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LCA - Apathy takes hold

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From: "ccguide.org.uk" <alun@ccguide.lca-online.net>

To: endorseelist@lca-uk.org

Subject: [endorseelist] LCA - Apathy takes hold

Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 13:31:54 +0100


The Legalise Cannabis Alliance, as you may know, has been run by 5

dedicated activists:

Don Barnard, press officer, in Braintree, Essex

Alun Buffry, nominating officer and national coordinator, Norwich, Norfolk

Mark Gibson, Fundraising officer and medical spokesman, Alston, Cumbria

Pete Henshall, technical officer, Norwich, Norfolk

Hugh Robertson, treasurer, Perth, Perthshire

There are openings for two more endorsees to take a place on the

Administrative Executive - specialists in marketing and promotions, and

coordinating a membership. Executive members cannot belong to another

political party.

The LCA has just over 1550 endorsees. We have not yet introduced a

membership but will be doing so in the future since the vast majority of

endorsees have said they would be interested in joining.

We believe that LCA Principles, Aims and Proposals (Manifesto) the presence

of LCA candidates in the last general election, securing an average of 1.6%

of the vote (from 1.1% in East Fife to 2.6% in Workington) and in local

elections (greater percentage votes - up to 7.6% in Widnes ward in 2001)

have contributed to the opening up of the debate, contributed to policy

changes in other political parties, and drawn much more respect from the

media than we got when a campaigning pressure group only.

BTW - 1550 endorsees mean a whole load of you have not yet bought the

manifesto (it's just £5.50 including postage, from LCA, PO Box 198,

Norwich, NR3 3WB.) It is well worth reading and contains an incredible

amount of useful information and has been sent free to almost every UK MP.

If you have not seen a copy then you are missing out.

We have received thousands of letters and e-mails congratulating us and

many more requesting information. Very few of either type of letter

contains a donation, even a stamp for reply, and it is a constant battle


keep sending out free info - but that must be an essential part of our

educational programme. In addition, every new endorsee is sent a small

pack of fliers. In general it is also shame that most new endorsees fail

to send a donation either.

Most of our funds have had to be raised through small scale marketing and

adverts in space on the web site or in Weed World and without that we would have closed down last year probably.

At the annual LCA conference in April, in Norwich, attended by almost 100

people, I asked three questions:

1) is it worth our while to continue?

2) is it worth your while for us to continue?

3) is it worth 50 pence per week from you for us to continue?

Almost every hand was raised as a "yes" to all three questions.

Since then we have received only one new standing order from an endorsee who had said yes, and only about 5 other donations. Total donations in from April 8 to date came to just £240 - about £12 per week.

I think you must agree that is appalling from people who seemingly support

the LCA and presumably would like to see it continue it's activities. I

am sorry to say that with very few exceptions (you may be one) I find it hard to believe that most people cannot afford 50 pence per week (less than a pint of beer every month or three cigarettes per week).

Also since the election, I mailed all endorsees with e-mail (we cannot

afford to mail through the post), seeking fund-raisers for the next general

election, constituency agents, and prospective candidates. I received four

responses - two from perspective candidates without funds, one from someone who could provide funds but not a candidate, and one from a previous candidate who will stand again and can find funds.

That mailing was done because at the last election there were a great many prospective candidates without funds.

Maybe you can imagine how disheartening that all has been for the

hard-working LCA executive, whom have to hold down jobs to support

themselves - all positions in LCA are still unpaid and voluntary. I know

that we all work hard on this campaign and I know that for most of us that

is several hours at least every day, even on Sunday, and a break just means more work catching up.

So, our conclusion is that although there are massive numbers of people

applauding us from the side-lines, the real level of support is continually

disappointing. We are unable to run as effectively as we believe that we

could. We feel let down particularly by those people who raised their

hands in support at Conference. The question remains - is this all really

worth while.

Previously I spent time helping unfortunates who suffered from Leprosy,

mental or physical disadvantages etc - basically people who cannot help

themselves. That for me felt very rewarding. I now find myself in the

position where I see so little support from people who are in truth able

to help themselves by giving something real in support of this political

campaign. We believe that it is the politicians who make and change most

laws and that full legalisation will only happen when they see that the

public support it and it would not lose them votes. That is why I think

the LCA has had such a major impact. We, as an unknown quantity, having

entered the world of politics, have attracted such interest from the media.

