leaned that way and leaned toward the ground .The stems were so thin and weak ,a freak .
  14. Plot

  15. Not quite the update I was planning, but upload speeds are painfully slow on these next few pics, so I will update in the morning. Have a good evening people, catch you tomorrow for the next post!
  16. Plot hole

  17. Nope different plant altogether mate. Thats The Blues Owd
  18. It could be the strain or it could be they stretched to much late veg through not enough light. Ive had a few floppy bastards in my time, sativa heavy hybrids with thin stems and fat buds !
  19. Ey up folks. More questions! I have a secondary light for when I open up the tent so I don’t get blinded. Main light goes off at 9 but like a plonker left the secondary on an extra hour. Any knock on effect to be aware of. Hopefully another shitty pants over nowt moment but I’d rather ask n look a twat
  20. The worst part is picking the winners it's first time I have had to help do this and Tbh its not easy to get down to a 1st 2nd and 3rd place choice when there's some real quality diaries that will end up not getting placed as winners God knows gonna have another smoke and think about it some more after
  21. I don't usually answer these but I doubt anyone else is going to reply to this Why are you feeding flowering food to a baby plant? Bloom is for the flowering stage You shouldn't be feeding anything unless your in sterile coco coir In which case it would be very diluted nitrogen based feed But to make it simple for you homie I'll break it down for you Do not feed a baby plant Leave baby plant alone with just water and only when soil or media feels dry Poke a little finger in (don't go finger blasting it like some cheap whore) And if it feels dry then give it a good soaking Once you've done this hold the pot in your hand You will now be able to gauge a heavy pot that's been freshly watered and now you should be able to feel a difference in weight when it's dry in which case wipe out your water and soak it again but for the.love of ganja DO NOT FEED BLOOM Thanks Peace
  22. That's ideal mate cheers, should be plenty - thought it would be hardwired in, good to know the cable can be swapped without dicking around with electrics. Your set-up looks great, very nice indeed. And good to see the lights as close to the canopy - my tent is tight for space near the top especially at the fattest part of the cf so I won't be able to hang the lights high. Hoping no issues running the lights close to the plants as I don't have much headroom to play with.
  23. I have quite a few Dinafem strains kicking around as it's pretty much all I grow these day's. I find them extremely reliable but feel free to chuck a tin my way I've already stuck in a amnesia and another critical from the same pack
  24. I'm going to be in trouble later, it'll be a ball-ache for sure.
  25. Mate I binned that straight away I don't fuck with pollen I'm to heavy handed I'd fuck my whole season up
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