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Complete beginner

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what a brilliant thread!:clapping:


you should all be very chuffed with yourselves.

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On 7/9/2019 at 7:06 AM, botanics said:

Bit harsh that above tbh even though what is written is correct for sure.


Botrytis is a fungus and breeds via spores.  These exist in the air (microscopic) and providing that conditions are not suitable (dry air and lack of humidity) they are usually no real bother.  They become bothersome when there is no fresh air being circulated and as the flowers expel moisture through natural transpiration it raises the ambient moisture thus allowing the hyphae to get in and subsequently spread the fungus etc.  It will run rampant in a very quick time if the conditions are ripe for it which can and does, wipe out whole crops when not sorted asap.  


When drying weed, you have to be careful because you don't want a wind tunnel, yet you still have to have adequate ventilation to avoid the bud rot and it's a balance between temperatures and ventilation. In my experience, you want 18 C and minimal ventilation (you should be ultimately aiming for a slower dry as opposed to quicker for the best end result and the process has to be filtered because drying ganja can stink more than even when it's in full bloom, sometimes).  The process for drying follows tobacco drying in barns really and just scaled down but if your temps are cooler than optimum, then remember, due to physics, the air will not be able to hold as much moisture in vapour form, which will result in an over capacity and has to condense into liquid by rule of nature.  Translating that means upping the ventilation if running cooler, but it would affect the dry if too much air flow.  


There's a lot going on in what seems like a simple enough thing and the more you can find out, then the better it is for you as 'to be forewarned is to be forearmed' :yinyang: 

@botanics thanks for posting this given my self some insight to look into for when i come to try my two girls come october if they make it through the mouldy season. Mind you ive got a 4 inch filter 4 inch rvk and a cheap 60 x 60 x 150 tent ;)@Happyeccentric loveing the thread dude and well done on the attitude win as well :)

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