So what of the future? Certainly the Exec and some others feel just as

committed as ever and want to carry on pushing towards the ideals. But

reality takes hold of us all and I know that Exec members all feel equally

disheartened. We feel that these are our alternatives:

1) close down

2) go into hibernation

In either case it will be much harder to restart if we ever do.

So, the ball is now in your court. I hope that you will participate in

discussing this - we need your positive and negative comments and

suggestions although we don't need abuse. We need inspiration - mostly I

get mine from Susan Greenfield and the prohibitionists. We need cash. We

need commitment. We need you. The LCA-Chat list is the place for this

discussion to take place - the list is there FOR YOU - please use it, read

it, participate in it. To subscribe to the chat list send an email with


subject and no content from your preferred e-mail address to


You now know how we feel - so how do you feel?

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Oh well, 43 views since I posted this and not one comment.

It seems apathy does rule after all lol

Any company that wants to put their advert at the top of every UK420 forum page please contact me joolz@uk420.com for full details.

Ad rate: £100 per month to be donated to Legalise Cannabis Alliance,

Members who wish to make a donation should contact the Legalise Cannabis Alliance direct @ www.lca-uk.org

Don't think it - Do It!!

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A sorry state of affairs indeed - having become recently unemployed and in the process of starting a business I don't have time or money to spare at the moment.

However we're helping out with WHspliffs campaign site - so there is a small contribution happening!

Anyone with a bit of time to spare to help out?

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It's funny, having been invited to join the national executive, I spotted this thread and wondered just how many people would look at it!

It also stayed in top position, as nothing has appeared in this forum for six days :oldtoker:

It does make me wonder if it's worth joining the executive and all the extra work involved, but I wouldn't want to see the idea fall to pieces!

So come on folks let have some comments!


Canna-business people: why not offer the LCA's Cannabis Legalise & Utilise publication for sale, full cover price (£5) to LCA, I've listed it on the WHS order form, so all they have to do is enter a figure for number required, sold four first week, not a great amount, but it all helps.

Good read too!


Donate by standing order form

Bank details for cash donations at your bank or any NatWest free of charge

Endorse the Principles, Aims and Proposals of the LCA

Sign up for LCA-online - all profits to the LCA

Sign the online petition; Legalise Cannabis in the UK Now!

Denounce the UN Single Convention on Narcotics

Sign the The Angel Declaration

LCA Homepage

LCA Somerset

LCA Cumbria


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Just a thought, an i don't wanna stick my head too far above the parapet on this one, but what about fundraising events? All the other political parties hold them to boost campaign funds, so why not the LCA?

The Indy on Sunday got a huge list of support from the great, good and just plain famous when they ran their campaign a few years ago. Could they not be approached to appear at some ticketed event or the like?

There are certainly enough smoking DJ's out there who'd want to support the cause. Perhaps the UK's first openly smoking tolerant club night with a good line up once the new warning system comes into effect? Have a stall in a shopping area on a saturday?

the dood

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Bring on the suggestions everyone.

Fund raising events will need to be started on local/regional basis I think - that's why we need to form groups by counties first, than down town level - make it fun - make it social, what do peeps think?

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Hi Joolz and co

I'd not noticed this thread before, but now i have i can't ignore it.

I cant be a vociferous supporter of the cause, i am in a quite a high profile position and if my employers realised what i was involved in i would lose my job/career for sure.

Maybe many other people out there feel the same. I'm not making excuses for them or myself, but i can understand how they feel and how this would come across as apathy to the frontline troops of the cannabis movement.

However, Joolz, your post has motivated me. I am making a donation. Going to buy a postal ordwer on the way home ans stick it in the post. Thats what we all could do. Whats £5? If only 10% of the sites members were to send £5, that would make the LCA £500 better off and more able to fight the fight.

I apologize profusely for appearing apathetic, so instead of feeling guilty or just ignoring this post to get to the bud porn...I'm using a small (and thats all it is) amount of time to do what i can.

I urge all the other members who read this to do the same. If we show a small amount of support, i am sure those frontline troops will get a boost that will lift their morale, and enable them to continue fighting the cause for us.

