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Aquaponics Grow

Hidden within Docuseries


A good friend of mine sent me this 7-part documentary, sorry Docuseries. https://hiddenwithindocuseries.com/#schedule It contains some interesting facts and research into the endocannabinoid system, also, how some doctors and dispensaries in the US are trying to sway mainstream opinion. Suffer a little sales pitch, but I enjoyed watching it to strengthen my commitment to the research I was doing in aquaponics ‘keep the plants in very dry growing medium and nutrients far lower than how I initially started growing other crops, starve the fish’. Unfortunately, the loss of my wife, fish, plants, house, farm and health has placed me back in UK under the NHS knife, fortunately cure able but my years are taking their toll. 

‘Aquaponics Grow’ no longer 


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Sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations,but in my opinion it is nearly always a truism that 'what doesn't kill me makes me stronger'.I've checked out the first 1 minute of the first of those videos and the voices aren't patronising ,whiny or using a rising inflection at the end of each sentence as so many yank narrated documentaries use so I will follow through and watch a whole episode when time permits.


Aquaponics seems to me to be only heading one way into massive growth as a ,hopefully, sustainable,ethical and environmentally friendly industry so I find it totally fascinating with stories such as this one offering hope in a world of polluted and toxic food supplies where only the wealthy can afford 'clean' food




I wish luck with your health,at least you are back where healthcare is free and,despite what many think,still world leading,take care.




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