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all in one grow kit

hi all,


need an all in one grow kit for soil. not bothered if its led or hps but would like a kit as it saves me time trying to get everything together.


has anyone got any ideas about this?  got about £400 but can increase if need be. only looking to do 2-4 plants. 


any help would be great.

      this is the kinda thing i been looking at


thanks peeps


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i have always bought seperates mate then you choose what you want and can upgrade the bits you dont want like the hobby filter or a poor mag ballast etc  

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Sound doobie. I liked the fact I don't have to look and source the kit as it's all in one. U recon I should just make a list of the all in one. Then buy it all individual but upgrade a few things. Seems way more expensive that way tho.

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  • 1.2m x 1.2m Lighthouse MAX Tent
  • 600w SunMaster Digital Kit (dimmable)
  • 150mm Fan Kit with PK Filter and RVK Fan
  • 10m Aluminium ducting and 3x duct clips
  • Heavy Duty Powerplant Timer


  • 4x 16L Root Pouch Pots
  • 1L Big Buds Nutrients Coco A+B 
  • 500ml Big Buds Nutrients Root Mass
  • 500ml Big Buds Nutrients Veginator
  • 2x 50L Plagron Coco
  • Light Hangers

any good for £380??

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Looks alright.


If your going Coco you will need a pH meter and EC pen and a bottle of pH down as well I imagine ..

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nice one, ill go buy this tomox now thanks peeps

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