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Should I avoid getting spinosad on buds and leaves with resin?

I have found a few red spider mites, and thrips on some of my plants.  I currently have two grows going, one in a tent, and one in my kitchen.  The latter is the one with the infestation, though it's really not bad (yet).  The plants are about 3 weeks into flower.  I have read that spinosad can be sprayed onto cannabis without affecting the taste of buds, but on other forums online I have found conflicting information.  Some people say to wipe the spinosad onto the leaves, avoiding the buds, and others say to spray the buds with water afterwards.

My question is; can I use spinosad (Monterey garden insect spray) on my cannabis plants and get it on the buds?  What about the leaves with resin on them?  If spinosad is organic, and doesn't alter the taste, surely it wouldn't matter?

Really hope someone can help before the plants are taken over!

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The only stuff that finally got rid of thrips after a couple of years trying everything, i too bought same stuff from usa, one spray end of thrips, its organic and can be used up until harvest according to the label.


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