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NL#2/Oasis Grow/Smoke Report

Dutch Passion (Fem.) Northern Lights#2/Oasis Indica Pheno Grow/Smoke Report

Grow Report:

This report shall focus upon the Indica pheno of DP Oasis, as opposed to the much more sativa-influenced sister of hers. Grown from feminised seed from F1 Dutch Passion stock, this pheno is stout, stocky, indica dominant, powerful, domineering and heavy yielding.

I have a clone mother from this seed plant and will continue her on, with detailed pheno reports to follow.

She was grown in NFT hydro, in a scrog formation, with optimal nutes/environment and under 400W HPS.

She yielded 4.5oz alone, with the 3 SweetTeeth beside her yielding that much between them! (i.e. 1.5oz. each). She is a beast, believe me!

'Easy to grow and a medium feeder, this plant/pheno moderately vigourous, but very dominant and powerful, pushing poor SweetTooth out of the way, in the search for more light!

In order to maintain a stout height for her, I pruned the main cola off at the end of veg., to force her to focus on her many side arms, which she did very well indeed, and was perfect for scrog.

She finished in 9 weeks, and is a very good yielder.

Attached is a pic taken about 6.5 weeks into flowering; she puts on a lot of her weight in the final 2.5 weeks of flowering, and there was much more of her, across the screen. Here's a link to the thread it from, with better pics, http://www.overgrow.com/edge/showth...15&pagenumber=1

Smoke Report:

Herb: DP (Fem.) Oasis/Northern Lights#2

Pheno: Mostly Indica; short, stout, large producer, dominant, powerful.

Genetics: Hindu Kush x Wild Thai, at a reported ratio of 75%HK, 25%Wild Thai.

Method of consumption: pure joints (itols), wrapped in blue


Appearance: Good bud formation on upper colas, bag appeal 8.5-9/10, lower buds still pass the grade, but 7/10 for bag appeal.

Texture: Sticky, resinous

Smell: Spicy, hashy, piney, rich - fine incense, pungent, lingering.

Taste: Hashy, spicy, smooth, rich, piney

Expansive smoke?: Slightly expansive


Indica dominant smoke, powerful, and potentially heavy-hitting if over-indulgence is allowed. The effects of the high are almost immediate, and strong, with the bit of Thai in it to add a slight creeper effect, in which the high grows more powerful in your mind.

This herb is best suited to evening/night time smoking, as its effects can induce burn out and is not conducive to wake'n'bake time.

The high is a 'guaranteed' heavy stone, in which the effects are deep and very relaxing, with the munchies coming on sparadically.

An overly enjoyable herb, which can get you 'stoned to the bone', and yet the slight amount of Thai in it just gives it the edge to be able to get up off the couch; a nice touch  

To conclude, a very good, reliable, high which is extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

Final score: 8.5/10

All the best and I hope this helps people considering Oasis; I'll follow up with how the clones from this plant get on, and do a photo-essay on her, as well as doing a report on the other main pheno.

Happy growin' and smokin'  


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hi there trich, a good report there man on a not so common strain, would u say it is as good as the s/tooth?                    i can only find one problem with the s/tooth and thats the mould, them nugs are a little to tight. i,m currently looking for an alternative to the tooth as its one of the finest indicas out there to my knowledge........peace...beats.

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:P nice report Trike...like yourself , I've just been donated a clone from this strain....

I haven't finished her yet, she's got about 4 weeks to go, and I got some clones from her...I tooo plan to continue this one....

Similarities to yours are clear.....I grow SOGish style, and put this one into flower as a single cola producer at about 8 inches....The stretch was fast...and she's now levelled out at just over 3ft....the top 18inches is all cola...very little side branching....I'll get some pics up soon , been having a few cam troubles/laziness recently, but I'll get round to it..

:(... :P I too call her the Beast...I can see she is going to be my top producer already....

Hope mine smokes as well asyours.... :D

These new smilies are a bit freeekky...


Mono....x ???

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