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Upgrading Lighting / or Additional Lighting

Hi all, ive had an itch to upgrade part of my grow room for a while now, and have decided on the lighting.

Need some guidance or opinions to help though


I currently have 2x 600w HPS lamps in 2 separate UFO style parabolic shades.

I grow in a 2.4 x 1.2 x 2.2 Tent. 


I cant quite justify the upgrade to full LEDs as it seems ill be looking around £1000, but looking to get some better coverage in my tent.


Would it be wise to add a 315 CMH in between the 2 HPS, and replace the parabolics with the adjust-a-wing reflectors


Ive thought about upgrading to 1000w HPS but would need to buy new lamps, ballasts and shades i think for each side of tent.

Not sure if i could gain much by replacing the 2 hps with CMH and adding a 3rd?


If anyone has done something similar or can shed some light, it would be a great help


Pic to show what i am currently using









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Get a 600w equivalent led, probably around 450w, and whack it in the middle. That way you can turn it down if necessary, use for younger stages etc. You'll also be halfway to converting to led without wasting money on a stepping stone. 

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@FatBoy77 Cheers for the input. I forgot to say i use T5 lights for the first couple of weeks from seed, but i am starting to think maybe i should wait a while longer, and go down the LED route without wasting money in between

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