Remember, its because of people like those at the LCA, that laws are changing, public perceptions are changing and we as a community are being more and moer accepted into society.

Thanks Joolz, for the call to arms


Thanks Joolz

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Don't buy a PO & stamp - thus saving about £1.50.

But donate at your own bank or any NatWest branch for no charge, the £5 plus the £1.50 saved = £6.50 to:

National Westminster Bank

London Street



Sort Code: 60 - 15 - 31

For the credit of Legalise Cannabis Alliance

Account number : 23740116


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Joolz was it you or do you know who designed the ‘LCA On-line’ animated banners?

I would like to get a version, words to be worked on, but something like:

What have you done for freedom today?

Please help the election campaign funds!

When did you last donate?

Standing Order, Cheques, Pos or Cash!

We can get a page up on the main LCA site with details, so people can click on.

We could get this up on almost every UK cannabis site!

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Thanks Mike

Too late to get to the bank now. Ahhh, thats a shit excuse, it will go in, f### it, i'm pulling out all the stops and doubling my donation to £10, plus postage etc, thast £11.50 coming LCA's way. :oldtoker:


Come on every one, do the decent thing!!

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Do they have or could they get a Paypal or Nochex account?

It would probably make a lot more people donate. Lazy ass stoners would welcome the chance to donate without getting off their seats.


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Great, let's get the ideas flowing - once we have some impact here - I'll e-mail the executive members and point them to this thread.

Let's make this thread lift their hearts and get me to make that call and say; OK, I am in!

Online payments, good idea, except the commission the banks etc charge. Should be an option - but I think perhaps with details of the cost to the LCA, in the hope that people will just pay in at the bank. What do you think?

Let's get ideas here- it's the ALLIANCE, all parts of the campaign under one roof!

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That's better, :;):

These guys work their nuts off for all of you, unpaid!!

They are your voice in the world of politics and the only political party in the uk to have the balls to stand up for dope smokers rights.

Joolz was it you or do you know who designed the ‘LCA On-line’ animated banners?

Guilty your honor lol

I'll see what i can come up with mike

Online payments, good idea, except the commission the banks etc charge. Should be an option - but I think perhaps with details of the cost to the LCA, in the hope that people will just pay in at the bank. What do you think?

As soon as our online payment gateway has been tested ( finaly got the details today :)) you will be able to donate online through the UK420 Store

We will transfer all donations in a monthly lump sum via bank transfer to the LCA's account. We'll even cover the charges !

Perfect if you want to remain anon :P

A sorry state of affairs indeed - having become recently unemployed and in the process of starting a business I don't have time or money to spare at the moment.

Splan, how do you fancy a Spamming mission ?

Every UK site that sells cannabis related paraphenalia and tell them how they can get half a million banner impressions per month for the measly sum of £100 per month.

And Chip, Max respec mate :D

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As soon as i started reading this post i thought NOCHEX ...someone else mentioned it too, although i can't remember who. Makes it easy for us, i'm only to glad to make a contribution every now and again (when i can afford it)...but please don't make me go to the bloody bank....i hate em

How about the T shirts have another quid or two added and that can goto LCA (is the t shirt idea still happening?) maybe they can have LCA printed on the arm or something!

anyway, open a nochex account and i'll send away ;)

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Please don't shoot me down in flames for saying this but;-

I would quite happily give a donation to the LCA if I thought it was likely to achieve anything.

Joolz you are no doubt correct that these guys work tirelessly in the struggle for cannabis legalisation and have kept the campaign alive during times when mj was not as fashionable as it is at the mo, but as a political force I feel my vote lies better elsewhere let alone my cash.

I totally agree that an LCA. M.P. such as W.H. down there in somerset would be great but I don't think even that would acheive much.

Replying to every newspaper article or a couple of letters to your MP would

IMHO make more of a difference.(If we all did it)

By donating to a single issue political party I would feel like I have offloaded my responsibility to continue to campaign, instead relying upon others.

Lets face facts there are far more important issues in the world than weed and we would be stupid to forget this when casting our vote.

go for it anyway guys because without you we would be no where and if you win I'll smoke my hat.

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