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Made it through hell now need your advice

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Granola funk, and more cowbell. Both cookie crosses so not really sativas. It's 100% just down to me and the heat. My mate rang the same cuts and he took his down sooner when the weather was cold and it was a banging smoke. That said even then I still prefer the disco biscuit I grew so that will be making an appearance again after the zkittlez.

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If trimming when dry, I find its a lot easier than trimming wet. Also less of a risk as when your cutting for most of the day and night your nose gets 'bud blind'.


Does anyone else tend to feel stoned when trimming wet? Smoking aside, we must be covered with resin after a snipping session.


For dry trimming, I'm a hands on guy. No gloves, I just let that resin collect on pre-cleaned fingers. 4-5 plants will see a few joints of dried trim finger hash.


As for knocking one out when trimming, you guys never thought about just giving yourself a BJ?


(pictures someone high as a kite trimming trying to do the business on themselves, as a mate walks in)

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lol trimming is a pain in the arse but just gonna have an extra pair of hands helping next time.  Ill crack on with 2 in the morning then brother n best mate can show up and well do 3 each. Main concern was drying but I kinda messed that up, buds improved since being jarred. I feel more prepared though for what I am doing next time. Have some zkittlez cuts being given to me in about 2 weeks time so then it's onto the next one. After that I'm running some disco biscuit and sunshine day dream.

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