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Auto Pots

As i draw towards the end of my first grow, I am looking at better, but entry level options of auto watering my pots, ive found it a little difficult in a small 120x120 tent, what do you guys suggest for good watering throughout?


Autopot Automated Hydroponics Feeding System (on e**y shows a 46 ltr reservoir and 4 pits for just £75) 

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Hello, i cannot really get my head around the autopot it just seems bad practice and the opposite to what I understand good practice should be.

A simple drip system in coco is what I use, there is a great thread called automated feeding in the coco section which is well worth a read.



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Thats good advice mate, after reading that topic, for the amount of pots I have, ill just stick to hand watering them. Cheers @golf.007

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