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TOR (The Onion Router)

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1 hour ago, SeaJay said:

Funnily enough, this is exactly my thinking, on both what TOR might be and how best to avoid being on anyone's radar. 

you mean you dont want to be tracked ..thats easy enough except for the intelligence agencies etc but for all else ..adblock plus extensionn ,ghostery extension ,youtube adblock ,those three will keep you fairly invisible it would help if you used a browser such as cliq or opera that have built in encryption on the browser connections ..other than that you really cant hide without attention ..vpn ,tunnelling etc gonna raise eyebrows ,but you can do it without being traced ..you need a good 7 bases to tunnel through ..so you need to start with some efty computing power .

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6 minutes ago, vince noir rock n roll star said:

vpn ,tunnelling etc gonna raise eyebrows


I'm not so sure about that man, at least not anywhere near to the extent of using TOR, a lot of people use VPN's these days just to get around ISP blocks and of course more folk are concious about privacy. It's a lot more commonplace now than it used to be.

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Tbh I use tor but only for things I can't get to on the clear web. Your isp even knows if you are on tor so if you spend loads of time on tor I imagine it would raise eyebrows.


I use opera with built in vpn and only just recently started using it. Its not the best vpn but it does for day to day browsing i suppose. I was being open on the clear web for ages learning about growing and other 'naughty' stuff (not porn btw lol) and nothing has come of it whatsoever for years.


Ask Google what your ip address is even when using opera's vpn and it will be your public ip address still, so Google still knows. But YouTube seems to never remember what I look at or watch, it's always Russian and never has anything related to what I've been watching like it was before. Not sure why but if YouTube doesn't remember then it's a good sign I suppose.

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if you wasnt aware all internet traffic goes through two places ..one is the nsa the other is israel ..dont believe me google undersea internet cables ..they were all rerouted a few years ago after a few undersea internet attacks attributed to i believe iraq or iran .

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In America it is illegal to use a VPN! Yup the land of the free is not really so free is it?

Your ISP is required to alert the govenment and tell them all about your internet history that they can. They will also kick you off their network for doing so.


Don't worry we will get there in time.

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10 hours ago, vince noir rock n roll star said:

the tor network wont hide shit for you ,it was a honeypot from the start with a lot of the exit nodes controlled by cia ..

the minute you log into tor you are waving a flag to an intelligence agency ...loook at me im on your dark net looking for whatever ..


as ive said for years sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best option .


I'm glad you said it Vinny.


Getting tired of repeating it now.  


You know you've done it to death when you sound like a broken record in yr own head.. lol


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