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Sweet Amnesic Gorilla Girl in the Hazy Tropic of Canna.

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The harvest is going to be delicious... :wassnnme:


Keep it up!


Sweet smokes,
- Apolo

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@Punta Roja Cheers P.  Haha those pesky polystyrene beads get everywhere, full of static. I'm on top of my silt problem now, I can do a regular res change and clean out without risk of getting air in my system ;) 


@Sweet Seeds Apolo Thanks for looking in mate. I'm really looking forward to the harvest, the TPFV smells amazing :) 

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March 29th day 41.

Hello growers, hope all is well and your gardens are green :)
Time for an update on these Sweeties and things are running smoothly enough. They're probably due another reset of the feed building up, as the SAH is still looking a bit gnarly and over fed. I've not had much time to think about what I'm doing with them lately but I'll get back on it this coming week. I'll have to think about how I'll deal with the TPFV as she finishes up quicker than the others. There's two options I've thought about so far for when she's nearly ready and needs to go on plain water. One is to hand water daily and turn the dripper flow right down, or pull it out and sit it in a jug of water so it doesn't demand any feed. Of course I could just clamp the feed tube or bung the end. The other option is to set up a separate plain water reservoir and another Blumat for her so she's on a separate system, but that will depend on if any of the other plants decide to finish close behind her. I'll just have to wing it.  

I was doing a main update for day 37 and I messed the pics up apart from some close up trich shots. I never got around to taking the main pics again until day 41, hence the longer gap than usual with my updates. The trich shots turned out ok but I haven't got them ready yet as I've been concentrating on this main update. So I'll post them later when I've sorted them out for posting. I've been very busy lately with all sorts of shit lol 

Day 35.
CL air temps 23-28C, roots 23-25, RH 46-59%.
Res EC 0.85

On opening the tent the air temp was 27C, leaf 26C and RH 50% which gave a VPD reading of 1.58kPa, very close to over transpiration.

Removed one fan leaf from the middle of each plant.

Day 36.
CL air temps 24-29C, roots 23-25, RH 46-56%.
20L left in res, EC 0.83

14L used in 2 days between the 6 plants so each plant drinking an average of 1.16L per day.

I turned the rad down from 2/3rds to 1/2 on the dial. 
Removed 2 leaves from the middle of each plant.

Day 37.
CL air temps 24-28C, roots 23-24, RH 46-56%.
Res EC 0.81

Removed 2 lower larfy shoots from the GG and SAH as they weren't getting any light.

Day 38.
CL air temps 24-29C, roots 23-24, RH 43-52%.
Res EC 0.8

I took another two lower shoots from the GG and from the SAH and turned the LED blue dimmer back up to 190w.

Mixed up 20L, background EC 0.37 straight from the tap.
3/4 ml/L MC to 0.45
3/4 ml/L VK to 0.48
3/4 ml/L Mi to 0.57
3/4 ml/L Bl to 0.68
3/4 ml/L NC to 0.74
3/4 ml/L AF to 0.81

Added to the res for a total of 26L, combined EC 0.83

Day 39.
CL air temps 24-27C, roots 23-24, RH 42-51%.
Res EC 0.95

Removed 2 more lower shoots from the GG and SAH, took 2 middle leaves from the TP.

Raised the LED wattage another 10w to 200w.

The TPFV cut was showing a root on day 7 so I took it out of the prop bag and topped up with compost to cover the root, then added a splash of water, just enough to wet the cube and fresh compost around it. I then put a pop bottle cloche over the pot to get her used to the drop in humidity steadily.
Here she is before topping up with compost and covering the root. Apologies for the pic quality, I framed it from too far away and had to crop it quite a bit.


Day 40.
CL air temps 24-28C, roots 22-24, RH 41-49%.
Res EC still settled at 0.83
Plants drinking a touch less at around 1L each.

Same pruning and defol as on day 39.

Turned the LED up a further 10w to 210w, totalling 525w with the CMH.

Day 41.
CL air temps 24-29C, roots 24-24, RH 44-55%.
Only 5L left in the Res, just above the outlet, with an EC of 0.97

I'm not sure why the EC had risen from 0.83 to 0.97 in 24hrs. All I can think of is, with the res being low the silt in the bottom must be affecting the EC. So I might have to do another full res change soon and hopefully not get any silt down the main feed pipe this time. 

