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A Guide to Building and Operating Bubblers

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aeriation of the res is v. important in bubblers so using the right airpump is important.

here you can see i have a selection of airpumps...

theres a 1 outlet 150L p/h airpump which can run 2 x 12" airstones, not very useful really, the double outlet airpumps 150L p/h are fine for 4 airstones, but ideally, in my size of tub, i need 8 airstones so 2 x 150L p/h pumps is needed, or a compressor!! (also photographed)

i have worked out that that compressor can run 48 x 12" airstones with all the airstones working properly. above that the air pressure is too low, and airstones stop working.

the only problem with the compressor is its noisey as fuck! similar sort of noise to an extractor fan, so hanging it from bungees in the growroom helps a lot with this noise.

So you could run 24 bucket system that's 1-hell of a compressor what size&make i use the haelia 8,outlet pump nice&queit even turned up full i use the Aeros-Master-1v system 4 20ltr bucket's+main tank 70ltr growing 4x,fastbuds, green-crack, auto's started in xtreme aeroponic propagator, for 2wks. Settling in now 2 went 2 days without water didn't put pipe from main tank in their buckets done now 1 looks better than other 1 other 2 are getting big i.ll put some pic's up upgraded piping to ice-line & iws-sealing-glands for each buckets no more leaks ,

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