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How to control humidity

Just gone into veg today from seedling and got my 9 ladies under two 400w lights. 

Temp is 24-25C which is slightly low but humidity is only 34% and that’s way too low at this stage. Any idea how I can raise this to about 50-60%

My room is a 8ft x 6.5ft x 5.5ft loft space lined with Mylar foil 

All advice welcome as always 

Thanks ✌️


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Forget about it, the humidity will rise as your plants get bigger. :)  When you reach peak flower, you'll be trying to get the humidity down. :D      

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When you say a loft space fella, have you sealed the area?


As I’m sure you know lofts come in a lot of different configurations, largely down to the type of dwelling.


Some things to consider,


Is it open eaves or sealed

Have you made a box room inside





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@HVACman it’s in my loft which has open eaves but I’ve built the room into it. Fully insulated all around with acoustic & thermal insulation....

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Google inkbird humidity control, look on amazoon you’ll see something for £30.


get yourself a humidifier, set the target RH% on the inkbird and every time it goes below or stays below the humidifier will run until it’s sensor reaches desired RH%. 

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