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Looking good mate

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Thanks @blackpoolbouncer and they re going better and better,everyday.The only "problem" is the very short nodes and some lower  branches don t take much light,unless i tuck the leaves 2-3 times a day.The fun leaves are very big,but that makes it easier to tuck them.I think i might defoliate for 1st time later, but i will ask your opinion first,if you don t mind.


Auto feeding is tested and it s waiting to be installed.It gives around 500ml/min and i m planning to feed them every 6h,3 times per day.If i don t have a runoff,i will hand water them 1 time.

Only CX's coco A+B,PK later,ATA CalMag or Epsom and that (Κ2O-12,5%)-( SiO-26%)as pH up fert , will be mixed into the tank,so i won t have to worry about clogging the drippers.


I will feed extra the half of the plants(1 of every variety), with other "candies"to see the difference,some Fish mix to feed the mycor from time to time and Sea weed powder will be used to all of them ,as foliar.

At my last grow,taste and smell was amazing and i want to see if the extra "candies",played a role to that.

I like trying different things,no mistakes,no learning:idea:  and i have some half bottles of old nutes,that have to be finished:) .


Next thing is to install the intake,to bring fresh air from the other room(window is opened 24h) and keep the window closed to my room,as some nights temp goes under 18 C.





I m tucking the big leaves under and then ,bend them all gently downwards.This is train i do for now.






The 1 month Ultimate,from seedling to the pot,is more vigorous by far.Makes me think if rockcubes are really usefull.



...and the tank.





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I don't advocate defoliation one bit mate.

Those are short nodes, like really short internodes but those big leaves are gonna be what you need to power those branches to make an stretch.

They will soon stretch a bit. 




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I ve added 10l in the tank today and add 5ml of ATA CalMag(20-10),Epsom salts 1/2 spoon,15 ml CX coco A,17ml CX coco B,2ml Silica,Cannazym 20ml.

PH at 5.8,   1.2 CE,   22.5 C.


I ve also hand water them,1l with Amino acids and Leonardite humus 1 CE,5.8 pH.

1 of each strain,took a foliar with that local biostimulant fert.


The 125mm extraction i have must work at 4/5 or full,to keep the plants happy.I will need an upgrade ,but next year,since i won t grow in the Summer.

Root temp s .Pot1 :21 C-23.9 C,and Pot2 :21.8 C-25.4 C for about a week.

Canopy :19.6 C-26.8 C and 44%-69% humidity.

I have a pc fan in the middle of the floor and 1 in a corner hitting above the canopy with fresh air.


The Ultimate have started to stretch a bit,but the CJ are very bushy and some lower/inner leaves have started to rot/yellowing,since the touch the medium,without much light or air given.I m thinking to stop tucking the big leaves,to see if they recover or prevent more to become like that

TD are bushy and overwatered so,i started water them less than the others.


Also raised the leds to the top of the tent.



Trying to make some light to penetrate lower.



All 6 plants have a strong structure.


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The 2 TD were suffering from overwater and they have stopped drinking,so before  nute lockout comes ,i've decided to give them a good flush with Florakleen.

I also flushed the 4 other with the mix in the tank,lowered at 1 CE and i've added 3l of RO and 15ml of Cannazym more.

Temp in the res is (+-)22-24 C,not very good i think but i hope it s acceptable.

Root temps are around 21-25 C(mostly 24 C) 24h.

At 23:00, i ve calibrated the pH at 5.8/ CE is 1 and tanks temp was 23.1 C.

Extract is at 4/5 or full and i take it to 2/5 with lights off.


I flushed them at 17:00 and i 'll wait to see when the pot s become lighter,to set the next feed.They all seem to perk now.In a few days ,i will give them Trichoderma to revive the coco and the roots ,from fert residues before bloom comes.The TD have less roots coming out of the pot and less Mycor at the edges,than the others.Another bad sign for me.


I don t know if i worry too much,but i m trying to prevent problems before they occur.I m doing what i did to my previous grow(was a hermie:furious:)- when i was noticing something suspicious -and the plant responded well then.

Next to do is get the bondage for the 2 Ultimate,the others will follow later.




Lights off.



In the middle the TD,on the back the U and in front the CJ.TD s are looking a lot happier now,so are the CJ.The Ultimate are bigger and weren t overwatered...lately:).




The tank with CX A+B and ATA Calmag,Epsom and Cannazym.Clear as water.Yesterday i had the cover closed and started to smell a bit,so i keep it half open now.

Was it from high temp?

I don t have a second pump for now,but when this is on,it s blowing into the tank too,to move the water a bit.



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Raising the LEDs is that for flower spectrum? Or other reason, and how high pls

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Hello @Hairy ape 

 i've raised them,cause they stress the plants,they did that at my previous grow.They are cheap Chinese 600w(256w real) ,by they do the job,i bought them 90e both:yep:.

They are as high as they can go and they were there in my last grow too.

Check this thread,you'll find it usefull  :


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Ultimate 1 has been trained and it s back on the tent.I m taking a break and No 2 will follow.




My thought was to plant 6 instead of 9 plants and fill the tent with them.Took a while for the plants to take off,but they have great structure with many side branches and now that they re exposed to the light,hopefully they will thrive.:punk:

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...and Ultimate 2,but i did it again.I snap a big fun leave:wanker: and that s a big mistake .It did  happen  at my last grow and the plant was under growing from that side.

