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EC Pen

I just got a EC pen to test with. The instructions that come with it give guides to where it should be for potatoes etc, anyone know where it should be for weed?



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My last grow I started germination with straight water which would have nothing added to it so Ec was .3 and 75 days later im near the end of flower and am up to 2.1 Ec.  I just kept raising the Ec slowly from .3Ec when the plants needed stronger nutes and each time I see how the higher feed affects the plant. No strains are the same so I cant predict an exact Ec but if you raise it slowly and read your plants properly you should be grand.

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Aim for around 1.8 and go from there.. i’ve had heavy feeders that i pushed up to 2.4 and they loved it.. i’ve had others that burnt at 2.0..


there are other factors that will affect the plants ability to use the nutes such as temps and airflow.,


but yeah - 1.8 and work from that..

if you get shiny/glossy leaves, then its too high.. if you get yellowing then it’s too low.. you want a nice velvety matt finish to the leaves - then you know it’s spot on :yep: 

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Every strain is different 

had killerskunk that I went up to 1.5ec on. But also right now got blues on week 6 of flower that have nute burn on only 0.8ec.


start low and go up or down depending on how the plants look

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