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Dinafem Purps#1 and HSO sapphire Scout

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Hi folks, apologies for the delayed updates. Things get in the way sometimes. Anyways, the girls were on plain water for a while. Purps#1 for 12 days and Sapphire Scout 10 days. I removed leaves as they died and curled up, a nice and natural way of getting light to the lower buds to finish them off I think. (Not that it was planned lol) They just seemed to take ages to finish up under the cool temps of the LED and were on plain water for a long time. They both dried in about 3 weeks in ambient attic temps of 11-12C. Never took any notice of humidity. Been jarred for nearly 3 weeks. Loads of pics for yas, that many I'll do them separately. Harvest pics of the Purps#1 first and smoke report. Then another post for the Sapphire Scout  :smokin: 















Apologies for the fibres on the close ups. They are minute and I can't see them to remove them before taking the pics. Inlet filter (stocking) has been renewed but they still seem to get in there.














Purps#1 smoke report.
Once again I'm over the moon with Purps#1. Proper greasy sticky resin when you break a bud by hand. Fingers feel like I've been crumbling hash and it stays put all night. Fingers away from eyes lol Even if I've just had a bud resting on the palm of my hand, it leaves a sticky patch :yep: And that's after a proper slow dry and couple weeks curing, not like your wet sticky buds you'd get from the street! 


Purps on the left.


Chopped her tops on day 77 and the rest on day 80, she yielded 70 grams. Not bad for only 5 weeks from seed before switching to 12/12. If I were to discount the seedling stage like a lot do, that would only be a 3 week veg. Nice firm tops with the lower buds being a bit softer as expected with most strains. Only problem was the longer flowering period, they seemed to take ages to mature under low temps from the LED. Next time I will probably slow my extraction right down to keep the temps up, taking care to watch the humidity. TBH though I will probably only use this LED in summer. 



Floral, fruit, fuel, lemon citrus kick to it. Hint of paint that seems to me to be a combination of the other aromas. 


Smooth, fruity and creamy, slightly acrid aftertaste that I'm not too keen on but it fades quickly and the flavours of the next pull makes up for it.

Instantly clears my head after a few draws. Uplifting happy clean high, relaxing my mind with an equally relaxing body effect. I can't praise purps#1 enough. 

I've got 2 beans left but I decided on day 80 (2nd chop day) to keep this one. So I took a bud cutting and also left some lower buds on the mother for a reveg, to give me two chances. The cutting rooted ok but seems to be taking a long time to put some leaf out or spread her roots. It's been a while now, maybe she'll fail to reveg. The mother has revegged and is starting to put new growth on, mainly from smaller less developed buds. I just left her to dry out a bit, then started watering 1L with grow nutes about every 5 or 6 days when the pot felt light. 24 hrs light under an HLG quantum v2 135w 3000k dimmed to 60w, from DIYLEDUK.


As soon as there's enough on her to get a decent cutting I'll try and root that and bin the mother. I'll leave the bud cutting a while longer and if that starts growing I'll get a pic up. I'll probably bin it though if the other cut from the reveg has rooted by then. I wasn't 100% on keeping her as she threw some bollocks out in early flower. Probably down to me though with my pruning methods. I'll get around to trying her again indoors, (maybe not on my current grow) and see if I can nurture her without hermies. I'm sure she'll do well outdoors though with less intense light stress so that might be a project this coming season :yep: 


The Sapphire Scout is also a cracker. In fact, these 2 are the smelliest, tastiest strains of the grow. Both great highs :) 

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Sapphire Scout Harvest pics.
Sorry, I don't have my usual pics of them hanging to dry and in the trays after removing from stalks. I was really busy with work. The following pics are from day 80, the day before chop. 

























































Sapphire Scout smoke report.
I'm over the moon with this strain too. The buds are slightly more resinous than the Purps and also more dense. Even the lower buds, though small, are nice little nugs. Like the Purps, she leaves a sticky patch on your palm after just resting there. I did take a bud cut on chop day but it failed. The bud started rotting in the high humidity before it had a chance to root. Never mind, she was the first seed from the pack so I've got 4 left in the freezer :) 


Chopped on day 81 she yielded 88 grams. Same as above, not bad considering only 5 weeks growing from seed before switching 12/12. You can see from the jarred pics that there's less of her but she weighed 18 gram more than the Purps. And again, took ages to mature under low temps from the LED. 


Proper sweet cookie smell in the jar. Break a bud and I think I smell grapes, very sweet anyway. Add to that fuel and cinnamon, spicey. 

Sweet and spicy, cinnamon. Reminds me of Scottish Oddfellow sweets. Very tasty weed. Leaves a spicy taste on my palette. 

In yer face stone, screwface, dry eyed numb cheeked smiley tackle. Proper oldskool. Tangles my head in a good way lol then kicks in to the body and sets me up for sleep. Defo a later on smoke for me. very relaxing. 

Hope @Dinafem-Mark is ok, it's not the same in here without his friendly comments and encouragement. All the best Buddy and I hope 2021 is a much better year for you and your family :bong: 

I lost interest in the diary a bit when Dinafem/HSO went down but thought I would keep it going to the end, out of respect for how kind they've been to me. Plus hopefully they'll be back up and running soon and the diary won't have been a waste of time. If they are peeps, you need to grow Purps#1 and Sapphire Scout if you haven't already done so :yep: 

Happy growing, be lucky :lucky: 

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Well grown and reviewed, quality photo work. Great macros with sweet bokeh.

Shame there's no CotC as those Purps are beauties!!

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Looks like the SS has to go on the shopping list mate she sounds lovely:smokin: Well done on keeping the diary going too mate, hopefully Dinafem bounce back in 2021, will we see Federal legality in the states now...will the virus ever fuck off? Soz started wandering off topic lol 


Top diary, v. Informative as per dude :oldtoker:

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@Fragg You won't regret it mate. Smells and tastes lovely and the high is great :yep:  In stock at Attitude.


Not gonna get into this virus thingy but I do hope Dinafem bounce back lol 

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Excellent work @jadenugs


Yeah I think I might want to give the Saphire Scout a try too sometime,

i'll try and grab some before @Fragg buys them all :D 






Just checked my seed list and I've already got a pack of 3 :) 



Edited by Shumroom
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