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Ocean Grown Cookies, Dinamed and More - Multi Strain Dinafem Flower Show.

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All I need to do tomorrow is get another timer as I want to have a tube heater down each side of the tent which comes on just before the lights go out and off again when they come on and I have also put in order in to my supplier for some nutes, compost and a couple more clip on fans. I am keeping it simple as always, Biobizz Fishmix, Bloom and Algamic, some bio silicon during veg and early flower and that it really. I have some Epsom salts which I will feed a few week into flower then again if needed.

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Looking spot on in here @Smokebelch :yep:

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@SerpentCheers Serps, sorry for my poor spelling yesterday, damn those pesky edibles.

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Nice tidy set up there mate :yep: like it. 

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On 06/03/2019 at 4:32 PM, Smokebelch said:

The OGC cookies does look nice though, it’s a honour to have a head start on them too, I hope I can do the some justice in here.


Not only the OGC but all plants being grown look stunning mate, your going to do a fine job with the Ocean Grown Cookies. Just look at the thread so far :)


Highly detailed throughout, well written and documented every step with pictures. What more could we ask for  :bong:


Just keep doing what you are doing my friend. It's working and well :)


Also, as others have said a very tidy looking set-up  :headbang:


Until next time buddy ;)


All the best 



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@K-dawg@Dinafem-MarkThanks guys, its only a small set up but I like it and it quite easily keeps me in weed.


The plants have put on the expected spurt of growth since my last update. I still haven't fed them yet, just water straight out of the tap. I will be topping some of these later but I will get each one out for some photos first. I the mean time I grabbed a couple of shots this morning just before lights out.


Dinafem Multi Strains






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Its amazing how quickly things have moved on since my last update 4 days ago, I think putting a new Mh bulb has made a big difference to my set up. I am very happy with all 4 of the Ocean Grown Cookies, green, healthy and vigorous, nice shiny and waxy looking foliage, very nice plants so far. I will be topping all 4 of them tomorrow.


I haven't really done anything yet, no food just water, no training etc so I think I will just let the photos do the talking this evening.


4 x OGC 






Edited by Smokebelch
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Oh my! :bong: I can't believe I missed this diary @Smokebelch ! Sorry  :blushing:


Some tasty strains indeed & I'm sure you'll do them all justice mate. :skin_up:


I'm pulling up a (Very very late to the party) pew :bong:

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@AKPOGCheers dude, its still early days so you haven't missed too much, 2019 is shaping up to be a good year for diaries.


The 2 Purps#1 are looking awesome, fat Indica like leaves are a good sign


Purps#1 Pair 







Purps#1 1





Purps#1 2




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Bubba Kush and Gorilla are both looking really nice, the Remo Chemo is only one that is looking strange, it looks cabbage like and is clawing like mad, I can only assume it is genetics that's causing it as everything else in the tent in fine, its not overfed as I have only given it water so far and the compost is a very light mix. I will keep it going and see what happens.


Bubba, Gorilla, Remo







Bubba Kush










Remo Chemo




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@Smokebelch It may only be a small room but it is one very productive room :yep:


You can clearly see you take pride in your work, grow only what you need and put everything into the grow  :bong:



It's always a pleasure having our strains in your garden. We are guaranteed a fantastic grow and you document the diary so well that new or even older growers can follow along and see what can be achieved with our genetics  :yep:


All strains look stunning, vibrant green and now kicking into a nice growth pattern  :bong:


Keep the detailed updates coming brother @Smokebelch:yep:


All the best 



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Coming on a treat @Smokebelch you must be chuffed how these have started, it's going to be blooming lovely when in full flower :)


Top work bud and as I now grow in the same size tent, it'll be interesting to see what you pull from this grow :yep:

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Nice start here @Smokebelch , I will hunker at the back on this one if you don't mind:skin_up:

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@SerpentI am very happy with these so far, they are veging up quicker than my last lot did. I would hope I can manage to pull a GPW from this grow, it’s easily achievable but you never know what is going to happen, 15oz plus and I will be happy though.


@OpenairbudCheers dude, it should be a fun grow so yeah take a pew at the back. 


I topped all the plants at node 3 on Monday and they recovered quickly and just carried on as if nothing had happened. None of them are showing any signs of hunger yet so I am still feeding them just plain water out of the tap. They are lush green and vigorous, the Remo is a bit of a mutant plant at the moment but it looks like some of the new growth coming through is normal so hopefully it will sort it’s self out.


The Gorilla and 2 Purps#1 are the strongest most vigorous plants in the garden at the moment. The OGC are looking nice, they all look a little different so hopefully there will 4 slightly different phenos once they are in flower.


I took some shots of them all during lights off this afternoon, I will be potting them up into 6 litre pots over the weekend so will do another more detailed update then.
























Edited by Smokebelch
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