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Punta Roja

PR's first time RDWC... Mohan Ram.

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@Shumroom Mine were in veg for 10 weeks and three days... :wacko: see @Văru''s diary for a quick Mohan.


@zen-ken The smell has subsided and the roots (at least for Plant A) are showing through.

The plants look a lot better than this time yesterday... I feel like they've engaged with the system... :unsure:.

The Rootgrow doesn't have a BBD but it does say that it will last for up to year if stored correctly... I kept it in my shed... dunno, but from now on it will be a sterile grow (I hope...)

I only added 50ml of silicon... just under a ml/l.

The problem now is... Thrips... :wallbash:



Plant A



Plant A roots... they weren't there yesterday... it's a good sign.



Plant B



Plant B... no roots showing yet. I'll check again this time tomorrow.





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On 28/03/2021 at 3:01 PM, Punta Roja said:

I woke up hanging off my chair at some obtuse angle

Haha, made me chuckle that one P. 


Great report dude, might have to bag me some of those MR beans when this brexit shit sorts itself out.


Hope you don't have any more root probs with the current ladies, onwards and upwards :yep: 

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Posted (edited)

Great diary, fantastic effort sorting out the system and growing those lovely-looking plants in it. Brilliant writeup and pictures keeping us updated and informed at every stage, and great summary. The harvest looks and sounds really tasty, I've got some great strong pine flavours from the auto version before. I loved the consumption report, the description of you going nuts on the guitar then winding up in bed two hours early raised a laugh and sounds familiar, happy daze 

:skin_up::smokin:  :guitar:


Good luck with the Sweet Tai :yep:

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