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Are any of the hso strains strong ?

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hi, currently smoking on some em dog, its a cross of chemdog#4 and og kush. real chemdog taste to it, that gassy fuel/ lemony type thing. the buzz is stellar. :smokin:

i have a amherst sour d ready soon, can't wait to try that one. the new hso tester seeds sound great too, platinum cookies f3 and gift of fire. be some keepers from them too know say. :yinyang:

em dog below pic


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Buy a few more packs of blue dream and you will find something excellent, you can’t judge a strain from a small fem run from seed.  Blue dream will have a totally different high and structure to the 24k t with it being a sativa, grown well it is a total brain melter.  My best buddy has a blue dream keeper which produces exceptional extract which is simply very strong.


Different strains for different brains and all that as orange strains don’t really agree with me and just give me a dull headache.


good luck on your search.

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Posted (edited)

12 hours ago, platinumbud said:

Looking very nice mate, what was the flavour like? I’m hoping to find a spicy but sweet spicy one like old jack 


I'd say moderately OG kushy; nice and earthy, but with some piney flowery undertones. Definitely a sweet citrusy mango taste in there, especially in one of the two phenotypes I did, but I wouldn't describe them as spicy. Definitely worth a try from HSO though, if you fancy something tasty and potent.


I'm two weeks into flowering two more from the same pack. I'll have a thread on it soon so keep an eye out :smokin:

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smoking another pure joint of the hso dr greenthumbs em dog in my pic above, and its getting better by the day, its full of a dank og coffee,and fuel chemy tastes. and the stuff is super strong. great night cap smoke. and im a long time smoker. it whoops me. lol 

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Just ordered hso chocolate mint bubbas gift sapphire og sapphire mango black dog and black jack sweet seeds and Dinafem amnesia original hopefully I’ll get to try one out soon :skin_up:

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