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Newbie needs help

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I'd leave that well alone personally. 

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The fan might be sound tbh but you don't wanna use that controller buy an str step controller and wire it in where the dimmer switch is now.


I'd tape that join in the casing too as it looks like it's had a few knocks so might not be airtight anymore.


It's gonna sound loud as it is, any fan without a filter attached will sound like Concorde taking off.  The controller on there will be creating an extra buzz too.  But stick a filter on it and turn it down to setting 1 or 2 on an STR and it will be quieter than the 4inch your running now and shift 4 x the amount of air.



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So 3 - 2m by 2m tents for 13 Autos 


thought I was mad…. 


4 in each? 

not sure autos was the way to go here mate, I’d keep em all in one tent under the 4 lights you have per tent and let the other 2 tents have summer off. 


thats a massive area for autos bearing in mind some produce a ounce or less if you make one mistake along the line. 


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A little update. I added an extra extractor and filter I added an inlet from another room. Correct pH level water with zero nutrients and added 3 more lights to the room. I think there looking better. As I compressed the image size to 1mb they have blurred a little and have gone darker. The leaves aren't that dark. Just looking for opinion on how they are looking. They are autos and have just started to flower. As a first grow I have no idea if there looking good or not lol

I have low stressed trained them again today a few hours before the photos was taken. I've gone purely of youtjbeyoutube videos so hopefully I've done it okay


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