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Best way to heat a green house

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On 5/16/2019 at 6:07 PM, uBercaMeL said:

:O They look like boletes!? @Cambium

They look an awful lot more like cubes and you wpuld get a shock if you made a soup with thise


These are some boletus I've come across on my travels. Penny bun and devils. A world apart from the above dispute the caps looking vaguely similar.




A devils bolette is quite a striking thing!!

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Cool! Don't actually think those are devil's boletes though lol  Boletes vary a lot, and apart from the obvious odd gilled one out at the back they could still easily be in that first pic. I would post some similar pics from my old 2011-2014 gallery but the insert other media button doesn't allow me to select gallery (and I can't be arsed to press next ~20 times).



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