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Need a diagnosis on my sick plant

Hey guys as the title says i need help with what you guys think is wrong with my plants, sorry if this turns into a wall of text but i want to give as much info as i can. I'm growing zkittlez photoperoid feminized seeds in coco, they are in 3.5 litre fabric pots and are 18 days from seed. Under a 600w hps dimmed down to 200w about 20 inches away, thinking of putting it up to 400w. So about 3 days ago i noticed some yellow tips on leaves, i researched a bit and came to the conclusion it was nutrient burn. my e.c from tap water is about .6 but i have been told to ignore this and just count the difference after adding the nutes and that would be my real e.c. i was feeding about 0.8 true nutrients and iv realised that was overkill so i massively cut it back now to a e.c of 0.4./0.5 the nutes of the new feed is (everything is per 10 litres) 5ml of coco a&b 10ml rhizotonic 5ml calmag. so what do you guys think? am i right? i gave them alot more water yesterday to give them a bit of a flush is there anymore i can do to prevent more yellowing?





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Posted (edited)



are you checking the ec reading after adding cal mag and rhizo?

these affect it too. 


I would flush them out with plain phd water, at least 4 times the amount of water as the pot size, so if  you have 10litre pots, use 40 litres water.

Then I would feed them at 1.2 ec (all in , including your background ec)

Cut the rhizo down to 0.5 ml per litre and cut the cal mag out till you need it. 

Just add your grow nutes till you get the meter to read 1.2

Ph it to 5.7/5.8, and check the next days run off. If you feed at 1.2 on day 1, feed the same 1.2 on day 2, if the run off reads 1.0 on day 2, then they are feeding 0.2 ec in a day (day 1s feed = 1.2 minus todays reading 1.0 = 0.2), and go from there. The run off ec related to the previous feed, not the one you have just given.  Once the ec drops for 3-4 days, then up the ec that you are giving them, aye?

Hope this makes sense

Good luck with them

Edited by badbillybob
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Yes thank you, very informative mate. Appreciate the response, will definitely be following what you said.:smokin:

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As it looks like its only on one leaf & the rest of the plant looks good then I'd think that the leaf has got a bit close to a heater, or your light, it looks like that to me anyway :bong:

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Yeah its only three leaves out of the 9 plants that are affected, going to move the light up a couple inches see if that helps aswell. Thanks for the advice :smokin:

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