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Doctor Warns Brothers That The Use Of Marijuana Is Negatively Affecting Their Brains

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1 hour ago, botanics said:
21 hours ago, Dodgee said:

I got as far as page 8, if the other 18 are more of the same you can fucking keep it lol



I can waste my time on loads of stuff. 


This ain't one of them.


I'll pop back tomorrow (SUNDAY) when it gets really interesting :wassnnme:




lol In retrospect, I now find myself wishing I had done the same bud.  :yep: 


 Ah but that's the problem with the Cannabis using public in general, They quite literally waste their time on loads of stuff, this thread is hugely interesting on various levels which ever side (and there are a few) you're on, it's current, it's political, it's historical, it's academical, it's educational, it's social, and it's got way more special guests than dr phil has on and you can interact with some of them in real time too.

 Participate in the drama and make the entertainment. :gossip:








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22 hours ago, twigs said:




Cannabis: One of the most thoroughly studied plants ever

David Bearman, M.D., Executive VP of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine details the research priorities for cannabis, one of the most thoroughly studied plants of all time..


Cannabis is one of the most thoroughly studied plants of all time. Its documented medical use goes back to the first known material medical, the Ping Ts’ao Ching, dated by Chinese oral tradition to be written in 2637 BC. At the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, cannabis was the third most common ingredient in physician prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, after opium and alcohol. Cannabis was in the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) from the 1850s to 1942




Thoroughly enough for it to be a prohibited substance, and regarded as a risk to mental health. 

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Does anybody know if Dr Dre is a proper doctor, and the doctor from Dr and the Medics :unsure: 

Edited by Comrade Stoker
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18 hours ago, Boojum said:

Thing that fucking annoys me is the talking down.


I know more than you could ever know about drugs.




Fuck off.


You really don't.



Challenge me. All you're doing is using Google to try and contest my information, if that's all you've got then you've instantly lost. Pathetic, you are most frustrating. 

Edited by The Pharm

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18 hours ago, schmoak said:


 Something I'm just coming to terms with is that a medical professional must consult a physicians drug reference guide in combination with a recommendation referenced from the diagnostic and statistical manual.  Cannabis hardly gets a mention except as a toxin or hazard:ghost:

Physicians drug reference guide? What are you talking about?

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Just now, The Pharm said:

Physicians drug reference guide? What are you talking about?


A place to find "A pill for every ill"   An industry (medicine) A-Z catalog of of medications and pills listed and recommended as required.

 Anecdotally, It's the A2 sized guide that the GP reaches for when trying to exercise a crucial judgement while being undecided which medicine to prescribe.

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16 hours ago, twigs said:


total and utter rubbish lol cannabis is just a plant/vessel that carries/passes amongst other things, cannabinoids into your system, just like fish or seeds or fruits and veg ‘naturally’ (like on purpose) carrying cannabinoids with all their other health promoting goodies.!



which is the reason why we all love cannabis! it’s telling us to use it because it smells so attractive, when you smell it it livens you’re senses, rotten meat, shit, not so attractive and made to repeal us so we don’t consume it! 


law of nature.. nice stuff we’re supposed to use looks and smells good, feels good..



mostly correct, (disregarding what your definition is of excessive) if it’s not cannabis though because cannabis has sooo many health benefits and every bodies medically different in there make up, we all have different needs from the cannabinoids that weed graciously gives us.. but there is always masking of problems in use of any and all drugs including chocolate..



wait a minute? you just said it doesn’t do anything then said it’s great for epilepsy, seizures and psychosis.? 3 major mass problems for people and the system lol 


it’s a neuro protectorate for gods sake’s man! it promotes the growth and protection of brain cells lol It’s flipping marvelous for the brain!?



erm tou have smokes cannabis have you?


why do particular different strains of cannabis regularly give you the exact same repeated high/sensations and body responses ? 


everybody who has been smoking for a while will know that a sativa looking plant will give them a different high to a short fat indica 


a few months ago I had some oldtimes getting me cleaning windows at 2am and is’t good for any social anxiety I may experience.. (for me-different for others)


but then a smoke some kona or maui or anything bluey and i’m mellow as feck no anxiety what so ever, can talk your ears off to anybody.. totally different high


but also, so what if being calmed and comforted by cannabis chills you out.?

people make billions designing pills for the same result, copying nature..


come on man :stoned:  




I'm quite glad you mentioned this, and I will be happy to clarify all of which you are disputing.


If I am correct, cannabis has that potent smell to signal animals away from it, its a defence mechanism. Secondly, the chemicals within cannabis are designed to make it difficult for animals and pests to eat the plant, hence its psychoactivity, have you ever seen a dog who's consumed cannabis? this is because of its potent effect on their nervous system.


My definition of excessive is clear, anything that's too much (in excess) if you used google like you've been doing this entire time you would've surely figure that out.


Cannabis is not a "neuro protectorate", to answer this medically, you must understand what epilepsy is. Epilepsy is a reoccurring disturbance in the electrical activity of the brain, unless treated surgically (minority of cases take this approach and even fewer are cured) it is incurable but can be treated with antiepileptic drugs, GABA, GAT-1 etc...  I mentioned earlier on that cannabis also binds to GABA receptors in the brain, but in unique way. CBD and CBDV desensitise certain channels within the brain which gives it the anticonvulsant properties. It's not a cure, but it is highly effective in those who are tolerant to systemic drugs, cannabis reduces the duration and amplitude of seizures.


The difference between cannabis is a bit like comparing the difference between antibiotics, they each exhibit different properties, some contain more of a certain compound than another, which delivers a different experience.

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9 hours ago, twigs said:


I was helping a guy, friend of a friend  (rip) with a brain tumor a few years ago, he told his brain surgeon what he was useing when his tumor slowed and stopped growing for a while, the dr dude had no problems what so ever and even told him to keep it up. 



Like the old saying goes, 'if it aint broke don't fix it', in this instance, if what you're doing is working then keep it up.

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6 hours ago, Saddam said:


It's quite obvious you're not a genuine qualified Doctor if you think being in remission is a bad thing. lol  lol  7 years training? 


Troll on fuckwit. :soap:  

I assumed partial remission? Remission is not the end of cancer, and in some cases quite traumatic. Had she not of had cancer my sympathy would be limited.

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5 hours ago, Saddam said:


Yeah, next time I hear someone say they're in remission, I'll be sure to offer my condolences,  you simple cunt. :rolleyes:  

You are the simplest of them all, I've dealt with some real dimwits in my time but you are at the top of the list. Get a grip.

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2 hours ago, bartman said:

Yeah, me too. lol 

Says the who has been commenting since the dawn of day.

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Ignorance to the point of ineptitude is what drives people away from modern medicine.


It makes arrogant doctors who refuse to learn a danger to their patients and a discredit to the profession.


I cry for us brothers and sisters: what chances of reformation if our own members repeat prohibitionist lies?

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Just now, Justanotherdude said:

what chances of reformation if our own members repeat prohibitionist lies?


Don't feed the troll, have you not seen the signs all over?

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