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Kroptek lights?



Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with kroptek lights. Can't find much online. Anyone able to enlighten me?



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I fucked up the formatting with copy and paste, sorry!
18’’  - 386 umol for 250 watts is the number you're looking for for "horsepower"

£3million investment, they aren't a small company. Using Chinese labour, so there's that. Like you say, not much data on them, and I couldn't find any pricing. No PAR maps, no spectrum, not even a damn colour temperature. Due to this I'd avoid them, they reek of the corporate marketing and bandwagonnery that's more concerned with profits than customers at best, and *something libellous* at worst.

*edit* They haven't updated their website in over 8 months either.. Hard nope from me!
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dug a little deeper
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