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first 4 out

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all popped and started late april and mid may mate ........  dfg is about 4.5   to 5 foot and looks like this .....


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Hmmm, that is odd. Given that it is 3 months old, that DFG should be flowering by now, given that we are in August. Everyone else's DFG's started flowering weeks ago. Unless your one is a certain pheno that is later finishing. Or maybe it is a normal photoperiod version of DFG? A small proportion of the FV/early strains will be full autoflowering and full photoperiod types, I think. But I didn't think this is an issue with DFG though, as it isn't a straight auto x photo F1 cross. It's multiple early photoperiods that are backcrossed to like F2 or F3. I think. Pretty sure the early onset flowering gene is locked down? @panik


You're not in the far north of Scotland are you, by any chance? I know they have about an hour or two more of daylight in summer, compared to southern England. That could potentially delay flowering by a few weeks...

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no mate ....  south wales ....

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15 hours ago, vortex said:

no mate ....  south wales ....

How sunny is your plot? From some of the photos it looks like it might be fairly shady, although I realise this may just be the time of day you're visiting. But if they're only getting a few hours a day or it's generally dappled sunlight, then that could significantly slow them down. Extensive online research and to some extent my own limited experience is my basis for this comment.

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ok folks   heres the latest installment  on the MOUNTAIN GUERILLA GROW DIARY ...

been away for a week on me jolly hollidays  so havent hit the plot in over 10 days ......  been plenty of rain here so i knew the ladies would be  ok ....   WHAT A DIFFERENCE  10 DAYS MAKE !!!


went to the plot today bloody loggers  have cut a path through the  top part of the woods  and  being at the plot and hearing chainsaws and trees crashing down  50 odd yards away was a tad un nerving..  tho the noise  did cover  me getting to the plot i suppose !

    and the good news ........................the ladies are in bud   WOOO HOOOOO   ....  finally theyve all started ...

the white widow auto and the other autos are looking a bit worse for wear, but are in bud

DINAMEDS  all in bud and looking nice too

DFG  looking like they will have a good ammount of bud too on them .

CRITICAL SOUR  have shot up and are covered in bud too ....

the other several varieties there  look small ...  BUT  also have little buds sterting as well .....large.5b7ac1cc304b2_loggers640x480.jpglarge.5b7ac1d3baa3a_wwbudding640x480.jpglarge.5b7ac1da638d8_inbud640x480.jpglarge.5b7ac1e2d72ae_grouppic640x480.jpglarge.5b7ac1ea4abce_criticalsourinbud640x480.jpglarge.5b7ac1f21ac45_dinamedinbud640x480.jpglarge.5b7ac1fa3c6f8_DFGINBUD640x480.jpg


not counting my chickens just yet,   but if the buds swell as fast as the buggers started...  i could get a nice little harvest this year ....im SOOOOO  proud  that all the care, attention,  logging water etc etc  looks like it may pay off this year ...

heres a few shots i took for you all to see from today ... enjoy 



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forgot too add ..... no smell whatsoever  aproaching the plot ..  and i couldent resist having a quick feel of one of the buds ....  LOVELY  and sticky  and had a lovely lemony smell to the resin ... YUMMMM

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well its been a while and today i popped  down the plot to water and feed the ladies ....  the DFG  have piled on the buds since last  visit REALLY looking nice .... critical sour  and  the dinameds have buds  tho much smaller   and  4 others have  leaves  but no buds or preflowers whatsoever ... i would of thought they would of started by now ???

3 of the autos are  stunted  bud  have a few buds so i left them out to see what happens to them .....  i lost a white widow to mold as well ... i managed to get 3 little popcorn buds to sample and threw the rest away as it was covered in mold ... ( some ya win,,, some ya loose )

this year is a test to see what grows well  .....  bloody loggers have been back and  totally  ckeared a huge patch  and are now about  50 yards from the plot ...  just hoping they fuck off  the other way now .......

heres a few pics from today....  enjoy .....



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well heres  the latest installment on the mountain guerilla grow diary,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

popped down to the first plot ... dident take any water etc as its been raining on and off for days ...  walked  into the woodland towards the plot  and the  light in the woods seemed different .... brighter ...... THEN i found out why ... fukin loggers had cleared   a MASSIVE  patch of the forest away ... including my fukin plot ...   all chopped down and  chopped up ...logs and branches everywhere ... the space is so vast  that i couldent even  find where exactly the plot used to be .... look at the pics  and  the shot was taken in the middle of the clearing  ... this shows the scale of it ....:furious:

TOTALLY pissed off  at loosing the entire  thing, i headed off to the other  plot ...  thank fek  it was still there too ....logging  was the same as last visit ...

the ladies are looking  a bit fatter than the last visit ... lost another 2 autos to slugs/snails    and the white widow and amnesia autos  had a little bit of rot on   a few buds so i chopped them a bit early rather than loosing the lot ...

DFG'S  are fattening up nicely   ( look at the  close pic of the single top cola and  please tall me how long it looks like they need to go yet )  i think another 2 or 3 weeks ??

critical sour and the dinameds are budding up but not ready as yet  and a few others  are still spindley with only a few scattered buds ... tho better than none i suppose ....  well folks heres a few pics from today for you all ......




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Shit buzz mate. That's the roll of the dice in this game....

At least you still got some left out...

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