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  2. count me in . ive never grew any of your work,tho read a few generals d diarys that i remember
  3. Myfinal update, probably. I have a Solo (1) and an Enano, I don't use them anymore even though they are decent vapes. The Splinter, in wattage mode, is as powerful as any vape you are going to get, it's up to you to learn how to use it. I assume the "Z" is even better but it's not worth twice the price to me atm. Then someone, probably @Hippie on hill said all I needed now was a vapcap and he was right. It hit's harder than even the splinter. They both have quite a steep learning curve and I have burned the throat off myself getting it wrong, but when you get it right.
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  5. i was at one of them... we nearly got kettled actually in the city .. so we slipped in a pub ... me and my mates didnt dress like punks ,, just short hair jeans and T- shjirts ... undercover thugs
  6. got nicked a few yards away just after stop the city 1984, cant even remember who was playing now but the reason for arrest was smelling of cannabis
  7. saw crass , flux and dirt at the 100 club one night ... blinding gig
  8. No.3 I deserve to win because there is a chance i will hack my favourite plant and send them in for subs (if that's ok with @Budelaire)
  9. TG-Roll-564-564.jpg

  10. No.2 I deserve to win beause i only realised Fleur du Mal was Bude's company a little while ago, and have been meaning to buy/try some of his seeds but keep forgetting to order some. Even if i dont win, this should be a good reminder to myself to buy them
  11. First time using my third try, best O luck to everyone
  12. No.1 I deserve to win because @Budelaire 's box/cube grow still occurs in one of my recurring dreams
  13. Ok will do
  14. thanks mate that means you get three goes and you'll need to message me with your choice of free beans and a safe addy to send them to
  15. Your intelligence is pretty evident...or lack thereof. I had to look up "sock puppet" because I thought it was just some hipster word you'd read this week and wanted to try out for yourself. Turns out you think I'm someone else on the forum. Fraid not chump. I joined because I was in the market for some LED lights and wanted to get some info. I came across this post because it's exactly what I'm after and all I found was a bunch of ass bandits blowing smoke up someones ass in what I can only assume is an attempt to get free stuff... Back when I last used a forum people had manners and were generally respectful. I guess as cultivation has spread to the general public, it's only to be expected that the forums get filled up with kids. The only positive thing I can see is that in the 15 years since I last logged onto a grow site.. LED's have become viable! Now all I need is somewhere to buy them from that aren't arseholes and deserve my money
  16. @Joolz as I just become a life sub, still waiting on my confirmation email.
  17. Nice one @Joolz I was only thinking the other day that I keep meaning to do Sweet Tooth, so I will have a go and if I don't win I'll buy a pack
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