In the meantime I mixed up 20L, background EC 0.37
3/4 ml/L MC to 0.45
1 ml/L VK to 0.49
3/4 ml/L Mi to 0.58
3/4 ml/L Bl to 0.69
3/4 ml/L NC to 0.79
3/4 ml/L AF to 0.83

Added to res for a total of 25L, combined EC 0.89

Raised the LED wattage another 10w to 220w, totalling 535w.

Took 2 lower shoots from the SAH and 2 leaves from low down in the middle of the TPFV. 

The plants.
Please excuse the big sat,  back left and looking slightly worse for wear. Her feed tube blocked with silt a few days after the last res change, she burnt and showed deficiencies as the root ball dried. It happened really quickly too, which worries me slightly in case anything similar happens to these girls, as they're drinking fast and would dry out quickly. It seems like their Blumats are dripping almost constantly though every time I check on them, so I doubt they'll block. I'll see if I can get a backdrop in between the plants again for the next update. 



Gorilla Girl.
She's starting to fill out now but I think she'll go 10 weeks. Hardly a browning pistil to be seen as we near the 6 week mark. I was hoping she'd be a bit quicker as I'll be pushed for time getting her dried with a short cure for the smoke report. 


The cola in the first shot here must be near on 18" long.




Couple of tops.





Sweet Amnesia Haze.
Starting to bulk out a bit now and her pistils are starting to brown. 


The burnt tips on the older leaves are starting to curl up now but there's obviously nothing I can do to change that. You can see she is still overfed though from her leaves clawing down. 




I think I'll defo do a res change when I make the next mix and clear the silt again. also a plain watering by hand. I'm not even sure why I raised the velo kelp to 1ml/L on the last mix lol I think it must've been because I was thinking about dropping the MagNifiCal but didn't do it yet :doh: 




Edit--The res change and plain watering were done today, details in the next main update :yep: 


Tropicanna Poison F1FV.
She's holding her weight for now but I'm sure she's getting wider as her outside branches start to sag a bit from the weight. A Ca problem is starting to show and IMHO it's probably toxicity. MC is getting dropped on the next mix and I'll see how she and the others fare. 


Bulking up and her calyx are starting to stack but I'm not sure she's gonna be that quick finishing. Still loads of white pistils, not many more brown ones than the SAH. Hopefully she'll be one of those plants that look like there's a way to go but ripens quickly over a few days.




Some lower main cola buds, like little pyramids, nice.




Well that's another update closer to the finish, thanks for looking.
Not had much spare time recently but I'll find some time to catch up with your diaries :yep: 

Happy farming, be  :lucky:

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Fantastic flowers :yep:

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@delagdo Cheers dude, the TP is getting heavy now, just need the GG to get a move on now :smokin: 

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The close up pics from day 37.


Gorilla Girl.




Sweet Amnesia Haze.




Tropicanna Poison F1FV.

One of the lower bud shots that turned out not too bad so I saved it and gave it some edit.

The rest were garbage. I took them on a very low shutter speed and high ISO to let more light in so I could lower the flash power but they turned out very yellow.



A top.



A few shots from a different top.

These are how I framed them, no cropping. Each one is an image stack of 3 or 4 pics, but not focus stacks. Each image from each set was focused on the same depth of field, just different exposures so I thought I'd have a play. I stacked them on top of each other as layers and merged them together because I thought they looked grainy in the background. But looking back at the original images there isn't that much difference.







Thanks for looking, be :lucky: 

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lol Those colas, my fingers are tired, I have to use the page down button :D


The close up photos are absolutely superb, I'm happy if I can see a trichome in my pics.

I'm sure I can see trichomes reflected on trichomes in yours, truly stunning.


Keep up the great work, all the best.




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:woot: Amazing pictures. You can see the light refracting through the clear trichomes like a crystal ball. I was mesmerised by the Sweet Amnesia Haze picture for a while.


