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Red Hot in the Tropic - SS7

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Hey @Clumsy Hope your good man.


Sorry for only popping in now but as the diaries roll in it's hard not to miss a thing or two.

Wishing you a good grow, Great start and look to be in more than capable hands looking at those pic's :yes:

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Interesting specimen you got there and off to a good start.  Good luck with the comp! :v:

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Welcome to another year to competition and happy new year! :hippy:


A very good beginning!


Sweet smokes,
- Apolo

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Nice setup there and lovely girls mate,good luck with the comp:yep:

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Looking good man hope they turn out nice for you man 

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Off to a great start mate and nice looking drobe there. I've also just had a whorled phylotaxy sprout, not Sweet Seeds though.


Good luck with the grow and the comp :yep: 

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Hi Clumsy! Welcome to the competition ;)


Seems like you have great plans for your plants so I'm sure it will be very interesting to watch...


Sweet smokes :smoke:



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Nice and tidy mate, looking forward to seeing them in the finals.


Every time I see you on here I say to myself... "Gotta get writing again..."


All the very best mate.

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Thanks @Resonance should be some good diaries by the looks of things.

Hope you pull what you need from yours,atb


Well done, great work @AustrianToker first silverware in the cabinet, those little helping paws lol

Cheers for popping by  (still read it at as Tokker :))


Cheers @Văru' thanks for stopping by, look forward to having a good read of your LED diary in the morning, looks great from what I have seen.

Hope this one brings you similar :yep:


@Ccs141 Thanks for the kind words, atb


@jadenugs Looking forward to following your diary again this year, best of luck to you too


@Sweet Seeds Apolo @Sweet Seeds-tommy Cheers guys, stay safe and keep up the good work.


@Punta Roja  You've got an audience here when you do :yes:

Enjoyed the pics of Thailand that you and the guys were putting up.

Hope you're keeping well mate



The girls are in their finals and I'll get an update done shortly


Cheers all, stay safe :oldtoker:








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Posted (edited)

 Hey All


Quick update bringing them into their final pots,

As the formatting changes the text placement I'll just run the pics down the side, just imagine they're nicely laid out lol


Had a couple of issues trying to balance drying, finishing and potting up at the same time. Mistakes were made :rolleyes:


But first, height was the issue




Bit of breathing room, probably not advisable :cowboy:




Potted up to 8Litres final pots, tropic mix Day 23




All good so far, then not so much, I've managed to misplace the picture where they were really unhappy but they're bouncing back below.





Turns out I'd managed to overwater the new pots and left the rootball dry, didn't water in :doh:

Couldn't work out why the pots were heavy and plants were starting to wilt.

Hopefully not too much harm done, although there is one or too spots. I have a water supply at 10:1 CalMag and keep having issues.


Happier now in their new home, roots between 22 - 25c under LED at 120w juggling the height a bit as there is one finishing up next to them.

They were kept pretty short under the T5 so should have some leeway


Day 26 under light



Day 26 - Always catch those bottom fan leaves between the pots






Think the plan will be to flower six tops on each plant, so two nodes on the whorly and three on the norm.

Currently just pulling a few branches for shape and will adjust properly when the extra space becomes available.

At the moment I have a couple of spares on each and will decide whether I'll clone them in the next few days.


That's all for now thanks for stopping by, stay safe :oldtoker:



Edited by Clumsy
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Posted (edited)

Coming on mate, looking nice and healthy.


Mind you don't cause a "Punt" when training... :ermm:


And on my laptop the justification is perfect.


Here's hoping for gnarly trunks.


You've gone bit Warholian as well I notice... :yep:

Edited by Punta Roja
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Hey All


Hope everyone is getting by, here's my update that will bring us up to the end of week 6 :)


The girls seem to be doing Ok, but they did dry out once and have some spots which I've put down to this.

Anyway the other plant is out now so have some room to crack on.


They've had water with a splash of CalMag (0.3ml/l) and Seaweed (1ml/l) and will look at maybe some Grow this week.

Have only topped the once, so will probably nip them again this week and think about flipping soon after.

I've been pinching out flower tips from the bottom third as I go and removed a couple of leaves to make watering easier.


Root temps 21 - 25c

Lights 24/0


Day 30







Day 33






Both plants have pre flowers :) just not in focus lol




Have got a couple of bits of Cream Mandarine Auto drying and some bits in the freezer so will make these into something nice a bit later :)





Which has freed up some room for the girls to be pulled out a bit






Have restrung the support net for 24 tops and have also changed the prefilter.






The net just slides in snug which means I can adjust it as need be.

Sometimes it just needs a pin in place to stop it being pushed up or pulled down.


The prefilter is just a piece of spare filter cover wrapped over a ducting joint and clipped in place, have a couple of them so change over is very easy.

Just slots into the end of the extract.






That's all for now, take care, see you next week.








Edited by Clumsy
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Looking good mate and nicely trained :yep: 

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Great post and some lovely pics.


I see you're primed for action with that net, it's something I'll be looking into in the near future...


ATVB mate



Edited by Punta Roja
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Hey All,


Sorry for no update last week,a few things have been getting in the way, anyway onwards not sure about upwards :)

The plants aren't looking on top form, no change there, (for me that is not SweetseedS) they'll change the entry requirements next year lol



Topped them a  couple of weeks ago and they didn't take it too well, they were a bit hungry and mag deficient I think, topping them certainly didn't help.

New growth pretty much stopped so gave them a feed Grow 2ml/Litre and spray of epsom salts (1tbs/G)  for a couple of days.

And added some epsom (1tsp/G) to a watering.


Raised the light to let them recover a bit and they decided to follow it, so I'm about ten days behind with lanky plants.


Not the best pics this week, and I've just noticed I didn't finish off my cropping properly :doh:


Week 6







This is now end of week 7 and they look a bit better but one still doesn't look healthy enough to flower, the other one isn't too bad.

They are currently getting 3ml/Litre Canna Vega Grow, 1ml IN Mag-Cal and they've had another tsp of salts.


I'll up the Grow in the next feed and reduce the Mag-Cal, then I think it might be best to top them again. Give them a couple of days and if all good flip.

I've got plenty of height at the mo tho so we'll see, famous last words :)






As I  seem to be putting more and more in the "can't be arsed/ not worth trimming pile" I've invested in some new bubblebags and a new bucket :)

Will be running some Cream Mandarine over the next couple of days, looking forward to that.


Have also got to fit a new filter in the loft, not so much fun, I've gone for CarboAir again had no issues with them, pushing or pulling.

The one I'm replacing is over two years old and still fine, will be moved to drying or maybe a little prop tent.


That's all for this week,thanks for stopping by, take care








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