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Sweet watery wonderland - trees for life

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32 minutes ago, NezA said:

Looking lovely in there at the moment @badbillybob that one at the back in the first pic looks like a beast of a cola!


What's the harvest plan? Are you going to take them individually when they're ready or are you harvesting the whole room at once?


Good luck with the rest of the run mate the finish line is in sight.


i will keep an eye on the trichs and do it in stages i think mate, the right side of the room looks nearer done than the left. i think the green poisons meant to be an earlier finisher, but it looks like its still got some bulking to do. 

A wise old head mate of mine once said, "wait till you think they are ready, then give it another week". 

i might do that, but another week is more electric, and its getting a bit tiring now the amount im putting in there each week.


im gonna be breaking out the new Scope-X 680 advanced from @diyleduk once this grow is done and do a scrog down the right hand side of the room, so the LED should help by reducing the electric bill and increasing the quality.

That's what i'm hoping for anyway. the little 240 one has done a storming job of Kate Bush to be honest. 

its getting weighed seperately so i can see how it does for each strain, even though it doesnt really matter, i like to know these things.

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just for my records/ bad memory its 48 days from flip or 6 weeks 6 days, so chop could be sooner than anticipated. 


exciting times.....

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Exciting times indeed mate.


Couple of weeks and your meter will slow down... :lookaround:


Looking like a nice haul as well...



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thanks man, yeah i hope so, i think i will do fine from them, i definitely not complaining in any way,  but im a realist.

 i know it will be well down on last years freak show of massive colas but there will be more than enough to tide me over for a while.

the moham is a very nice yeilder and the jack 47 and cream 47 are too, the green poison? id have to grow a few more to have an opinion on them. i accidently knocked its main cola off when it was just starting to build pistils, so maybe i stressed it, im not sure. 

the Sweet afghan is doing fine too, they all are really, ive no complaints. 

im just looking forward to testing them..... 


the res got its final change tonight, set the ec to 1.0 and the ph weirdly sat at 5.6 out of the tap. i calibrated my ph meter and its right enough, oh well i guess the water board bloke accidently knocked over thier bottle of ph down into the reserviour.


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Damn Billybob, those are some serious plants!  I'd be a bit nervous, if i had to harvest these by myself - Probably take two days to trim them.  Good luck with that! :v:



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8 hours ago, AustrianToker said:

Damn Billybob, those are some serious plants!  I'd be a bit nervous, if i had to harvest these by myself - Probably take two days to trim them.  Good luck with that! :v:



bowl trimmer for the win mate!!!

it will still take  2 days anyway, most likely .


ive just been out and they are like glue, really sticky and stinky now. 

They are still bulking out and when im moving them about,, im finding lots of fairly thick colas under the canopy, absolutely covered in frost.

the SAD are smelling delicious now, like fruit salad sweets.....yum yum........

loads of trichs on all of them. The LED one has less than the HPS plants, which is unusual, and keeping the heater on for lights out is really helping the trichs.

i pulled a load of top leaves off the green poison tonight. This will help the lights penetrate the lower areas, i hope. 



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good aftermorningnoon, 

these are chunking up a bit now. lots of stink, lots of stickiness, lots of buds....


they are on 1.0 ec on the run down. ph is around 5.9/6.0ish

i checked them with the microscope thing and the cream 47 has a few ambers, the one which is yellowing. Kate bush has too, but most of the others have at least a week to wait, maybe more. 

im not doing seperate chops, ill leave them till at least one side of the room is done, its looking like the right side will be first over the finishing line.

i grabbed a few pics, but my camera battery light was flashing so i'll get some better close ups in a day or two. 


not long now, woo hoo

green poison


cream 47s


Kate Bush


moham ram-bos


and sweet afghans



cheers, and apologies for the crappy pics i was in a hurry.

need to go get some more pots from poundland, ...............................5 fer a pound, roll up rollup!!!

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Looking good in here :yep:


What kind of bowl trimmer do you use, do you wet or dry trim? 


I've been thinking about getting a trimmer, 

I've read so many contrasting views on them. 






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i use a 19 inch one, a cheapo, was about a ton from the bay of e.


i wet trim everything, and de-stalk and put into nets to dry slowly.

