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Dov's New Year "Sweet Shop" Sweet Seeds Competition Grow!

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Looking good bro 

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Day 41 Black Cream update:


Our survivor has continued to show her good genes, becoming a bushy plateau of potential bud sites.


LST has finished to a degree as we are letting the main branchs stretch upwards to form various main colas from here on in.




Temps have been steady between 23 and 26c 


The Black Cream has continued to be watered 3L tap water with 7.5ml grow and 6ml bloom.


I have removed some more small growth from lower down.




Under carful eye in the photo above a central branch top has got some irregular shaped leaves growing. (I have taken a look there is no damage and nothing wrong they are just growing this shape) 


Our early budsite colours are continuing to impress me.




Catch you again in a few days for another update! 



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Few extra early bud shots each top is starting to produce their first trichomes and lots of pistils!





Edited by Dov1
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Day 49 update: 


Its been a busy week but the Black Cream has chugged along in flower growth, she has been having a watering of 3L water with 6ml grow and 6ml bloom but today has changed to 3l water with 3ml grow and 9ml bloom. 


Temps have been between 22c and 26c.


A few bits of lower foilage has been removed that have not seen much light.




The buds have started to develop nice and put on some weight, their dark purple colours have continued to expand into the new growth, more and more trichomes are appearing each day, its to early to start checking them for colour changes however. 




To recap on the CMD both ballasts I got buzzed like a barbers razor and so I have not put them into action instead i've ordered a 400w HPS kit and I'm going to put her under that and run 2 new girls, a Red Poison Auto and a Crystal Candy Auto on the other side under the 250w ( to be moved under the 400w when the Black Cream has been chopped). I am going to try and start a grow cycle like this running 2 on each side and having roughly 40/50 days between them.

More of that further into the grow when the kit arrives. 




Catch you next time for some more bud bulking and perhaps some new germination! 


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New germination update:


So last night I decided to get started on the new girls, I put 1 Crystal Candy auto seed and 1 Red Poison auto seed into papertowl, labeled them and wet them till they was moist through but not dripping when the edges were squeezed. 




In preparation i have soaked two 3gal fabric pots of Plant Magic Soil Supreme and set them in the tent to warm ready for the germinated seeds either tomorrow or the next day.


The Black Cream has been watered tonight for 3L water with 3ml of grow and 9ml of bloom.


Temps are at 25c.


Catch you soon when we have some taproots showing!


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Day 52 Black Cream update:


So great news the new 400w HPS light arrived early! Got it all hooked up and above the Black Cream, she's been moved to the side and the 250w has been set up above the 2 preped pots. (Not turned on yet) 



The Black Cream is putting on weight great, hopefully she keeps on at it, I will need to keep a close eye for any budrot, I am going to be putting a dehumidifier into the tent over the next few days to keep the humidity consistent at around 50%rh



I have noticed some brown spotting in the leaves of the Black Cream, I am putting this down to a calcium deficiency and will be applying some calmag in her next 2 watering and hopefully it stops the spread. 


Catch you tomorrow for the new seeds taproots and planting! 




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With the new 400w Hps, you will get very good results ;)

Keep it up, It seems to be getting better!


Sweet smokes,
- Apolo

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Day 53 Black Cream update:


The Black Cream has loved the new 400w over the last 24hrs and all is well with its running!


She has been watered another 3L with 3ml grow and 9ml bloom however this time I have added 6ml of calmag due to some spotting I noticed in the leaves.


Temps went a bit high at 27c so I've turned the oil rad down on its main settings and will monitor the need for any further changes for environment control I need to make with the new 400w in there. 



Day 1 update for the Crystal Candy and Red Poison:


So the seed had been in paper towel for 72hrs and they had both shown taproot. I stupidly forgot to take a picture in the excitement to get them in the soil.


The Crystal Candy had the longest taproot at around 1.5cm while the Red Poison had a little 5mm one (these are just visual estimates) 


Into the soil they went and the 250w hps was turned on. 



Catch you all soon for some new growth! 



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Such a shame about the dreaded borg ruining your grow mate. Your Black Cream looks great though considering what she's been through.


Very best of luck with her to the end and also with the new girls :yep: 

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6 hours ago, jadenugs said:

Such a shame about the dreaded borg ruining your grow mate. Your Black Cream looks great though considering what she's been through.


Very best of luck with her to the end and also with the new girls :yep: 


Thanks pal, it sure was a shame but great news it wasn't a total wipe out! Was close with them being autos but I'm very happy with the bounce back, excited to try some of her nugs after the chop and cure.



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Day 56 Black Cream update:


She has continued to enjoy the 400w HPS and has been watered again for 3l water, 3ml grow and 9ml bloom.


I have managed to get temps around 20 - 26c lights off/on by fiddling with the fan and rad settings. 


Humidity has remained low.




Her buds are showing some lovely deep colour and getting thick.




Day 3 Crystal Candy and Red Posion update:


We have movement from both plants which is great! I will give them a bit of time then water with some rootjuice.


The Crystal Candy came up first and has straightened up nicely.



The Red Poison took a little longer to emerged and is about to loose its shell and open her first leaves.



Thanks for joining another update! Catch you again soon for some more growth some all the girls. 



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Day 58 Black Cream update:


The Black cream continues to put on weight and has been watered again for 3l water, 3ml grow and 9ml bloom.


Temps have been 22 - 27c




Update day 5 for the Crystal Candy and Red Poison:


Both have started their growth journey well now and are taking in the 250w rays.


Each plant has had 1l of water with 4ml of rootjuice.




The grow room is filling up nicely again after our fight with spider mites. Lets hope not to see them again for a long time!



Catch you soon for some more!




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Day 62 Black Cream update:


The Black Cream has continued to bulk out over the last few days and is coming into her last week or so with her leaves slowly starting to die off from underneath and pistils starting to turn orange however the trichomes are still clear.


She's been watered when needed for 3l water with 3ml grow and 9ml bloom, this will change for her next watering.


Temps have continued between 22c and 27c




I have inspected for any budrot every other day and have seen no signs so good news in that department! 


Her colours are coming out astoundingly, its not long now till she is ready for the chop. The drying tent is being put up and cleaned soon, more of that in updates to come!



Day 9 Crystal Candy and Red Poison update:


Both the Crystal Candy and Red Poison have started their journey well and have started growing into nice young seedlings.


Each plant has received 2l water with 8ml rootjuice.




A support has been placed around each plants stem.


The grow room is looking good, I can't wait for these girls to explode in growth and fill out their side! 



Thanks for reading and see you again soon for more updates!



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Day 66 Black Cream Update:


She continues to flower beautifully, adding to her rich colours and dense colas.


Today she has been watered for the 2nd time this weekend at 3l water and 9ml bloom, grow has now been removed.


Temps have continued between 22 and 27c






Day 13 Crystal Candy and Red Poison update:


Each plant has continued to grow well.


The Crystal Candy is healthy and is coming up quite stocky, in the next few days we will start LST on her.




The Red Poison is a little yellow and has probably been a little to hot/over watered, she's growing nicely though and should sort herself out in her new growth with a few days for the pot to go light before her next watering.


(Colour isn't as bad as in the picture the flash was off) 



Here is the grow room as of today:



Catch you soon for further updates!


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It's a real shame about your earlier plants, at least the Black Cream Auto survived those spider mites and is doing very well now. Great training with a chunky stem and lots of sidebranches making her into a proper bush. Good luck with the new seedlings, and the harvest which won't be much longer now!

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