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Decarb using Mason Jar

I’m attempting to make some honey but the first step ofc is the bud, and ofc I need the smell to be very little or none at all so I’m using the mason jar method of making oil. I’m thinking of taking my bud and oil an putting it in the jar, then placing the jar in a crock pot with water. My question is will the bud decarboxylate while in the jar or would I have to put in already decarbed bud to make the oil?

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Someone posted a video detailing decarb'ing in a jar in a slow cooker - I'll post the link if I can find it...


Actually, this uses a sous-vide and I forget (without watching again) if that decarbs too... Worth a watch perhaps...

Edit: on site video link added

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In the video it doesn’t say that it’s decarbed but it doesn’t look it, but I could use the crockpot but just wait for a longer time. Thank you @Slugums

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