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ape shit........or bust!!!!

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18 hours ago, buddy13 said:

2 more weeks and counting:smokin:



About the same page as me buddy, I can’t wait to taste the rainbow.


Not too sure weather to take the  more  indica one a bit earlier, I am gonna get the Loupe out from day 50, keep an eye on them.


looking amazing  :yep:


Take it easy.Jj:yinyang:

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1 hour ago, Jibba jabba said:

I am gonna get the Loupe out from day 50, keep an eye on them.

sounds like a good plan:thumsup:

can't lie, have taken a few cheeky tasters here and there and the pineapple really comes through on the smoke:smokin:

good luck on the last leg dude:skin_up:

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checked zkittzo #3 last night with a loupe and fuck me, 60%milky 40%orange trichs after some 45ish days of 12/12:yahoo:

this is the most pineapple smelling of the lot too:thumsup:

not sure if this weather has pushed them quicker or the over spill from the cmh's or even the regular sprinkling of malted barley powder?

If she tastes anywhere near as good as smells then she will be a keeper for sure:in_love:

will get some pics tonight before I chop her and maybe a couple of her friends too;)


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On 20/07/2018 at 2:13 PM, buddy13 said:

day 42 of 12/12 and the heat is finally catching up with my groom but the rgsc girls are powering through and we seem to be over the worst.

Have realised I have a 3-4c temp difference at extreme temps from one side of the groom to the other although I have 2 large fans, 2 tower fans and 2 small clip-ons blowing all over?

Anyhow the rgsc girls are in the middle and coping fine, my slh on the left side has suffered some leaf loss/damage but I didn't defoliate so not to troubled...


Now on the cooler right side(the intake side) I have black cherry punch which has red spiddermite which my garden is full of:furious:

Have sprayed everywhere with soap nut water a couple of times a day and :magic:massive improvement and no negative affects noticed as yet 4 days later...…:sweaty:

Fingers crossed this is my only drama this grow, did jinx myself a bit saying no-till is boring:wallbash:

on with the pics....

Lemonade OG1 has been on the steroids this week;


Lemonade OG3 filling up nicely too






Zkittzo3 stinks of pineapple cubes


zkittzo4 buds everywhere 


group log's on left zkitzzo's middle and right


2 more weeks and counting:smokin:


From all the grow room I've seen it's looks pro with the ducting n all fair play war yeild u reckon average per plant

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@Subtle stoner :cheers: dude.

not one to count my chickens and there are at least 3 different plants/pheno's in the 6 total plants but 2-3oz average per plant I would guess...…..?

couple of pics of zkittzo #3 from last night before being chopped:eek:


she was still pushing out fresh pistils but trich's were 60%milky 40%amber which is just on/over the limit for me so after taking off the fans she is now hanging.

nice tight, dense buds that reek of pineapple:magic:

zkittzos #1+#2 won't be far behind as they are similar pheno's only #2 is less pineappley. 

zkittzo #4 is completely different; can't put my finger on the smell and way more sativa looking buds which look like they'll be a while yet.


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day 49 ish of 12/12


they are soldiering on despite the heat from the left and the spider might from the right .

Lemonade og #1 nice fat cola with plenty of satellite buds too but with a way to go yet....


Lemonade og #3 suffered a bit from being at the back but fattening and ripening up nicely


Zkittzo #1 second in smell to #3 but still very pineappley and pretty much done but i'll give her a few more days.....


Zkittzo #2 also on the spider might side as you can see in pics but holding up better than the black cherry punch to the right


also pretty much done with nice dense buds too.

Zkittzo #4 this is gonna be a super yielder, has buds every where.


pretty much all the buds above apart from bottom left are from the octopus, guess I should count them next time but i'm sure there's more than 8;)

trich's are close too,




as you can see all the fan leaves go back into the pot to be munched by my helpers.

The plants themselves have been a breeze(probably the wrong word) to grow, very happy/impressed despite the sometimes adverse conditions:cowboy:

unlike the heat which has been starting to piss me off lately, will be happy to get this rapped up in the next couple weeks tops for a little break before giving zkittzo's #3(did I mention the great pineapple smell and taste?;))+#4(yet to smoke her but she's a monster yielder for sure) a proper run from clones to see if they are keepers for sure.

back with some more chopping pics soon no doubt




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day 56 ish and there on their last legs and showing it...

zkittzo #2 got the chop at around 53 days, and the rest aren't gonna be far behind except maybe the Lemonade og#1 which, well you'll see...

first some of zkittzo #3 quick dried due to the weather and my inpatients to sample it but the smell is very pineapple cube, yum. 

nice tight dense nugs:skin_up:


still needs some time to cure as the flavour is not quite coming through yet but will be giving this girl another run for sure.

Just a couple of my little helpers....


soon as I start spraying/ watering the army of wood louse start marching and the soil moves from all the worms under the mulch, shit me right up the first few times, thought there was a hand coming up/through:eek:

Lemonade og#1 big fat fluffy bud but still tight and dense...still pushing out plenty of fresh pistils, another 10 days at least I reckon?



Lemonade og#3 almost done; has started stacking calyxes in the last week so will give it a few more days I think, although the trich's are 80%milky 20%amber which is fine by me.


Again nice tight nugs.

zkitzzo #1 she was the closest to the borg side but has done well despite them and is the next for the chop tomorrow ish.


Last but certainly not least zkitzzo #4 absolute monster yielder, 16 large(just as big as most top colas) satellite colas and the top/crown is big too, can't get them all in 1 pic!


the bottom 5 or 6 branches/buds are buckled under their weight now but the rest are still fairly sturdy considering their weight.

another week tops for her too....

till next time 

keep on  :smokin:








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day 63....

Lemonade og 3 and zkittzo 1+2 where chopped day 59 ish. forgot to take pics but will do some dried and trimmed.....

zkittzo 4 chopped last night bang on 9 weeks...absolute monster yield and the smell is skunky pineapple :thumsup:




photo's do her no justice:cowboy:. I will try better once dried and trimmed.

Just leaves the Lemonade og 1 which I seem to have lost the pic for.

still going although seems to be foxtailing a bit now so will prob chop pretty soon.

Back with some dry budshots, weights and smoke reports....




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all down and dry or drying.....been tricky in this changing weather but..

zkittzo #4 aka the octopus aka monster yielder nice dense buds more a tropical pineapple than the pineapple cubes smell of the others...



this ^^is just half the plant


nice and "snowy" too...


she weighed in at just over 200g:yahoo:

I've had bigger plants before but that's with scrog and a lot of supercropping whereas she^^was bent/supercropped twice, just the main cola, 1 or 2 weeks  in to 12/12 to stop her touching the bulb(which by the way didn't bother her 1 bit:magic:)

will be running her again to see if its consistent….

should mention great calyx to leaf ratio, took me just under an hour to trim her, result:thumsup:

waiting for her to cure a bit then I will be back with a flavour report and details of the lemonade og's :smokin:

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:yep: 200g cant complain with that mate well done she looks pucka I hope the smoke is up to par for you , enjoy mate...

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Nice one chap - want to swap some sour dosidos?! :D

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would love to mate but at the rate I smoke, you'll be lucky:rofl:

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Enjoyed reading this thread, great diary


Freaky creepy crawlie picture got me itching a bit though.. 

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Cracking job mate :thumsup: really makes me consider looking into no-till a bit more seriously myself. Loving the woodlice too! lol



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