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Sweet Seeds Apolo

Mini-contest: Sweet Seeds® Merchandising Award 【2021 EDITION】

Sweet Seeds® Merchandising Award

Get the all the grinders, stickers and other merchandising items that you have and join the party!

This is the most original contest that you can participate in. Get ready and share all your hidden creativity because it is time to show the whole world what you are capable of.

This year we are a little late, so we are extending the deadline as well: You can participate until March 21th.

How to Participate and Contest Rules

1. How to participate:

1.1 - You have to be a registered user in at least one of the forums taking part in the 7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition, having read and accepted the rules of the same contest. Obviously, the participant has to comply with all the rules of registration and use of the forum in which he/she is participating, accepted at the time of the registration;

1.2 - For a valid participation, you must be a participant in the 7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition, with a grow diary on the way. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended that the image is shared within the same diary (thread) with which you are participating in the 7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition;

1.3 Mechanics

1.3.1 - Publish in this thread your most original photo in which we can see any Sweet Seeds® merchandising product (t-shirts, sweaters, grinders, rolling paper, lighters, hats, lanyards, pins, etc);
1.3.2 - Include a title for the image in the same post;
1.3.3 - And that’s it. Easy, right?

1.4 - The images must be published between the 1th of March and the 21th of March at 23h59m according to London time zone (UTC);

1.5 - Commercial mods, as well as forum users who have some kind of professional relationship with Sweet Seeds® or any other seed company advertising at ForumSweetSeeds, cannot participate in this competition. Non-commercial mods can participate, as well as other forum users or mods with a direct relationship with companies in the cannabis industry that are not seed banks.

2. Contest Rules:

2.1 - We ask all participants to upload their photos directly in the forum in which they are participating. We give preference to photos uploaded to the forum;

2.2 - Each participant can only participate with 1 picture. If 1 participant publishes 2 or more pictures, we only consider the first one published as valid;

2.3 - The photos used must be original and of the authorship of the participant. The use of non-original photos, of the authorship of another person, when detected, will result in the removal of the user permanently from this sub-contest, automatically and without prior notice. In addition, a report will be sent to the attention of the forum administration for them to decide whether any additional action should be taken;

2.4 - Sweet Seeds® reserves the right to use photos and videos shared in this contest for advertising campaigns, magazine articles, catalogs, Sweet Seeds® websites, publications on Sweet Seeds® Facebook (rigorously respecting the anonymity of the author), Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, the authors of the photos and videos can continue to use them for other purposes because they remain their property, so they will continue to have equal rights over them;

2.5 - This contest is divided into 4 threads with shared prizes. The threads are in the UK 420, EnJoint and ICMag. This means that the best image of the four forums wins 1st Prize, the 2nd best wins 2nd Prize, etc.;

2.6 - The contest is administered and regulated based on the most basic principles of fraternity and fair play. Any disrespect, offense or attempt to discredit or defame the contest will leave the prevaricator out of the contest and at risk of administrative sanction.

2.7 - In case of any correction of misprint or another cause, Sweet Seeds® reserves the right to modify the bases of this contest.

3. Choosing the Winners:

3.1 - Between the 22th and the 31th of March 2020, the Sweet Seeds® jury (composed of a minimum of 4 people) will choose the winners through an internal voting. Each member of the jury will vote with 10 points their favorite picture, with 7 points the 2nd, with 5 points the 3rd, with 3 points the 4th and with 2 points the 5th;

3.2 - The points will be added to obtain the winners and the results will be published between the 26th of March and the 10th of April 2021, at which time the winner will be announced based on the vote, in a thread specifically created for this purpose;

3.3 - Each judge attributes the points according to their subjective evaluation of the pictures published in this thread. In the evaluation of the pictures the jury will based the voting criteria on: quality of the picture, beauty of the final result, creativity, originality of the picture, etc.;

3.4 - The winners will be chosen from the participating forums: ICMag, UK 420, EnJoint and ForumSweetSeeds;

3.5 - Any winner with the main participation in ForumSweetSeeds, will have the prize points multiplied by x1.2 (example: for a prize of 100 points, it upgrades to 120 points), as indicated in the contest rules;

3.6 - Any grower who shares a grow diary simultaneously in this forum and in ForumSweetSeeds, must inform us that the main participation is in ForumSweetSeeds or else we will consider the main participation in the forum where the grow diary was first started;

3.7 - If a participant only informs about the main participation in ForumSweetSeeds after the points are awarded, the points do not multiply and will remain as before. Once the points are attributed, they cannot be changed at any time under any circumstances.

4. Shipping the Prizes:

4.1 - Sweet Seeds® assumes the responsibility of sending the prizes within the deadlines referred to in the main Contest Rules published in the presentation thread of the 7th Sweet Seeds® Grow Diary Competition.

5. Validation of Participation:

5.1 - All users of the forum who publish the required content to participate in this sub-contest automatically assume the reading and acceptance of the "Participation Instructions and Contest Rules" or the main competition.



100 Sweet Seeds® Points


50 Sweet Seeds® Points

30 Sweet Seeds® Points


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I will get the party started with this boy then. 


Who's got the lighter?



Stay frosty all. 

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Sweet Lockdown Essentials


Sweet seeds Killer Kush bud + kief, Sweet Gelato kief, Speed+ handpressed kief, Sweet Skunk squish. Sweet cannagar made of Sweet Gelato and Killer Kush covered in multiple kiefs and squish. To be honest i cant even remember how long the lockdown lasted :blushing::bong::haveadab:

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Sweet Seeds Oil and Skin Cream made from a mix of Sweet Gelato Auto, Killer Kush Auto and Cream Caramel Auto.  


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"In Case of Emergency Break Glass"





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Sunday evening with some Green Poison and a glass of Jamaican Rum. :smoke:Perfect Combo.





AT :oldtoker:

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Inspector Ganja


“Go Go Ganja Magnifiers… Let’s see... Wowsers! Go Go Ganja Vapes!”

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