Great idea to stack high ISO images, I hadn't thought of that. The ones you post above look good to me. If I look for it I can see some noise on flat bits of background in just some of them, but it's not distracting, especially with a foreground like that! The details there are stunning and crisp. The Tropicanna Poison is going to be beautiful to watch over the next few weeks :in_love:

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@Clumsy @delagdo Thanks very much for the kind comments lads :) 


The colas look nice on the GG but I'm not too sure about the bud structure at the minute. Tiny little calyx and not very dense but hopefully the calyx will start swelling soon. The very tops started to elongate a bit, maybe down to excess N in all the bottles, or proximity to the light, I dunno. If they do get a swell on they'll be mighty fine colas :) I was thinking of lowering some of the feed and upping the bloom a bit but it's a bit easier to try and keep the dosage of each bottle the same, as in the schedule. Besides, the others are doing great with the feed they're on so it's maybe a genetic thing with the GG. I haven't seen any examples like this one though, maybe just my ignorance.


Delagdo, what software did you use for your focus stacks, if you don't mind me asking? I've tried a free one called Combine ZP but it will only open Jpg files. I used GIMP for these with a Darktable plug in to open RAW files, like I do for all my RAW files. Only problem is, both programmes open up the file in a different colour profile to the original and take a lot of editing to get the colours looking something like the original. TBH I think the original images look better than what I've edited if I can get the exposure right when taking the photo lol 


All the best dudes :smokin: 



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Hi @jadenugs. I've used Zerene Stacker to do mine, you can download a trial version which works for a month, I only have a few days experience with it. The other one for focus stacking is Helicon Focus. There is a 1 month trial available of that, I have never tried it. They are both designed specifically for focus stacking, I don't know how well they might work for other stacks.


Zerene can't open RAW files, but I understand that Helicon can if they are the right format (I doubt my Olympus files are anyway). I have been processing my images first in Darktable, first making any required adjustments to one image (eg. exposure, white balance, contrast) then copying the history to the others. These are output as full quality jpegs, which I then have combined with Zerene, before putting back into Darktable for a final crop and resize.

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Cracking grow this mate and im loving the photos :bong:

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@delagdo Cheers for the info ,my friend :) I watched a tube vid about focus stacking and the geezer mentioned Zerene and Helicon. He reckons the Helicon is more straight forward to use.


It's great that Zerene is working well for you. I might try both if I get the time but tbh I don't think I'll find much time for focus stacking, it's very time consuming. My other option would be to edit my pics in GIMP or Darktable and export as jpg, then combine in the free stacker I have. That would still be very time consuming. I can't find a way in GIMP to edit one pic and transfer the edit to other pics like you do in Darktable. I have read up a bit but it's very technical lol Maybe I'll have another look at Darktable and learn it some more, it would save me a lot of time on editing. I know Photoshop does batch editing but I refuse to pay the prices lol 


@mr rhino  Cheers buddy, respect to your grow too, nice healthy canopy :yep: 

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April 3rd day 46.

Hi folks, update time :)
I've given the girls another little reset and totally cleaned out the res to keep the silt down. So I'll get straight on with the stats and my doings, then some pics.  

Day 42.
CL air temps 24-31C, roots 24-25, RH 43-60%.
18L in res, EC 1

Took 2 leaves from each plant and 2 lower shoots from the SAH.

Day 43.
CL air temps 24-31C, roots 24-25, RH 46-57%.
10L remaining, EC 1

Looks like they drank more than usual in the last 24hrs but I've been dialling back in 2 of the plants at the back since they had their silt blockages removed, so can't really be sure how much these girls had drank. Probably the usual. 

Removed 2 lower shoots and 1 leaf from the SAH and 2 leaves from each of the others.

I first mixed up 20L of feed ready for when I'd emptied the res.
Background EC 0.37 straight from the tap.
3/4 ml/L VK to 0.4
3/4 ml/L Mi to 0.49
3/4 ml/L Bl to 0.6
3/4 ml/L NC to 0.65
3/4 ml/L AF to 0.73

I then gave each plant 900ml of plain water very slowly through a 300ml syringe until it just started to leak from the bottom, no messing about with drain racks and saucers this time. I did this first so there'd be no demand for feed from any of the plants before doing the res change, a precaution to prevent air or silt being drawn in. Any water that leaked through the side of the pots was sucked straight back up but there wasn't much. As soon as I saw leaks from the sides I stopped for a second.
I'd been racking my brains for 2 days for what to use to bung the outlet in the res and it was sitting right there in front of me on the table lol Swan extra slim filter tip :yep: 

