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First grow, have Thrip problems

Hi everyone, just into the second week of my first grow, from cuttings.

A couple of days ago I noticed some yellow dots and silver trails like a miniature snail trails on the lower leaves on the plants, went to 1 Hydro shop and was told it was spider mites for which I bought Bugicide. 

But then yesterday I noticed really tiny little bugs on the leaves and after a bit of research and showing experienced growers pics I was told it was Thrips. 

The cuttings are about 2/3 weeks into veg and 12” high roughly what is the best bethod at getting rid of Thrips? 

I’ve been told the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide flush and spray on leaves. Or googled other pesticides but I’d like advice from people that have had this issue and got through it successfully. 

Thanks in advance 

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I've used provanto for thrips successfully in veg but I'm sure someone will be long soon to tell me I'm totally wrong because it's Sunday:)



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