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German Grower

the story of 6 siblings and their father (7th Sweets Seeds Grow Comp)

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They are very healthy looking! 


Nice perspective from below. :hippy:


Sweet smokes!
- Apolo

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High everyone ..

Veg Day 30

We had to move yesterday. we are too big for our small room. We got so close to the sun that it was sometimes really too hot on our leaves. But now we have more space again and immediately feel very comfortable.


We now live in a 80x80x180 cm Homebox with an LED Scope 230 W from @diyleduk.We also have a large fan and a small one for the air circulation.

For the exhaust air we have Prima Klima Fan 125mm 400m3 / h Temp.Controlled with a carbon filter also from Prima Klima.

The LEDs are currently running at 50% otherwise it would be too intense for us and would not do us any good.

Dad told us that today we will get 18 hours of light for the last time and from tomorrow 12 hours. He calls it "initiating the flowering" , but no idea what he's talking about againlol


our food will also change from tomorrow. We get then. 1ml / L Biobizz Grow, 1ml / L Biobizz Bloom, 1ml / L Fishmix and a small spoon of Epsom Salt. We are curious how it will taste to us.

When we moved yesterday we also saw our big big sisters for a moment. It's amazing how happy they looked


We need a little break now. A lot has happened and we have to deal with it first. And we'll get back to you soon and tell you how we like it in our new home.

See you soon


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High Everyone

Flowering Day 8

Merry Christmas  :)

We had a very nice Christmas.

We are currently growing so nicely that we always get a nice reward for it. Now we have a cool net at home where we can climb and play. we love it


Dad said that we have to grow through the net everywhere, then we get stronger and later we have much bigger buds and the smaller ones can just be cut away so we can put all  our energy into the big buds and then they will look as big and gorgeous as ours Sisters who are currently already in glasses and have done their job.We have a very comfortable 26 degrees and at night a cozy 21 degrees. According to dad, we have 50% humidity!

Papa said as soon as our stretch is over he starts cutting and thinning the lower shoots. We are curious how it feels so completely naked downstairs :D

We wish you all a happy new year and see you in 2021. Hopefully it will be a better year than this. But in principle it can only get better .....

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What lovely plants you are! I am enjoying your diary very much. I look forward to seeing you when you are all grown up :smokin:

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Wow, that's a very interesting diary you've got here :yep:


Thanks for sharing. The plants seem to be doing great and I'm sure the ScrOG will be effective and nice to watch ;)


Keep up the good work and sweet smokes :oldtoker:



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Happy new year to you too mate.


Plants showing great tone = health.


Congrats on the win.



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Cool story mate,girls looks lovely and ready to show off:yep:

Good luck with the comp :cheers:

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High Guys,

wow fantastic .. 3rd place in grow of the month.I am very happy about it :D

Flowering Day 20

We get a little older every day and grow as much as we can. But now we have slowly grown enough for now. From now on we will battle each other who looks more beautiful in the end and who is fertilized by the most beautiful man :D At the moment there is still no beauty standing out, although our sister red hot cookies already looks hot :D We'll show you a few pictures of how we looked before we were thinned out below


as you can see, papa cut away a lot at the bottom. He calls it lollipopping :D:D

the word sounds so funny. but now that we are thinned out we feel really good and it is very windy and refreshing.

both fans run on level 1. We have a pleasant 26 degrees during the day and 22 degrees at night. We have 45% humidity. The LEDs now run at 100%


what do you think of our work? haven't we filled the net very nicely?

We are currently getting the following to eat:
1ml / L Grow
2ml / L Bloom
1ml / L TopMax
1ml / L FishMix
and every third time pour some epsom salt


That's it again with the update. we will let you know as soon as there is something new to tell. but we can promise you one! it becomes thicker, stickier,  more shiny :)


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Looking beautiful girls @German Grower like the trim job! 

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Looking Tiptop, girls! :yep:  Red Hot Cookies showing some promissing colours as well.  Keep it up!

Edited by AustrianToker
congrats on the 3rd place!
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Hi Guys,

Flowering Day 36

We are feeling very, very good at the moment. We get what we need and in return Dad gets what we can. Our sister Red Hot Cookies looks so great that we are all a bit jealous. Especially the second RHC which is unfortunately not red, she is sad about it but we try very hard to keep her happy.We ourselves notice that we all look a little different and, above all, smell different. One is a bit sweet, the other fruity and the other, in turn, more earthy


unmistakably our RHC # 1


our delicious SAH


beautiful SZ


So as you can see we give everything we can to make our dad happy. We still get the same amount of food.

As far as we know, Dad has nothing to complain about at the moment. We're all growing without any problems.

Finally there are a few more pictures of the whole flower landscape


we hope you enjoyed the update. of course if you have any questions, please let us know :)


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Looking nice and red keep it up 

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Wooooow, I only see buds. :wub:


Congratulations... A great work! :thumsup:


Sweet smokes,
- Apolo

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High Guys,

Flowering Day 56

slowly we're getting old and ripe lol our flowers are already very strong and we are slowly waiting for our end.

Today we got our last meal, according to dad.

We really enjoyed the last meal, but we're also looking forward to the last part of our lives.

From now on we will only be poured with water. Although it is apparently not absolutely necessary with organic fertilizers, papa wants it that way

Our leaves turn a little yellow and the resin we carry turns milky / brown. This is the best sign that we can soon be harvested and make mom and dad happy

We are now presenting ourselves from our most beautiful side! have fun


this time i tried something new. I have read that it can also have a positive effect on resin production if you let the plants dry out a bit shortly before the end of the grow. that's why you see one or the other dry leaf. I will report whether you really notice a difference or whether it is only minor and not really beneficial ;)

So we have almost 14 days before the big harvest begins. Papa will photograph the harvest and share it with you as soon as possible! We say thank you very much that many were with us. And we hope that you all enjoyed it.

Of course there will be a detailed harvest report and of course there will also be a detailed smoke report




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