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Smoking weed during pregnancy could put a developing baby at higher risk of addiction - but only if it's a boy, rat study suggests



Smoking weed during pregnancy could put a developing baby at higher risk of addiction - but only if it's a boy, rat study suggests


Daily mail


Using cannabis during pregnancy could cause harmful brain changes to a developing baby - but only if it's a boy, a new study in rats suggests.  

Male rats exposed to THC - the ingredient in marijuana that gets users high - while in the womb produced more dopamine as they grew up.

In humans the neuro-transmitter increases pleasure from activities such as gambling, sex and addiction.

The experiments found it altered the brains and behavior of the lab rodents. The same did not apply to female offspring, say the international team.

Corresponding author Dr Miriam Melis, of Cagliari University in Monserrato, said exposure to the drug in the womb may fuel risk-taking behaviors in teenage boys.


Cannabis is the most widely used drug by women at reproductive age - and not just for recreational purposes. Up to one-in-seven take it during pregnancy.

As legal access grows it has been increasingly used to treat morning sickness and anxiety.

But doctors or other medical staff seldom advise about the risks faced by mothers-to-be.

The effect on neurons was similar to those previously identified in offspring exposed in the womb to cocaine or alcohol. 

'As physicians caution pregnant women against alcohol and cocaine intake because of their detrimental effects to the fetus, based on our findings, it's our recommendation they also advise them on the consequences of the use of cannabis during pregnancy,' said Dr Melis. 

Large numbers of children are set to be exposed to its ingredients in the coming decades - before they are born.

This will happen if the potential risks of maternal use continue to be under-estimated and legalization policies move forward.


Rats are commonly used in research to model the effect of cannabis in humans. 

'The present findings are critically important for unmasking and highlighting extensive neuro-biological maladaptations that increase the vulnerability of at-risk offspring to neuro-psychiatric disorders,' said Dr Melis. 

Previous research has shown babies born to mothers who took cannabis while they were pregnant go on to experience problems with physical activity.

Chemicals called cannabinoids can be transferred from the mother to the offspring through the placental blood.

In the study published in Nature Neuroscience pregnant rats were given daily injections of a quantity of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) equivalent to low doses in humans.

When the male offspring were confronted with an unstable bridge during pre-adolescence they were more likely to attempt the crossing than females - or unexposed peers. 

'They were more prone to cross the bridge and displayed a markedly impaired evaluation of risk assessment,' said Dr Melis. 

It's a problem seen in many psychiatric diseases. Scans also showed dopamine in the VTA (ventral tegmental area) which is involved in reward and motivation, were hyperactive.

This is an area of the brain known to be involved in reward and motivation, explained Dr Melis.

She added: 'Such persistently enhanced excitability of VTA dopamine neurons is a well-established neuro-developmental risk factor conferring vulnerability to psychiatric disorders.

'This might manifest in difficulties in learning and reward processing, and provides an interpretative framework for clinical studies reporting maladaptive behaviours ranging from affective dysregulation to psychosis and addiction vulnerability in the offspring of mothers using cannabis during pregnancy.'

Her team was able to correct the behavioral and neural changes by treating the adolescent rats with pregnenolone.

This is a drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration currently undergoing clinical trials for cannabis abuse, schizophrenia, autism and depression.








Weed is not addictive.


Titanium Sky, Purgatory aka East Midlands




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My last post, for now, am off to bed as your just getting up :wassnnme: see you later when waking up (am doing my best lol )


Smoking weed during pregnancy could put a developing baby at higher risk of addiction - but only if it's a boy, rat study suggests


Only If its a Boy What are you Girls aliens or something?? load of  :soap:


At that development, they are not any different, MORE UK NEGATIVENESS NEWS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! 



This should of been the top Hitter in the DM



Some years ago, I knew two women who both experienced excessive nausea all day throughout their entire pregnancies; both women were so sick that neither could work. The first expectant mother smoked cannabis throughout the day to settle her nausea and was able to keep nutritious food down. Her daughter was born full term, normal weight. The second expectant mother did not smoke cannabis; instead, she threw up so much that she didn't have a bowel movement for 5 weeks and wound up having to be fed intravenously in hospital for 2 weeks. Two years after he was born, her son was diagnosed as autistic. If cannabis really can help a constantly nauseated mother keep food down and minimize abdominal spasms, both of which produce healthier babies, exploring possible medical benefits is responsible. Further research before outright rejection is merciful to the brains of vulnerable babies damaged by strong abdominal agitation or needed nutrition being hurled into the toilet.


