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Autoflowering strains for LST

Posted (edited)

Hi All,


This is my first post.


And am just after some advice on what strains people have used to maximize yield etc while just doing LST .....


I am currently on my 2nd grow both have been very successful in my eyes.(I'm a fiend for a YouTube video and have researched everything:-) )


My issue with my last grow is the strains I used did not fill my grow space therefore felt I could go with a larger this time was 1x RQS critical auto and 1x diesel auto both very short strains(1x critical seed didn't wanna pop)


1st grow was 3x RQS white widow auto ( should of left growing longer but as was 1st grow did not LST or anything) 


Anyway ... Back to the question ....


Best auto strain for LST ?? People thoughts ?







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Posted (edited)

Most autos should have the capability to be lst'd mate, I cant think of an auto that ive grown that wasnt suitable and if it didnt get big enough to do a bit of lst then id be disappointed in general. 

I cant comment on rqs but all of the strains ive run from dinafem have all gone to a decent size and really benefited from lst

Have you considered it might not just be the strain? Two people can grow two genetically identical autos and one might have a plant thats half the size of the other persons due to how its been grown?


If you want a specific name, fill yer boots with a dinafem critical jack


A wee bit of advice, youtube is not a good place to be learning how to grow weed, especially autos. Tis full of numpties who dont know their ear hole from their arsehole.

This place is a goldmine comparatively


e2a, welcome to the forum bud

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I've learned a lot from the top 2 or 3 guys on YouTube. The main thing I am really not sure about, and would like to hear more from experienced growers here on- is how imortant RO water is and/or ph'd tap water for both soil/Coco and hydro (specifically rdwc)?


Some YouTubers are topping their auto's- I'm guessing, at the moment, that this really only works well if you've got some ballistic dwc hydro system.

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