I first tried one in the spare outlet, rolling it and compressing it like you would an ear defender plug. Shoved it in the hole and opened the tap to test it. Just a very slight slow drip from the tap with 10L of feed pressure against it so I figured that would stop any air being drawn in when I emptied the res, and defo no silt :) 

Plugged the main outlet and closed the tap in the tent that's just before the first feed tube T off. Emptied the res and cleaned the silt from the res bottom and the pump strainer. The res was filled with the 20L mix before removing the plug and opening the valve back up.
Here's a quick pic from my phone of the plugs in place, simple but effective. 


Day 44.
CL air temps 24-31C, roots 24-26, RH 46-62%.
EC 0.87

16L remaining so they'd each drank their 900ml of plain water, plus 4L of feed from the res between them all in 24hrs. 

I removed 4 lower scabby leaves from the GG, 4 lower shoots from the SAH and 2 lower scabby leaves from the TPFV. 

As you can see from the past 3 days the highest lights on temps were high and also the lights off humidity so I turned the Variac up to 70% of low speed on the extraction fan. Both the inlet fans from the rad box and veg cab were turned up a bit and neg pressure was maintained in the tent. 

I turned the blue dimmer up on the LED by another 10w to 230w.

Day 45.
CL air temps 24-28C, roots 23-25, RH 42-53%.
9L remaining in res, EC 0.86

Removed 2 shading fan leaves from each, plus 2 lower shoots from the SAH.

20L mix, background EC 0.37
3/4 ml/L VK to 0.39
3/4 ml/L Mi to 0.49
3/4 ml/L Bl to 0.59
3/4 ml/L NC to 0.63
3/4 ml/L AF to 0.71

Added to res for a total of 29L, combined EC 0.76

Day 46.
CL air temps 24-28C, roots 23-25, RH 41-53%.
21L remaining, EC 0.87

The SAH was looking over watered so I turned her Blumat down by one notch on the adjuster.

Removed 4 more lower shoots from the SAH and one from the GG.

The girls.
they're looking a bit more tidy now most of the old scabby leaves are gone. The tent is smelling more sweet when I open it, with less dank sweaty humidity hitting me in the face since upping the extraction. The individual plant shots were taken on day 46, the tops on day 45. 


Gorilla Girl.
I left her in more or less her usual position for the full plant pic, just turned on her axis a little so you can see all 6 colas. Starting to bulk out now and the buds look very sativa like, compared to the Indica leaning hybrid leaves. Had another look at the strain description and it seems to me that I've got more of the sativa predominance from the Thin Mint Cookies in the mix.


Looking very resinous and a few of the pistils are starting to turn now.
I'm getting a fizzy orange aroma from her now when I brush my nose against the pistils. 



Sweet Amnesia Haze.
Nice structure on her and the buds are a lovely light colour.


Starting to mature with stacking calyx, pistils browning and a nice coating of sugar. Still smelling of lemon furniture polish and getting stronger, exciting times :D 



Tropicanna Poison F1FV.
She's a beast with some impressive looking tops and lower buds to boot. I'm not sure how many more times I can turn her sideways for the full plant pic. The outer side branches measured 850ml across, around the time of this pic, and getting wider as the buds get heavier. I have to bunch the SAH against the GG so I can pull her out from the plant behind to turn her. One thing about using Blumats, I miss getting the girls out of the tent for better pics. The older fan leaves have started to canoe since raising the LED wattage by 30w over a few days. Also the slight Ca problem I thought might be toxicity in the last update, well I'm now convinced it's more to do with over transpiration from raising the wattage. So the wattage will be lowered to try and combat this and the leaf canoeing.


The tops look to be dense and solid but I haven't had a cheeky squeeze yet lol I'll try and wait until chop time for the surprise. A bit less resin on the leaves as the other 2 but her buds aint shy of it. Still smelling wonderful of tropical fruit punch. Feed will be tapered down soon. I've just been waiting on the GG to start showing pistil browning, which she is now. 


That's all folks, I think I've covered everything there. I might concentrate on some close ups for the next update. 

Happy growing, be  :lucky:

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