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Best way to test water and soil PH Levels

Hi, Can anyone  tell me what is the best way to test PH levels in water and soil, I think my water from the tap is around 7.5 after doing a little research, I know the ideal PH levels should be around 5.0-6.5. what can I use to test he soil PH levels also, as I am guessing the tap water I have been using increases the PH level in soil also.


Is it best to use things like litmus paper you can buy from pharmacy or a electronic reader. If PH levels are to high what is the best way to lower PH levels to an acceptable standard. and will PH levels of 7.55 do harm to the plants if I carry on. 


I am growing outdoors in 11l pots in plant magic  supreme soil. hoping that rain water, when it rains lowers PH levels in the soil from the tap water. I am currently feeding plant magic soil grow, mixed in tap water.1.7ml/0.75L recommendation is 2ml-4ml/1L Once per week, I am noticing slight leaf curl also and tips of leaves yellowing. Might be due to nute lock as PH levels to high or nitrogen toxicity.


Please help

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I use tap water just west of London, grow in soil and use BioBizz nutrients.  There is no need to pH the water, that's more of a hydroponic thing.  My pH is 7.8



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cheers bud, I am near Cambridge, it's just I have been reading so much about getting the ph right and all that nitrogen toxicity, and I am seeing slight leaf clawing on  plant, and the very tips, just noticeable turning yellow. might be overwater, or nitrogen toxicity which I doubt, or nute lock due to high ph levels. Or even not enough full sun as I had to bring them in due to cold windy weather.


they been getting 12 hrs full sun during the good weather we have been having, though turned abit shitty now.


I have left them outside now fulltime. apart from amur giant,. plenty of rain for next 3 days, 


currently growing 2x blue dream matic, 2x green crack and 1 x klashnikov amur giant auto (a freebie seed). 

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