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Nugs's 6 for the 6th Sweet Seeds Grow Diary Competition

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Wow things have progressed since I last checked in here. Everything is looking super, nice regular detailed updates and great pics as always. Nice one mate! :yep:

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@delagdo @InTheSystem Thanks very much for the good words. Pos vibes back at you both, all the best :yep:

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Feb 17th Day 41 LST


Hi peeps,

Hope all's well with you and your grows :)

On day 41 all the tops had turned and were growing back upwards. I got on with moving the ties further out to the next internode so here's an update.



Temps: 21-25

Roots:   21-23

RH:       44-59


I'm happy with the environment as I don't often get much steadier than this in the attic room. I keep filling the water tray daily to help keep RH at an acceptable level. Extraction is still wired to lowest speed on the fan and pliugged into a variac set to 80%. I'm presuming that when a TD silent is wired to low speed it will be about 50%. So if I have that dialled to 80% of 50% my fan will be running at 40% of it's full potential. Hoping so anyway, as I don't like to run an extraction fan at less than 40% for safety reasons. The two 4" RVKs running from my rad box and veg cab into the tent are set so that I have neg pressure in the tent. 



No feed since day 39.



Apologies in advance for the amount of images all in one post.

For future posts I think I'll go back to dealing with a couple of plants at a time and posting more often, especially when we have some flowers to show :)


So here they are before and after tying down further.

















The Red Mandarine Fast Version is actually lighter in colour than the other plants, but I did this one earlier in the evening and the pics were taken with different settings so her colouring looks different. The camera settings were slightly different for the other strains when I trained and photographed them later on.





This one is going to be the fussy problem child I reckon. More burnt tips than I'd like, and apart from root stim they've only had 1/2ml/L bio silicon on one occasion. The compost is quite hot with instantly available feed.





They're filling the frames quite quickly so we're looking on track for a day 49 flip. the pots should be rooted out enough.

Thanks for looking, be lucky :v:

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Rolling nice nugs. Why can't I just do something nice and normal for once lol


To be fair I don't have the space to stake out like you've done, used to have 2 x 1.2s but am in 1.5 x 90 with a 1.7 head. 


The basic method your using is essentially what I'm doing on the rails,  but I will have one long branch forced out straight to open it up as you've done with 4. 


I saw your LED light win elsewhere the other day mate that was a nice prize to enjoy, genuine congrats my friend. 


Hope I rediscover some form again its frustrating, its like I'm growing in Chinese and nothing makes sense lol




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5 hours ago, jadenugs said:

I'm presuming that when a TD silent is wired to low speed it will be about 50%

hey dude, I remember reading somewhere that the slower speed on the TD Silent fans is 75-80% of the full speed, check it out, maybe help you dial in better...

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@2Fat2EatThat Thanks dude. Yeah I've only got 1.8m headroom myself and by the time you've taken up the reflector and hanger space it doesn't leave too much room.

I've always wanted to do a full scrog but I like to get the plants out for maintenance and photos so this method suits :)


You'll soon have your mojo back mate, good luck with this run. Looking forward to seeing your plants trained along the beams :yep:


@Amo Thanks for that dude, I'll look into it ;) Thinking about it, it does shift quite some air on low so that sounds about right. I was just guessing 50% lol So if that's right I'm running it about 60% now and can afford to slow it more if needed :) The only time I've had it on full for any length of time was my last grow because my hygrometer was reading quite high RH and I was worried about dense buds getting mold.  

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Hi Jadenugs! 

It's all getting very professional! 


I can't wait to see the harvest. :smoke:


And.... Remember that you can still participate in the following open competitions: 


》》》 Sweet Seeds® Merchandising Award【2020 Edition】 FINISHING DATE: March 10, 2020

SWEET SEEDS® PHOTO OF THE MONTH [February 2020] END DATE: February 29, 2020 


Good luck!

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Loving the frames jadenugs. Really good - I am stealing this idea sorry. Best be up front about it now before you see it appear in my cab. haha. Plants look very healthy as always. Best of luck for the rest of the comp. 

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bootifull as per ..you know it sweet cheeks .

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