Spin pros are better trimmers, but expensive. i should have bought one though, because this one ive got is falling apart within 2-3 years, my last one was much better. 


they are handy if you have a lot of bud to trim, but nothing beats hand trimmed, this is more than close enough. As long as you pull all the big fans by hand, and not overload it, and  turn the handle s-l-o-w-l-y it will do a great job. 

And it saves me days in time. i used to hand trim and if i was only doing a few plants i probably still would but it just sucks the life from me. i used  start hand trimming like some upmarket barber, and it ends up like Edward scissorhands on speed, knocking great chunks off them..

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I used to hand trim when wet and 8 plants would take 4/5 hours between 4 of us. Since we bought a trimming bowl literally takes 2 hours. Much better 

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7 weeks and 5 days.


And nooow, the end is near......and so i face........the final cur...tain......ha ha ha, as Sid once sang, before shuffling off his mortal coil. 

They are yellowing up now, well some of them are, almost 8 weeks and id think at least another week before they are ready.

Kate, in the middle is yellower than the rest and plants under LED finish earlier than HPS, or so ive convinced myself, so it will probably be first. 

A distinct lack of trichs on these, esp the leaves etc, and this one has the far red and uv or ir i cant remember, but it should be shining like Liberace's codpiece....and it isnt. 


the rest of them are tho, heres some more of my crappy pics, i should really use my decent camera.

Kate, view from door, then green poison


next up is the cream 47s, one is closer to finish line than the other, both look nice and sparkly




jack 47 , or the thicket is bursting buds out all over the shop, big main cola on both of them, here


some moham, its just a sea of buds, bloody awesome, trichs everywhere on them


and finally the sweet afghanis, yum 


not looking forward to chop. 

ive not checked ph or ec for days, they are definitely on the run down. Puntas are at 10 weeks, these wont make it that long

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Since we are getiting near the end i thought id treat you to some better pics, less blur, more crisp.

im not going to go on about ph and ec, its at 1.0 ec no idea on ph, nor do i care, because they will be coming down next week i think.

Some of them could be chopped now, but no point making  2 jobs out of one eh?

im fully expecting it to be a 2 day affair, any less will be a bonus.


hers the pics, first up, have a laugh at the freaky sweet afghan delicious, which has decided to grow little arms, with buds on them from the main cola. i know the colas out of focus, but included the pic anyway, for entertainment purposes. hahaha


more sweetness afghaness deliciousness. the first pic is a cola i supercropped, and it sprung back up, hence the z shape


next up are the Mohaam-ed ali Rams, this strain is a corker, id recommend it to anyone, its a definite producer and the buds are dense as can be... first pic is another supercropped one, who decided to stay down, but not stop producing the goods, oh yeah!!


some Jack 47 next, another cracker, big thick stems branches , its as sturdy as a shire horse.

fat main cola must be 2 foot long


cream 47s are sugar monsters, covered in trichs, oh man the smell of them, its pure sweets, like fruit salads, lovely....


green poison isnt as impressive as the rest of them, i think its actually a bit of a mutant, the buds grew weirdly on it,  so would be unfair to label the strain as not that good, i think if i grew a few more it would give a better representation of them, its a frostee mofo tho. 


And last but no way least its KAte, my mystery girl, shes ready for chopping to be honest, buds are nice and dense, but not as much trichs under the LED| as the HPS.large.6.JPGlarge_14.JPG

and the room from the door as i bid them good night. 

sweeeet dreams!!!!



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Loves your trimming story. Edward sirror

hands on speed has it nailed.. so true. 


Cracking job, I feel sorry for trimmer having to deal with them nuggets. Top grow. 

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Mine's only CP mate... :yep:  don't envy you with that stretch... 


Looking burly, strapping lasses... :headbang:

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im psyching myself up for it mate, its gonna be painful. i cant really put it off any longer, (although i might lol) some of them have been ready for days

heres a final pic splurge for the masses.


im definitely not going to be as much as last years haul so thats er something i suppose. 

the green poison hasnt fulfilled its potential, but the rest are all good, im looking forward to seeing how they do.

final pic splurge of them living.




next pics they will be in nets drying. 

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