I've put some tape on,but i don t think will do anything.I should have left it to grow a bit more to have a better spread,but now it happened.


It took me about 20min,to train each and i had to separate the leaves,as both plants are ultra bushy and short node.I think No1 will be a good yielder(fingers crossed).




You can see how big that leave is/was.Shit :furious:... I've tried to bend it to the opposite side :bangin: ,by mistake .I shouldn t had that break.large.IMG_20190515_031150.jpg


The bottom of the pot.Cannazym is doing a great job,i add it in every feed and the Trichoderma that will follow,will clean the left over salts/old roots.



Leds on the top.



I hope that this would be my last accident,but i least i manage to make less this time....so far:).



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I ll be hand watering,probably till the end,cause plants have different needs on feed and now, Ultimates have started to drink less.One day ,that was over watered,next day the other and there s not much time left for stretching,it s now or never.Only the CJ kept drinking normal.                                                       

The TD,which are the smallest,specially the front on the picture,has had a heavy pot after a day+ i fed it. 

At least,coco is a forgiving medium and it was just...surviving.

So again, 5,8pH- .78 CE  ,flush(at 22:00h yesterday) for the 4 ones(CJ just fed) with "candies". 5L RO mix with: 8ml aminos(N-3),6ml of Leonardite humus(NPK 0+-),2ml of Biobizz Fish mix,2gr of sea weed powder(1-1-17) and 1ml of SiO(26%).

I ve also manage to open the 3rd window of the tent:sweaty:,which is facing the wall, for better air intake,cause the plants from that side were drinking less.I believe this is the problem .

Pot temps  are ideal,canopy temps are 2-3 C more and tanks temp were 23-24 C.Humidity is: max 69%,min 44% ,most time around 60%.

Extract at 4/5 of 350m3/h,still passive intake.


Fed the U and CJ at 5:30h,the TD pots were still heavy,i hope they get dry too when i wake up .

Not so bad after all.I have to train the CJ,as they seem to have started to stretch too.

Besides over watering,i think i didn t manage to control the environment very well again,i hope it s better now and i won t try to make it "better".






3rd window on the back,opened as i could,with a stick.large.IMG_20190517_221652_HDR.jpg

before ^







Roots min/max C,since sunday.




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They all started to stretch,i must train the other 4 but not today.

Fed them 1,5L,less to the TD ,with 3ml Aminos(N-3),2 ml An grow B(n-4),1gr sea weed(K-17),0,2ml SiO,0,5ml Leonardite humus,as pH up.

1.1 CE-5,8 pH-22,7 C.


Canopy temp at 21:00 : 25,4 C/65% hum.  Min/max the last days :20.1 C-28,7 C /47% -68% Humidity.



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Just been having a read through this grow @countrock they're certainly bushy plants and probably a good idea switching to hand feeding if different plants have different needs and good luck with the stretch bud :yep:

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7 hours ago, Serpent said:

Just been having a read through this grow @countrock they're certainly bushy plants and probably a good idea switching to hand feeding if different plants have different needs and good luck with the stretch bud :yep:

Thanks for the look m8,i think i ll switch to soil in the Winter,as i m a lazy c@nt and i m the problem to every grow i did since now:wanker:.I don t think i ll fuck it up,if i have to feed every 2-3 days and i must stop over water them at the beginning,which i m close to achieve.


Or i just can follow that pinned thread,in the autoflower section:yes: and stop "trying to make it better" or "what will happen,if...".


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Since i hand water now,i switched back to Fish mix and "candies" diet,that plants seem to like more.Sea weed powder is my grow boost.Signs of preflower have started to some plants.

All plants are trained,i just have to make a few minor adjustments to the canopy.

Temps have risen 1-2 C,on both canopy and pots,and they re now at 25-27 C to the canopy /24-25 C in the pots.Humidity is 50%-55% most time. 

At 1:00, i ve watered them all with Trichoderma(Quimera) and one of these days ,i ll give em a foliar with sea weed.









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I dislike 7,5l pots already,it s a pain in the ass,if you have to hand water when the plants are (pre)flowering.I m happy i don t have 9 of them.

TD are drinking less of course but i have to water the other 4, every 5h+-.I will make a second try to auto feed'em,later.They re stretching nicely,so far and a SGROG net is next. 

The diet consists of:CalMag or Epsom,AN sensi grow B,Fish mix,Sio(26%) and the "candies":,amino acids(N-3),Leonardite humus(NPK 0+-,as pH up mostly),sea weed powder(K-17) ,Cannazym,with different mixes at 1 CE+-.

I will introduce them again to CX s A+B ,later to flower,as Aminos can t be combined with Sulfur.

Temps in the pots have 1+- C difference from side to side(22-26 C min/max),don t know if that s enough to play a role on the dehydration on them.




And some foot porn:smokin:       























Wrong labels.The Ultimate, are the Cinderella Jack and Think different 1 is 2.

La familia....



Fed them 4L at 1:30 with 2mlCalMag(N-6),3ml Aminos(N-3),5ml AN Grow B(N-4),0,6ml SiO(26%),Sea weed powder(NPK 1-1-17) ,at 5,85pH,.9 CE,22,8 C.


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