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Sweet watery wonderland - trees for life

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went to check on them  this morning and they arent happy.....


So i checked the temps, its only  18 degrees in there, in the "corridor", 20 at plant level, which is way  too low, so i punted them ballasts up to 660watts, and lowered them lights a notch at which point my dodgy ballast turned off.....great.......so its at 600 the rest at 660watts. ive got a heater im gonna put in there too.  i also turned down the intake and extract  fans, they are barely ticking over which wont help airflow through the room but what else can i do? ialso turned the big oscillating fans from setitng 3 to setting 1. it all adds up....ihope.....


i couldnt believe it when i checked the chiller- 16 degrees for the water..nooooooo, far too cold, so the aquarium heater is back.


ive got a 2kw fan heater, yes 2 killowatts, my electric bill is high enough, so i will wait a few hours and see if the other measures make a decent enough difference


its bloody freezing outside, frost on the ground and a bite in the air.:schmoll:

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Sorry to hear this mate. With those measures I'm sure it'll turn around.


Hoping things take a turn for the better.





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Yeah it's been really cold here too at nights, 

I think it's partly down to the reduction in air traffic atm. 


Atb getting back to comfortable levels. 




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Comfortable levels have been resumed. hooray.

The plants are looking much better,so im definitely flipping these next week.

 im going to have to grin and bear the electric heater cost for lights off, but ive no choice its like 2 degrees today outside. 


im looking at them and there are definitely still some root issues, but im gonna carry on regardless. its weird - the roots are really nice looking , but the plants are showing classic signs of root rot. i will get some pics later and post them up. 


i did wonder if it was the root it cubes, because i know they have organic ingredients in them, which are not really compatible with a sterile system. i dunno, but im cracking on anyway. my next run im gonna try and just germ them in perlite or coco jiffys.


im confident i will do alll right out of these this time, the big muvva fugga in the middle will see to that , hopefully.


im gonna net them too, to save me tieing them up later.

bring it on.

Edited by badbillybob
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I feel your pain with heater cost bro. 

That 1500w oil rad mine kills me. 

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mines 2 kw and it will have to be on for the full 12 hours:blub::crybaby:

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heres some pics. first up, i took them through my old scratched grow room specks, to make them less yellow for you, dear viewer, im good that way.....


the roots are looking great and i decided to take out the worst plant (the stunted SAD) to get some pics outside the room. this one is smaller than the rest, and the roots look to have sprouted a bit strangely, in that they only come out of 1/3rd of the netpot, but anyway, here she is

rootage looks good to me. you can see what i was on about when i mentioned corded roots, just where they come out the pot, but i digress



the rest of the plants starting with 2 sad then a moham ram



next up are the 2 jack 47s, then the 2 cream 47s before finally the green poison



so thats them this week, i would have expected to see them a bit bigger before flip, but the water temp shock has possibly stuntedthem a little. 

the big tree dictates that they will get flipped this coming week. i might wait till later in the week, will see..

the tree will have a trunk like this little fellah by the time its done, arf arf 


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getting a bit busy in here

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Looking perky mate... pleased for ya :yep:

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Yeah, they have definitely turned around in the past week or two. 

im really pleased with them now they look miles better, all ready for bloom. 


i missed a round of topping the side branches so they are growing upwards instead of outwards, but what can i do?


i might have to lay off flipping these till next Monday, unless i can get it done tomorrow and stabilise the lights off temps.

i should really just do this, they are getting big and i usually leave them too long in veg and regret it when they go nuts in bloom.


tommorrow is gonna be day 1 of flip, its got to be done.


Mon the buds

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well at long last, we are on 12 -12  today. i really couldnt leave it till next week, they are already a bit bigger than normal for flip, but if its monsters then what can i do (other than smile) !!!

pic splurge, first up are the room overall, then the  SADs and the moham rambos.


Notice the plant under the 240 watt LED isnt all that much smaller than the ones under 600w HPS. 

I can see more LEDs in my future. im also had enough of ballasts going tits up on hps. another one yesterday, lumii can lick my left one......




next up are the jack 47s, these have bounced back well, 2nd pic is the led cream 47 and 3rd is the othercream 47 and the green poison.



ive got the 2kw fan heater in there, blazing away. i will check temps and hopefully it will be between 20-22 degrees. lights are back on at 7pm.

All the soil plants and the seedlings have been evicted. (as it should be)

I might pull the mystery (kate) bush in the middle too, i can just see it taking over the room if i leave it. 

But i dont like killing healthy plants , believe it or not, so time will tell. 


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That’s gonna be one full house @badbillybob

Those are hefty full bodied girl’s. 
Just ready to explode when they get hit with 12/12. 

Nice one dude :yep:

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Fantastic mate, they're looking a lot better.







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Just caught up with your diary mate. Great to see you back on track with round 2. Looks like you have your issues sorted . Mon the budz :yep: 

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the roots are looking spot on now Jadenugs mate, heres a sneaky peek

they look nice and white when i lift the plant out, but i cant do it with one hand and take a pic too




the temps have been giving me some headaches tho, i think i might need to get another 600 watter  in here and move the LED over the big plant in the corridor. 

ive got a 2 kw heater pointed right at the intake with a bit of bodgery involving an old bucket. its on for 12 hours during lights out, but temps are only about 17/18 and if i add another 2kwatter, it trips the leccy board.



the plants ive done some defoliation on, not a lot just some of the bigger fans, especially on the green poison, look at the size of this 11 leaf wonder, hand held microscope for scale, they big muvvas



feeds are at 1.0ec, ph around 6.0, the colder air temps seem to have reduced stretch a bit but ive still raised the lights twice since flipping, about a week ago.

Next week they will really go for it, i think. 




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