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ape shit........or bust!!!!

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Nice plants mate! 

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Day 28 12/12


Hot again but all ticking along nicely, stretch has stopped and buds starting to fatten up and smell too, more on that later....

Not much else to report, no-till does all the work whilst I water and take the pictures:cowboy:

Lemonade og #1


Lemonade og #3


Zkittzo #1 smallest of the lot but starting to smell of pineapple, as are #2+3:magic: been looking for a pineapple to add to my lemon and oranges:)


Zkittzo #2 with#1 behind 


Zkittzo #3 star of the show and honking of pineapple:realcool:



Zkittzo #4 what can I say; she's all over the place....


can't quite put my finger on the smell of this one yet....

Group shots.... everything going at an angle is #4:jester:



till next time :smokin:




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Looking awesome in here mate they should keep fattening up now and get solid, great job mate,.. :yep: 

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Just yummy :)

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looking great in here mate top job youve done

as panik said week 5 is when they start to get chunky

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wow...simple as that .

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thanks all for your kind comments but its all about the soil and the gene's, I just water and dribble:cheers:

at the same time this leaves not a lot to talk about; ph this e.c that …….but yes it was very hot blah blah blah ….

so on with the pics at day 35 12/12

Lemonade og 1  really putting on bulk now and still fizzing away.




Lemonade og3 bit smaller stuck at the back...


zkittzo 1 


zkittzo 2 getting snowy...


zkittzo 3 still the pick of the lot. starting to colour up, absolutely stinking of pineapple and looking like a very early finisher.

lower bud.


BIG bud












Edited by buddy13
not finished
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Gorgeous mate.

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where was I....

Lemonade og 4 very different bud structure, looking like the biggest yielder but much more sat looking and still can't pin down the smell

already seen in most of the previous pics; the octopus...


all the buds^^ in the pic are no4's and lots more around too.


had to pull her away from the light a little again!



log1 front left log 3 back left z1 back right z2 right middle z3 right front and z4 middle and everywhere.

cheers for popping by:smokin:







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Looking like a forest my friend , love the octopus :v: quality work as always 


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day 42 of 12/12 and the heat is finally catching up with my groom but the rgsc girls are powering through and we seem to be over the worst.

Have realised I have a 3-4c temp difference at extreme temps from one side of the groom to the other although I have 2 large fans, 2 tower fans and 2 small clip-ons blowing all over?

Anyhow the rgsc girls are in the middle and coping fine, my slh on the left side has suffered some leaf loss/damage but I didn't defoliate so not to troubled...


Now on the cooler right side(the intake side) I have black cherry punch which has red spiddermite which my garden is full of:furious:

Have sprayed everywhere with soap nut water a couple of times a day and :magic:massive improvement and no negative affects noticed as yet 4 days later...…:sweaty:

Fingers crossed this is my only drama this grow, did jinx myself a bit saying no-till is boring:wallbash:

on with the pics....

Lemonade OG1 has been on the steroids this week;


Lemonade OG3 filling up nicely too






Zkittzo3 stinks of pineapple cubes


zkittzo4 buds everywhere 


group log's on left zkitzzo's middle and right


2 more weeks and counting:smokin:


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nearly there mate,i also had a zkittzo that looked like you could chop her early,i was temppted lol

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Looking great mate bet it smells lush in there , the Zkittzo looking easy to trim as always,.. :yep:  Top job mate

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Looking really tasty fella. Once you've chopped, try that verticillium lecanii. Apparently it remains resident and offers a good deal of protection.


I am emptying my mosquito traps into the soil, evidently this can provide a food source to keep its population up plus gives added nutes and bacteria that break down chitin, discouraging mites and thrips. I haven't seen a single one since, and oddly it doesn't seem to affect the beneficial mites in the soil either.


I also added neem leaf powder to top dressings.


I did shit myself a couple of nights ago when I saw a web. Then I realised it was an actual spider!


Do you add predatory mites?

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@panik great calyx to leaf ratio:thumsup:

12 hours ago, FarmerPalmersNT said:

verticillium lecanii

on my to do list for sure now that you mention it doesn't harm the good guys:cheers:


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