World community, Canada,


We like our,,,,






Bongme :yinyang:

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So by injecting rats with pure THC (I suspect synthetic THC at that, not natural cannabis) they have extrapolated the possible effects of cannabis on pregnant humans.


Because humans inject daily doses of pure synthetic THC.


Probably into their eyeballs and stuff.




That's good science that is :rolleyes:


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Let's have an article on the LONDON DAILY MAIL Journalists, when pregnant and working when they are all on Cocaine, let's see how that goes down?


So how about it  UK science what does cocaine do as more do that gear then Cannabis in the UK these days! Bet we won't see anything like this soon" 


Bongme :yinyang:


Am fucked am off again lol 

Edited by bongme

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who could forget dear rat boy



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Honestly i'd be most curious about comparative "studies" on totally "clean" women breast-feading their baby in a context of today's heavily contaminated food as that available from any grocery store where cheap products get imported from even more affordable economies of the world (...), also damaging our environment in the process.


And if possible at all with some notion of proportionality that includes true poisons of modern life that pure cannabis might even help with if just allowed to exist...


Good day, have fun!!  :sorry:


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Pregnenolone - side effects..

In some people, pregnenolone can cause skin rashes, acne, hair loss, diarrhea or constipation, problems sleeping, restlessness, agitation, sweating, or tremor. It may also cause palpitations (irregular heart beat), depressed mood, both increased or decreased appetite, or muscle pain.
Not enough is known about the safety of long-term use of pregnenolone. Stick with short-term use. 

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, endometriosis, or uterine fibroids: Pregnenolone is converted by the body to estrogen. If you have any condition that might be made worse by exposure to estrogen, don't take supplemental pregnenolone.
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking pregnenolone by mouth if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.


cannabis - side effects...


Edited by Era
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Salutations Era,


1 hour ago, Era said:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding:  There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking pregnenolone by mouth if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.


Searching for it on Google i found that's a "neurosteroid" and once even inspired the idea of a "vaccine" against "recreative" cannabis, so to speak:


[ https:// time.com/1600/muting-marijuanas-high-pot-without-the-impairment/ ]
Time - Muting marijuana's high:  pot without the impairment (2014-Jan-3)



The parts that are shut down are the ones that mediate many of the effects of cannabis that you may want to get rid of...  ...  ...it could potentially allow these patients to use natural marijuana without entering states of altered consciousness.  ...  ...instead it changes the way the receptors react.  This is a new mechanism that might also make it useful for people with marijuana addiction.


M'well, bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists reason like that.  Either "addiction" results from the failed moral values of "stoner$"/"droÿé$", either it's about physical reward/relief of dope craving...  It's a simple matter of whichever fits their own mood(s) best, their versions always adjust in a same direction anyway, never knowing when to stop - which reminds me of this other story of "spe¢iali$ts"/"expert$" playing god:


[ http:// www.cnn.com/2016/01/18/health/france-drug-trial-participant-dies/index.html ]
CNN:  Drug trial participant dies, 5 others hospitalized in France (2016-Jan-18)




« ...designed to work on the body's endogenous cannabinoid system...  ...  ...does not contain cannabis or cannabis extracts. »

« Biotrial International said it was "in close and regular contact with the Health Authorities and Ministry in France. »



Apparently Big Pharma was contemplating a potential market of over $100 billion until Biotrial's "BIA 10-2474" molecule killed a human subject, possibly because it wasn't specific enough.


Yet that's no reason to stop trying, for example:


[ https:// www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/05/190501204945.htm ]

SD:  Vaccine shows lasting effects against fentanyl addiction in rats (2019-May-1)



A vaccine that combines a fentanyl antigen with a tetanus toxoid...


I'm sure with enough resources THC could be blocked as well.  Never mind the human cost, mass-vaccination of kids 10+ would ensure that society is happy, i guess, unless it's a mirage on top of so many other challenges awaiting future generations...


Good day, have fun!!  :sorry:

Edited by Egzoset
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