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Diagnosis help needed please

Hello everyone,


i have two plants two weeks into flower...

a gelato 33 which is doing just fine!!!

and a green ninja which has started showing some signs of a problem that I need some advice on please.

the ninja’s leaves started to curl down at the tips which I noticed this morning...upon checking them tonight the leaves are completely curling down...I thought it could be one of two things, and thought peeps on here might be able to help me pretty please...

basically my ph pen died yesterday! It won’t calibrate anymore so I think the readings are completely off! (I’ve ordered a new one and will be here by Sunday). This morning I had to reluctantly guestimate my water ph as my ninja was in desperate need of water...so I’m thinking incorrect water ph may be causing leaves to curl down....


the plants a bushy beast! In a 3 gallon pot and I can see fair amount of roots underneath via the drainage holes...so thought it might possibly be root bound??


Temps are constantly 26-27 degrees Celsius with lights on....21.5-23 degrees Celsius lights off...with a tower fan and clip on fan moving air around so I don’t think it’s heat stress....



Advice massively appreciated!!!!!



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Just trying to attach photos....

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Looks like you are in dirt. You let it dry out too much and yes it is probably rootbound due to its size. Don't let it dry out. Get your water issue sorted. If you let it dry out too much and then hit it with nutrients it shocks the plant. The solution too this is if you let it dry out too much and its starving for water, give it a little plain water first to dampen the roots then feed it.

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you've over watered or its to much nitrogen i reckons :stoned:


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Cheers!!! The pot definitely dries out too quick! Every 48hours the plant is droopy and desperate for water! So would make sense Cantharellus, cheers!!! drainage in my soil is probably a bit too much to be honest...regarding that, I will probably transplant into something bigger tonight....

and thank u twigs, but definitely not overwatered due to plant desperate for water every 48hours which I know is probable at least a day too quick! Did wonder about nitrogen but I’m on canna terra bloom now which shouldn’t be over loading it with nitrogen hopefully?????


many Thanks 

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