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A new LED adventure in watery wonderland

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6 minutes ago, badbillybob said:

Yeah, Ken, i agree, on the whole, most autos suck, ...but....i run them in here because the temps are so low outside.

If i ran some photos in here, at this time of year, id need the 2kw heater on 12 hours a day.  which isnt gonna happen 

Makes sense bro tbf....why waste leccy on heaters when u can go 24/7 with light 


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36 minutes ago, zen-ken said:

I’ve got an older scope (225w) 3k brilliant fixture....should have got more when dialaduck had them.

invisible sun (135w) mixed 3.5 k with Blues and reds.fuck me this kicks out some light 

two 240w migro arrays 3.5k pure white.well made, remote ballasts, controllable, pricey but very well made, weigh nothing, plants can get stupidly close,stays cool, maybe worth waiting for the longer version depending on ur space.

a migro veg (100w) 5k doesn’t make them anymore, nice robust fixture, huge heat sink, very easy to hang but heavy for an LED,controllable

a 315 CMH with both Phillips bulbs love these, stupidly fucking pricey to replace.

And a far red invisible sun flower LED (20w) for week 4 onwards to help the Emerson effect. Another excellent fixture from invisible sun,does way more foot print than stated, wire bundle could do with a clip as I didn’t like it sat on the heat sink.


Edited by zen-ken
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great assesment of them Ken, yeah its invisible sun ones ive got, a loaner from a mate, which is the older 240watt quantum board, cant remember the lm number, a new one think its called a 265r , and its bright as fook.  Mate will get his 240 back tho, next week, i dont like borrowing stuff off people, mates or not. 


However im really getting excited  about whats in the pipeline.......at start of next year, im going to hopefully give the new Scope X 630 watt LED from DIYLED  a try out.

Not just any old try out, im going for the kilo. 

The lads at DIY LED are confident it will do the business, which, with only 630 watts will be some major ask. I honestly dont know, but i can tell you that if it hits a kilo, im changing out the whole room and to hell with the expense haha.


ive not seen anyone trying for a major tree with LEDs before, so it should be interesting.  Will be done in the rdwc system of course. 

Exciting times mate

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Looking forward to it bro......ur gonna need the right pheno 


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looks nice man well done hope all goes well with future plans

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thanks man, ive got these drying now, another week or so should see them ready for the jars.

The tent has been cleaned, and i have moved out the LEDs, to the bigger shed room, leaving just the 600w HPS in there.

I also decided im going to do another auto adventure. id like to build a small system for in here, so i can use a res for emptying and filling, it will be much less hassle than taking out each plant, emptying the pot, etc etc, its a pain in my ass.

ive also dug through my bean selection and the auto section was woefull, ive got 2 boxes almost full of photo seeds, but the auto section had a grand choice of 2 packets of 3 beans. These are seed stockers ones, Purple punch and superskunk. i like a bit of superskunk, well......... i likes Sensis version, way back in the day, so it should be intersting. 


Seeds are in water as from last night. 


thanks for following, onwards we go....

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Fuckin hell Billy you nae had muckle luck this year eh ye puir fucker


On the other hand its nice to see a grow that makes me feel better about mine lol


Better luck wi the next run mate :yep:


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Ach im not complaining, i did allright out of them.

im thinking about an update to the room to make life a bit easier for emptying and filling buckets, im gonna put a res in, much easiness. 

Heres as far as ive got, i will only manage 4 i think with the pipe returns etc, but should be easier  and i do like easy.

As you can see it will be the easiest rdwc ever, hose goes to 2 No tee pieces per tote, and the tee piece goes to a y splitter inside the tote, for dissolved oxygen, im putting these y pieces in the lid inn iws grommets, splashy splashy lovely bubbly


ordered 5 litres of cal mag the day, i wont run out again in a hurry hahaha

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well, they are as dry as a Saudi nightclub, and the scores on the doors are in, but..prepare yourself.......arent all that impressive, but good enough, i suppose,  for a first time LED grower, i suppose , moan grumble whinge.. 

i got a total of 564 grams, or 20 ounces, which sounds a lot till you remember how much light i had over them.

i had 2 x 240 watt LEDs and a 400 watt HPS, giving almost 900 watts. 

issues i had were cold water temps, mag defficiency from about week 6, and low temps in the first couple of weeks. i probably had the LEDs too high early on, maybe, i dunno.


i honestly dont know where i went wrong and its not fair to point the finger at the lights, because there were other issues. i guess the only way to know for sure is to do a LED only summertime grow, so i will try that, and see how they go, or sort out a system i can heat the water in the res to 19 degrees and see how they get on. 

, maybe the LEDs were too far away from the plants, but i was concious of bleaching them, so i erred on the side of caution. i;ll maybe try the led closer next time. 

Maybe im just shit at growing haha. 


Nevermind, on to the next one.

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Better luck next time mate,

I'm sure you'll be able to get those numbers up :D 


I don't do hydro so take this with a pinch of salt.


I'm just in the process of swapping from HPS/CDM to just LEDs and one of the things that kept coming up when I was doing my research was/is root temps.


As there is much less radiated heat,

I've got my carbon filter going on the floor to draw the warm air down over the plants :upside:

and also using heat mats under everything to keep my roots around 25C.


I've got no idea what the implications of increasing your res temp in regards to algae and stuff would be and how high you could get away with?






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Ach min onwards n upwards at least ye got a reasonable amount to keep ye toking wi


Good luck fer the next lot bud :yep:

Edited by McHazy
Stupid fuckin autocorrect
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1 hour ago, badbillybob said:

i honestly dont know where i went wrong


Looking back mate my only advice would be fill your space with more equal tops, this is why I go with smaller pots it's easier for me to top and leave 2 nodes with branches and cram them in, with the bigger pots you'll have to veg longer to "manifold" to create more equal tops.


Being in hydro I'd imagine once the plants get over the manifold/topping stress they'll fly along.

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