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Feeding Plants

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1 hour ago, SeaJay said:

Thanks all.


So, assuming 2 plants in two 5ltr air pots, which substrate should I use, All Mix, or Light Mix? It looks like Coco Mix is for Hydroponics but I'm not sure.


might be worth you having a look at "plant magic plus soil" it's fine for seedlings and should take you near enough into flower without using any nutes. all i added was mychorrizal powder on each potting up to help with root growth. 

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As others have stated I use BioBizz grow and bloom but that's because they came as part of a bulk buy when I started out. It's also worth mentioning to look at Intense Nutrients, they're a forum sponsor and have their own section. I'm sure @Intense Nutrients @Intense Nutrients Matt would help guide you and provide you with useful information and a growing schedule.

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Chutney lol.

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