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seedsman auto blueberry

has anyone els had problems with seeds man auto blueberry i got a pack of 10 a while ago along with other strains all other strains went great but the auto blueberry most of them was hermie i thought it was just me at the start being a new grower but then it done it again and i knew this time enviroment was fine plants was healthy aswell beautiful green ,no fading, no sight of red on amy stems if i do say so myself was actually looking perfect for once and BOOM auto blueberry hermie and then out of the blue i  get an email from seedsman asking me about the auto blueberry whatt the thc content was ect so i found that a bit funny borderline suspect

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could i so add to that by saying evrything els i have recived has been perfect and i will always use seedsman first so dont get the idea im spreding a bad word just want to see others feedback if any.

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Thanks for this, I was going to get them and but went for something else instead. 

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