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PNC winner's announced soon!

Hello all ;)


Well the 2nd HSO PNC competition is over and I'll be getting the winner's selected and announced this week :yep:


Good luck to all the participants ;)


You've definitely not made selecting the winner easy  :headbang:


Stay tuned  :bong:


Kind regards 



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do i finally get my kings ransom?  a most enjoyable competition this year @HSO-Mark  and i hope whoever wears the crown next year puts as much effort into controlling the kingdom of noodlage ..


all hail me for possibly the last time lol .

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Hey Vince, you deserve a very large Kings Ransom/Reward for the support you have given all the entries along the way. That's for sure !


Hail the King :notworthy: hail some more :notworthy:.


Time to get ripped on the noodle :hippy:

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In total agreement with Vince on this one, it has been a very enjoyable comp, friendly chat, help when needed, an solid encouragement from Mark all the way from start to finish...

Well done all, an a pat on the back for those who made this fun... 

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