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10x6 2400w grow room build in shed

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31 minutes ago, Leafneck said:

Time for a job change maybe ? ;)


Sounds like you have sorted keeping the bugs out , better to prevent it rather than having an invasion ! 


Good shout with the 2kw oil rad but that will certainly show on the electric bill .. think my first grow cost £800 extra in leccy lol I still blame the 1kw rad in the box and the 1kw rad in the grow room while it was cold.


I had trouble sleeping sometimes knowing I had no fire protection in my room so I put a extingisher above rad box build, one above the contractor & ballasts and the mabo in the room itself and I shall buy another mabo next month for the room . Also look into the silent /wifi fire alarms which blow your phone up if set off rather than waking your street up.. gives you time to act with a near by extingisher buddy.


The electric blanket was just an idea to keep electric Bill down rather than using a oil rad maybe or at least put rad on low setting. Keeps the root temperate up so alot of shed builds use them. 


Just a couple ideas maybe, I dropped a couple questions on your veg cab with you blue widows.  

What light and tent are you using for those? Also what about a rad/tube heaters .. are they needed in such a small tent or does the light keep it warm?



I always run my lights on a night to cut down the heating needed when the lights are off upto now it never been a problem


i will look into an alarm I already use a cctv camara which is been used in my prop tent at the minute that will be fitted into the grow room above the door so I will be able to check my grow as and when I want from my phone 


i will ill look on the other post now 



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an electric blanket will only help if your growing inside, especially in the winter, so stick to the oil rad for the shed as you'll need it if it gets real cold in wintertime.

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My room is 99% finished just need some more black and white for the floor and to tidy the cables up abit


made a massive mistake then I measured the fan and filter with the ducting on (in the planning stage). I wrote down 1350mm total length but it was actually 1550 so yes the room was too narrow to fit my fan, filter and ducting were I had planned to 



So I had to change it about abit not ideal but it's the only option I had. 




its a shame as I now have to duck down to walk through the door which isn't what I want to do really.


I will admit I was tempted for a brief second to take the stud wall down and move it over 12 inch but I wanted To get it finished today which I almost did but ran out of time before I had to leave for work 


but there's only an hour or so to get it finished off and 100% complete 


I can honestly say I have enjoyed building this room it's gone together almost as I had planned baring the wrong  measurements on the fan and filter 


I will update this diary once the last couple of jobs have been done and my 3 plants are in


(my 2400w 3 plant scrog diary is in the dinafem 2019-2020 grow diarys section) 


peace out 


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Posted (edited)

Lovely build mate looking at building virtually the same.


Have you done a dry run yet what sort of temps are you hitting?


How quiet is your extraction? 


Cheers mate 

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CO2 ?   Very interesting, please keep on posting loads more cool pictures  



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11 hours ago, cf said:

CO2 ?   Very interesting, please keep on posting loads more cool pictures  



Duh ...ignore me I saw 'gas' and got all excited 

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On 7/28/2019 at 5:36 PM, Leafneck said:

Makes me want to go back to the drawing board with my grow room bro, really nice work. 


Take all precautions needed to keep bugs out and light leaks, I thought I had everything covered but I've had a couple of bugs on this grow some how . 


Maybe build a box for the rad like I did? Just a pallet with OSB board built box then put some sort of 10mm foam around the lid where it makes contact with the box and keep a little weight on it (I keep my nutes in a box on there to stop them getting cold). I used a dimplex 1.5kw with timer .. I use the 1kw setting and set the timer for lights off hours .. warm air constantly pumping in on lights off .


Couple automatic fire extinguishers as they arnt very expensive,  28£ each for the ones I used, I also bought a mabo for the groom but that was £130.


Maybe read into electric heated blanket for your scrog. 


All the best bro 


which fire extinguishers did you use? got a link? cheers OTFG


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Grow room looks amazing btw, cant wait to hopefully see a diary with it full to the brim!

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I have 2 x 2kg powder fire extinguishers, 1 above ballasts and contactor. 


The other above oil rad box build. 


And in the grow room I have a mabo automatic fire extinguisher as its a very small tube. Thinking about it I should buy another mabo for other end of the room 

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