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LED Lighting Recommendations

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2 hours ago, tokenroll said:

Grams per watt, hehe very good. Think someone needs to google why grams per watt is a poor measurement when growing with leds. 



Please enlighten me ive had a google and its an led minefield man. 

Is it because they aren't the wattage advertised?

Like the draw from the wall? 

It bugging me now 



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17 minutes ago, monkeypig said:


Until your results have been verified by Norris McWhirter, people are going to question those yields . Just in the same way you'd be suspicious if I claimed my Fiesta 1.1l could do 0-60 in 3 seconds.



@monkeypig Is Norris a member on here then ??  lol 


Good god, Ive not been called a liar since i was a kid, could never understand the point of lying, will always catch you out.


I can post a pic of the big plastic container full of meaty buds, but it covers the scales...  anyway soneone would claim i had lead in the bottom....


So better get Norris on a ryanair flight i guess..


As for ya fiesta...  check this out


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Posted (edited)

I'm Slavering nonsense !

Edited by Teeth
Ripped just realised I'm talking nonsense
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Fun question for any stess heads.

2 rooms like bazzos if you like, could be my rooms or yours. 

Identical set ups , plants all the same clone , fans , identical. 

Room 1 has 6 of the led lights that Bazzo is using  (270w)

Room 2 has 6 250w hps . (250w)

Which room yields the most? Giving that the led lights have an extra 120 watts over the hps?

That's a watt for watt battle people. 

I wanna know the answer please

When I'm convinced led light is as good if not better than hps I will bloody buy one and have a go.

Like I did with cmh.

So what do you reckon ?

What room would you be having?

For me at the moment , I believe room 2 is gonna give me more smoke but will it be as nice as room 1?

Answers on a postcard.


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Posted (edited)

Bloody good question, and well put my man.... :bong:


You know my answer already...  against 250w HPS the LEDS in my opinion would be way ahead..  against 400w HPS, little difference. :wallbash:


But as ive said before, for me, living on solar electric in a hot climate, the heat the HPS pumps out would mean i need air con..  and at 1kw a unit thats a no go


I have just added another tent within the room with a 9 pot wilma in it, it will to all intents and purposes run as a room within a room.

I bought the tent and wilma, and was given a 600w HPS, cooled shade and ballast...    so i will be in a position at some point to run 9 plants under the HPS..


Edited by bazzo
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